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The WISdom Proposal Appendix

The Provisional Communications of The WISdom Network Development Project

“Let each person do his or her part.
If one citizen is unwilling to participate, all of us are going to suffer.
For the American idea, though it is shared by all of us,
is realized in each one of us.”
                                                              ~ Barbara Jordan

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Richard J Auld

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Please involve others by promoting this Web site.

Common sense and cooperative principles require the participation of as many consumers as possible to HELP :
1) make The WISdomProposal  itself  as good as possible
Alternate proposals are encouraged and may make use of all of this site's resources in their Web production
2) make it happen!
  A complete cross-section of personal backgrounds, interests and abilities is required to develop,
and later to implement this revolutionary consumers' network.

Please participate in The WISdom Development Project.

    Lifetime WISdom Co-op founding memberships and promisory (resaleable?) futures on franchises will be awarded to active and effective project participants.

    See Microsoft PowerPoint slides about the newest of the transnational consumer co-operatives - Coop Norden - a huge consumer co-op which brings together the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian co-op movements.  Get Microsoft PowerPoint viewer.

    See: Co-operatives and Co-operation: Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success by Manfred Davidmann

On the Agenda
Gather Qualified Collaborators
Replace commercial versions of the Wisdom Discussion and Newsletter mailing lists with Majordomo.

Rebuild this website with Macromedia Studio MX?

It will use essentially the same text  with excision of many technical details and some graphics and presentation changes, but this is mostly a professional production job, and I hope somebody with more experience at this will do it for the good exposure, and to establish a relationship with  Open Source network content clients.

See: Award winning Macromedia presentation. Nike.

This would be coordinated with the availability of the WISdom Prospector demo.

Macromedia Studio MX will also be used with the ManyOne Portal Development Kit to help build the prototype content of various categories, with emphasis on the facilitation of simple updating or RSS feed by providers and producers.

Establishment of  The WISdom Foundation, to develop and integrate Free/Open Source WISdom Network software and other network facilities, which may be financially enabled by contractual arrangements with corporate and other sponsors that partner in the WISdom Network development Mission: To improve the quality of human life by promoting the development and deployment of a consumer utility information service.  Strategy: Support the development of the WISdom Network, and the advancement of a Safe Trustworthy Network Computing platform, the WISdom Prospector and Network.

.The WISdom Board of Trustees will be People You Know!
Board of Trustees of the WISdom Foundation
  Accepting nominations 5-23-04

    To be composed of reputable WISdom mission advocates with  varied backgrounds representative of the anticipated membership of the proposed WISdom Co-op, with essential representation from the consumer markets businesses, Open Source IT, legal and financial professsions.

"Ask not what your country can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your country."
(and the world)
~ John F Kennedy

    Doug Schuler of CPSR's Public Sphere Project, is looking for non-profits to try e-Liberate software for online deliberation.  Users need to be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order.   The CPSR Public Sphere Project is dedicated to developing information and communication systems that help people deal with social and environmental problems.  This software would be used to document online decisions by the WISdom Foundation Board of Trustees.



Demonstration Meeting Transcript:


Pre Release Marketing Activities

Publicity Campaigns
Macromedia Studio MX  may be used to build a multimedia Web presentation of my novel,  The Antichrist Virus,  PPV proceeds to go to the WISdom Foundation.

Inform Possible Corporate Sponsors of the WISdom Foundation that the members of the world wide WISdom Co-op consumers cooperative are to retain full control of the cooperative's business affairs and all software developed.  The design of the WISdom Network services must not be compromised by manipulating its operation in favor of financial contributors.  Some members may feel that both the WISdom Co-op and Network should be strictly "self-supporting, declining outside contributions".

Consumer Media - One of the following could become the basis for WISdom Services "new media" for consumer information via the network if they want to survive over the long term.  Yes, there will always be some alternative consumer media market, but the high power will come fast and once established, the power will always be here on consumer goods, services, and information rating services delivery.
Consumer Reports - Given the brush off 6-15-03
Consumer Digest - No response (6-15-03)
ConsumerSearch - Pending (03-03-04)
Transportation - Since all the following stand to gain by increased e-commerce individual and group shipments, or lose by increased rail shipments generated by the WISdom Network, they probably should all have equal opportunity to contribute to the network's development costs and share in the glory.  Special system integration deals of limited duration are possible; therefore, these corporations may want to develop a standard protocol for the way that transportation carriers of all kinds interact with the WISdom Network, and that's just fine for us.
Union Pacific -
    This proposal favors rail transportation of consumer goods, because of the WISdom Co-op's aggregation of consumer goods orders and the efficiency and ecological friendliness of rail transportation for high volumes.  National security requires provision for quick response to possible localized interruptions of rail services, with ground and/or air transportation backup systems and facilities.  The WISdom Co-op will need the guidance of those who have "been online for the last 150 years" and are knowledgable about supply chain management and rail transportation systems.
UPS - Referred to snail mail contact (7-5-03, no response)
Old Media - One of the following should be interested in real "new media", not the likes of AOL.
Time Warner - No repoonse (6-15-03)
Anybody else want to help?
New Media
Netscape? - No response (6-15-03)

ManyOne - A foundation itself, close cooperation and collaboration with the WISdom Foundation would be to our mutual benefit and WISdom Foundation's sponsorship base is potentially large (8-11-03).

Various Mozilla Developers - No response (7-15-03)


    Macromedia would expand its market dominance with (discounted?) sales of Macromedia MX Studio to many WISdom Network franchisees and local area cooperatives, WISdom Network media co-ops, and many of its independent authors and journalists.  Do they have any other interest in promoting this proposal?  WISdom Co-op members will need to negotiate with Macromedia to prevent their dependence on this supplier.
Tech Media

PC Magazine and other ZiffDavis Productions -

Network and Desktop Software Providers
Microsoft? ~ They sure don't need the WISdom Co-op as competition, and they can't do this themselves, but maybe they will provide Open Source subscription services for the WISdom Co-op vis the WISdom Foundation.  Stranger things have happened.  It all depends on if their recently expressed interest in supporting Open Source software is actually sincere - this is seriously in question at this point (9-04).

BEA Systems ~ Favorite Open Systems Service Oriented Architecture "Liquid Computing"

Open Source - Network Services Providers





Red Hat


Virtual Private Network and Allied Software such as Identity Management and Security Event Management Providers
... my favorites go here - The center of WISdom Network's competitive strength is trusting customers/members.  Supply well here and sell the company and its "business methods and processes" as WISdom Co-op Central Services' Network Virtual Automated Security Staff on call 24/7/365 to remotely support the resident WISdom Network Security staff.




B2SCM System Providers - This is a high visibility application that must support the WISdom Network's progressive streamlining of the members' supply chains to disintermediate everybody except the producers.  Opportunity to profitably sell the company and its "business methods and processes" here too.
I2 Technologies
... more favorites

Inform Qualified WISdom Network Discussion Participants

Electronic Freedom Foundation

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Cooperative Development Foundation

Inform Prospective Members and Franchisees
Stay in contact and collaborate with above and with WISdom Network Software Developers

Start The World Wide WISdom Co-op

Retain Legal Counsel

Incorporation or LLC formation for the World Wide WISdom Consumers Cooperative as 501(c)(3)

Development of the world wide WISdom Co-op consumers cooperative constitution
Protection of Members and Franchisees -
A Bill of Rights
World Wide Consumers  Cooperative is Franchisor

Franchises to be Auctioned

Limitation to one Local Area per Franchisee

Franchise Resale Market

All Fees Remain in Escrow Until "Critical Mass" is Reached

Open Book Management of Franchises Required

Generous Fair Price Buyouts of Franchises Required

Generous Fair Price Formulas
Codification of the Types of Issure that Require Local or Central Member Voting
Member voting required on Provider and Producer content contract special provisions, including the conditional imposition of fines and other disciplinary action.
The requirements of the US and allied countries WISdom Co-op's world trade community
..~  "The Supreme Court of Free World WISdom"  ~
Members own their MINEs
 MINE access by legitimate governmental regulation and authority only

 All voting must be  freely done in strictest secrecy

 Enforcement supervision by cooperation witth the world wideWISdom Co-op is facilitated
No Revenue Distributions Before "Critical Mass"

Proposed World Wide WISdom Consumers Cooperative (WISdom Co-op) Operation

Organization Structure
This is not a minimal startup requirement; it is  rather a goal that should be attained before the WISdom Network reaches "critical mass".
  WISdom Co-op's elected Members of the Board elect a COB and Appoint CEO, CFO,COO, CIO, etc.

  WISdom Co-op would operate with Purchasing Cooperatives whose Members are WISdom Co-op Members with WISdom Network Local Area Supply Line Management Responsibilities (Franchisees or Local Area WISdom Co-op Management).

Designate types of issues that are member voting or representative decisions

Sponsor the WISdom Prospector Platform Advancement Project

Pro Forma Local (zip code) Area Franchise and Consumer Cooperative Business Plans

Contributions of Discussion Participants

    The author takes the development of Linux and Free/Open Source software (Mozilla,,et al.) as the primary model for the means of WISdom Network development; therefore, the optimization of remote communications is crucial to it's success.  This takes the eager cooperation of everyone who becomes involved in the project.  The evolutionary emergence of future WISdom Co-op cooperative leaders, franchisees, and employees begins here.

    Join the following WISdom Network Development Project Discussions today.


    Note >> To facilitate communications about this proposal, you can embed Links in e-mails to relevant mini-sections of the WISdom Proposal by copying their Link Location from the WISdom Proposal Contents page. The WISdom Proposal Web Folder itself may be copied and annotated for versatile inclusion in e-mail communications.

    Also Note >> Spammers to these addresses will be cut off and reported to whoever can exact vengeance.

    As discussions proceed, I will establish email subject entries enabling primitive Sort, Select and Analysis of email.  Every reasonable effort will be made to deal fairly with email will be made.
E-Mail  Comments, Questions, Criticisms and Suggestions to the Author
     Rigorous criticism of any aspects of the WISdom Proposal 2.1 is welcomed ~ indeed it is required.  All contributions will be duly attributed to originating parties by various means within this proposal, for example the mini-section buttons  may be convenient locations for contributing author "by lines".  Significant changes to the overall proposal may be sufficient to increment the current proposal's version number, and such contributions will be acknowledged by the WISdom Copyleft.
E-Mail  Prospective Member/Franchisee Inquiries

E-Mail pledge of support for WISdom Co-op development

NetMeeting/IM chat

    Please Arrange NetMeetings and IM chat sessions by E-mail with "IM Session Request" in the Subject.   Just request a date/time and state the desired topic of discussion, and I will reply quickly since I'll be checking my e-mail frequently.  Videoconferencing, whiteboarding, and chat are seen as a major communication media for this project.

E-Mailing List

    The WISdom Discussion recirculating mailing list will be a major means of WISdom Proposal group communications, so please don't abuse it.  WISdom Discussion archives are available to all.  Join the WISdom discussion today.  After joining post messages to this discussion by sending mail to

    Private and public Listserv's will be created as necessary to serve WISdom SIG discussion groups, such as franchisee groups with distributed management cooperating for buying powers.

Select the mailing lists you want, enter your email address below and Join today!

The WISdom Discussion is a recirculating mailing list
  This is a commercial mailing list, so please forgive the signup requirement.
  To post to this list send email to:
   View this mailing list's details.

The WISdom Development Project Newsletter is a periodic summary of project progress.
  This is a commercial mailing list, so please forgive the signup requirement.
    View this mailing list's details.

E-Mail Newsletter

    The WISdom Development Project Newsletter will summarize periodically the ongoing progress of the WISdom Development project.  The Project Newsletter archives are available to all.  Request this newsletter today.

*WeBlogs and a WISdom Blogosphere are facilitated, and participants are encouraged to report on news events, etc. that are related to their particular passion and interest in the WISdom Proposal.   RDF  and  RSS syndication will be supported.

Open Internet Moderated Newsgroups for Prospective Franchisees and Members

    Conspire and collaborate with others before taking the step to become a WISdom Network Local Services franchisee or member.  Develop alliances and other relationships with peers, such as organizing purchasing co-ops, etc. that can be pursued privately via email.  Form a franchise buyers' coalition to sew up the Washington, DC metropolitan area for WISdom Network Services.  Take over Texas (Wal-Mart territory).  Have fun!
Informational and Promotional Communications With Interested Parties
Illustrated Paper Magazine

    An illustrated paper magazine format WISdom Proposal might be published.

Paper Book

    A fictionalized account about life in a WISdom Network empowered country should be published to raise development funds and promote widespread public support.

Stand Alone Prototype/Demo

A stand alone prototype/demo of the WISdom Prospector and portions of the Virtual Specialties Markets Search, ReSearch, and Analysis  functions need to be created.
Become a ManyOne Steward and use ManyOne's Portal Development Kit  to build an annotated demo of a member's experience in "shopping for content".
MINE and some other functions may be stubbed and merely explained, but external controls should be present in the GUI

There is no CGSIDb, so:

Need to create demo WISdom Network Producer and Provider CGSIDb test data for:
At least several GSI-types of Goods
At least several GSI-types of Services
At least several GSI-types of "pure" Information

Show what can be done with this software vs. Consumer Reports magazine and conventional Web approaches.

    The Proprietor and selected services of the VSM Analyzer should work as specified on the above,  or alternative demo data submitted by community model participants.  This community participative demo approach would be continually followed in all WISdom Network software upgrade efforts.

Pro Forma Local (zip code) Area Franchise and Consumer Cooperative Business Plans

    These need to be created and approved by an independent authority as WISdom Network Strategic Business Intelligence displays that integrate widely available information about consumer goods and services volumes by area with economic models for the prospective zip code areas.  They would speed the processing of franchise applications and help spur the sale of franchises.  They would also ease the birthing of local area consumer cooperatives.
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