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Subject: RE: ManyOne as a Pivate Ntwork?
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:46:39 -0700


Thank you for your email.

I would also like to thank you  for the links and information you have placed on your site about ManyOne.

Your proposal for cooperation is interesting, yet, I am not sure that we are the best of partners.  Yes, I see your relationship to our Trade Mode, yet, our business model is in place and I believe that it may not fit well with your goals and objectives.  I wish you continued success.

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Subject: ManyOne as a Pivate Ntwork?

  Dear Sir or Ms:

  The WISdom Proposal at presents an outline of a consumers' cooperative private networked business that fits well into the ManyOne paradigm of next generation internet services.  In fact the WISdom Network could become ManyOne's "Trade Activity", and our networks need to be integrated at that level for our mutual benefit.

  I will be eagerly awaiting your response to this opportunity for collaboration.

  Yours truly,
  Richard J Auld