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Contents. .with ..Overview.
The WISdomTM 2.01  Proposal
and Manifesto

The Optimum in Network Shopping
All Goods and/or Services
The World Wide WISdom Co-op!
 Discussion Model
and RFP for
Open Source Subscription Services

GrowingGood by a Virally
 Responsible Business of Consumption
with legitimate Consumer/Member Control
of Producer and Provider Information
Non-Profit Scenario Thinking
Visionary and Practical!

Shopping for Content = Search, ReSearch and Analysis

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Not a Mini Section - see them below the Overview by clicking here!Overview of The WISdom Proposal Contents:

This is just the imaginary FAQs - Please participate and ask real questions

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Not a Mini Section - An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ0.What do you mean by proposing "WISdom"?

A Breakthrough Concept
    This proposal presents a model of, and a strategy to build a "clicks and mortar"  business which will operate in  the  "CybeRealSpaceTime"  environment created on a private network by client-resident "Virtual Specialties Markets"to  order  and  deliver all consumer goods, services and information to cooperating members.
Somebody Will Control the network ~ Be sure it's you!
    The proposed operation of this business will result in its eventual domination of this market as an essential information utility so be wise and make it secure and solid as a self-regulating cooperative business.  With WISdom's facilitated pure democracy by MINEd reading, the people get the network that they deserve.  WISdom is  partly  a source of  consumer "street smarts"   through an  avoidance of stuff that doesn't work,  and maybe never did.
For the technically disinclined: there is an uncertain amount of technical material throughout this proposal, but not in this Overview, I promise.  In the proposal itself, which requires a familiarity with IT language typical of the serious reader of IT trade press publications (eWeek, CIO Insight, etc.), please ignore unfamiliar technicalities; Web links to such seemingly unnecessary detail is left in this WISdom Proposal, which is intended for the general reader, mostly because these links are intended to provide the aitectural background necessary to support the good news for consumers: .the current technical situation appears completely favorable for the Open Source development and deployment of...Advancing.. Cooperatively.. Networked.. Consumer.. Services!.
    Be assured that the technical shortcomings of this proposal will not materially affect the proposed consumer services for WISdom Coop members via the WISdom Network. The mistakes and other defficencies will be brought to my attention (please!), and revisions will be made as necessary to correct them.

    The software functions described in this proposal should be seen as descriptions of
Services Goals  and apparent  Requirements,
Not as specifications.

The technology is the easy part,  at least  as far as this general readership document is concerned.

This is about instituting   a  paradigm shift to  functional Client to server Relationships,
Enhancing Individual Rights
upon what is essentially a peer to peer network, the open internet.

The server is the provider of Networked Consumer Services.

The Member's Client and Co-op link is the Proprietor!

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ1.  Why do consumers need to cooperatively share the ownership of a nation wide private network?

    A well-founded lack of trust in the open internet marketspace, whether consumers suspect unsafe open internet technology or unscrupulous merchants (see Q. 3 below), is the biggest problem for consumers and the most pervasive reason why e-commerce is not being accepted on a much larger scale...Legitimate member control through shared ownership of the WISdom Network  permits non-governmental enforcement of privacy and security standards that are binding on all network users, and it enables the development and maintenance of network facilities that protect members from malicious crackers and from abusive producers and providers.

Consumers of the World,
Cooperation via a Private Network!
You have
Problems Only You Can Solve
Everything to Gain!
$$$ Thanks is Due to the Open Source community! $$$

    Member control of the localized WISdom Network permits members to set uniform standards for information posting by category, enabling the organization and construction of Virtual Specialties Markets in CybeRealSpaceTime in which the producers (of goods, services, and information), and providers (the retailers of same) compete for the members' money and/or attention on level and demanding playing fields that are both familiar to, and controlled in the interest of, the members. The WISdom Network is a natural monopoly;  it puts consumers in charge and provides compelling reasons to join the WISdom Co-op.

    Spam is the currently reigning king of communications snarl and producer of consumer grief and disempowerment.  It can be eliminated at the sources on a private networkTake email back!
    Advertising is member requested information in WISdom Network standard formats only, requiring readily understood truth  in advertising (currently an oxymoron) supplemented by online access to consumer specialist and/or averaged member item quality/value ratings.
    Enabled by information and facilities available only to WISdom Central Services and Local Area consumer cooperatives or franchisees, vulnerable players are systematically disintermediated for the benefit of all members.

    A VPN Intranet/Extranet enables secure purchasing cooperative Extranet connections with providers' and producers' networks, and with WISdom Networks deployed in other countries, partly to support cooperating producers everywhere.

    This private network service is a "natural monopoly" utility that will become as essential as other utilities, requiring government or cooperative regulation.  The WISdom Newtwork's democratic member governance, with individualizable voting decision delegation capabilities by type of issue, assures maximum member control with minimum member effort required.  All WISdom Network software could be provided free to PC manufacturers, helping to break the monopoly of consumer desktops.  A strong WISdom Co-op lobby in Washington and elsewhere is seen as a major check to governmental  "Big Brotherism", and it must protect the rights of consumers everywhere, even when this means opposing the reigning government!   Big Brothers everywhere must be prevented from entering our MINEs at their "discretion".
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ2. Who is going to build this network?
    The WISdom Foundation will be responsible for the development the software and other tangible network facilities.  The WISdom Network development project would be kept on course for the benefit of consumers by a board composed largely of reputable consumer advocates interested in advancing individual rights and privileges, and effectively enforcing individual responsibilities for the common good in cyberspace cum cyberealspacetime.

    WISdom Foundation content developers and its outsourcers will probably use Eclipse or BEA WebLogic SOA tools to build portals by type of goods, services and information, and  producers and providers will use templates for Intranet Web posting.

    The world wide consumers cooperative (the WISdom Co-op) would assume network and software ownership and controlled software evolution responsibilities when the cooperative's leadership and membership feel ready to assume these responsibilitiesResaleable Franchises (actual market values determined by auctions after "critical mass") and/or franchise fees would be used (in lieu of patent royalties) to donate to the WISdom Foundation for software development in an amount deemed fair and accepted by vote of the WISdom Co-op members.

     Subscription Open Source services is recommended as the best course for WISdom Network development for about the first 10 years that it always takes to mature a network's services structure.  Sun and/or Oracle could probably also best handle the coordination and connections required with local area mechants.  The network can be maintained best in house after 10 years or so.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ3.  How would the administration of this private network be organized?
    The WISdom Co-op, with national branches and membership of all consumers that receive this network's services, would grant network access and assistance to local (zip code) area consumers cooperatives or franchisees to administer network services locally.  National branches must intermix WISdom Network standardized content of their own creation at the national, language-regional, and local area levels.  International consumer commerce should be promoted and facilitated when possible and practical.
WISdom Network Local Area Services restores member trust of their e-commerce providers.
     WISdom Network producers and providers will update their Intranet websites via Macromedia's Contribute2 (or by methods developed by subscription services providers) which enables restricted updating using simple word processor tools.

    Operating within a member country with international extranets, regional and central consumer Goods, Services and/or Information evaluation and purchasing cooperatives would provide inventory and supply chain management services for the WISdom Network Local Area Services, and GSI evaluation services for the individual members.

    Pure democracy in cooperative government,  providing maximum member control with minimum member sffort, as well as Supply/Demand Chain Smoothing are facilitated by MINEd reading.
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ4.  What services can consumers expect from their network?
The WISdom Prospector brings Gifts!
    Clean up network information pollutionThis is pollution of the very worst kind for network users.   Lies,  and other distortions of truth, along with intrusive advertising of all kinds must be eliminated on the WISdom Network.  That is its main reason for being, as a network-wide cultural revolution.  WISdom is the People's network!

    Members and  PPV non-members   (carefully watched)  can quickly and easily identify and retrieve those goods, services and/or information that are most appropriate for their use and the best values for them personally, whether they pay in money or attention.  Consumer goods local area replenishment is facilitated.  The WISdom Network's Local Area Service freely delivers the right stuff for you at the right time and place, at the right price, and the entire network user experience is vastly improved vs. the open internet.

    Many consumers do not trust, and/or are afraid of their own desktop OS, mostly because they are imperfectly familiar with it.  Often it is the case that they will never be "familiar" with it.

    The WISdom Network and WISPER  let the WISdom Prospector rapidly navigate the entire WISdom Intranet,  select options, input text, etc. by easily-tailored  voice~control by any member,  regardless of  language or dialect. The WISdom Prospector is about a transformation of the user/member experience.
    WISdom Network  Guarantees to "Let the buyer become aware!"
  "Securely Personalized WISdom Network Consumer Services"
 "Information Reliability Guaranteed"!

 Responsible Consumption Facilitated!

 Beat the Software Monopoly!

 Beat the Media Monopoly!

 Beat! Beat Wal-Mart!

    The kids and grandma can simply and safely use the WISdom Prospector's extensively personalized and trustable portal to all authorized WISdom Network information and services.

    Members' are quoted cyberealspacetime prices that include shipping and handling but not taxes, and that specify simply what, when and where, for how much, leaving details like coordination for order aggregation and the payment of state and local taxes to the WISdom Network's Local Area Service, which can become the sole provider for those members wanting complete privacy.  Funds transfer for payment is not done until after the member is given adequate time to approve or reject the purchase(s).

    All of  WISdom Network's content will be first rate, enabled by the  modified..Mozilla Browser  and Eclipse or BEASOA tools.

    These member services increase in value as the network information store grows, and as the delivery of all of these centrally and locally provided services becomes more efficient due to economies of scale and scope.  All planned services scale up very smoothly, and rapid network growth is anticipated.  On the other hand, early members will have to be compensated, probably with free life membership as a Founding (first 1million?) Member , etc., for the limitation of services these early members will experience.

    The WISdom network's streamlined cooperative democracy means individual members can have as much shared control as they want to exert.  Valuable services need not be monetarily profitable for members to decide to offer them on this network, e.g.., effective consumer rights advocacy.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ5.  Can the average consumer afford this?
     Lifetime Membership, including all Free/Open Source software which is to be continually improvingshould cost $1.00.  After "critical mass", WISdom Co-op can set fees to whatever the market will bear.  An annual subscription fee for Open Source services  would be charged to cover the costs of network infrastructue and the WISdom Co-op'sNetwork Services and WISdom Prospector Advancement Project.  Additional member-selectable services, such as WISdom Network client "rich media super pack" with real time updates that integrate network or CD-distributed VR environments, etc. with selected consumer products, ISP services, PPV content and services, etc., may be additional.  All fees are subject to member voting, of course, but verifiable total annual cost of membership after revenue sharing (member dividends) should be distinctly negative.  I believe that low membership fees are justified because each additional member increases the power and reduces the costs for all existing members, exhibiting powerful network effects and efficiencies of scale and scope.

     All goods, services, and informationcan be delivered to members via this network at or below market prices.  Most if not all transportation, shopping pickup and delivery costs can be shared by the local and central network service, since both Central and Local WISdom Services get information profitable to other members by supplying these services.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ6. Are there any for-profit business opportunities in this?
    Franchises for Local (zip code) Area WISdom Services (including ISP services) are a great way to start small and grow fast in a locally respected business.  Service mentality and social responsibility required, and shared learning with other franchisees multiplies successes.  The outlook is become sole member provider of delivered goods, services, and information in a local area, supported by WISdom electronic ordering and by cooperative agreements with local providersand adjoining area franchisees or consumers cooperatives to share facilities, and to aggregate orders and deliveries for efficient supply chain coordination.  WISdom Network facilities for automated disintermediation of local providers for consumer commodity replenishment shopping can  create a reliable income base for both WISdom Network Services franchisees and local area consumer cooperatives.  There are many other opportunities for franchisee income by supplying new member services through the WISdom Network.

    Franchisees must practice Open Book management, and the local area WISdom service may be appropriated at any time by local area consumer cooperatives, but "fair price buyout" formulas in their contract helps protect franchisees' investments of time and money. The franchisees' best survival strategy is to keep everybody happy with great service and consistently low prices on disintermediated items.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ7.  Does the WISdom Network create jobs and wealth?
    The WISdom Network is positioned to become the premier producer and provider of consumer oriented information and "new media".  Making this happen will require not only the cooperation of members, but consumer information and purchasing specialists in all categories of goods, services, and information, as well as consumer financial services specialists, journalists, information artists, technical leaders and assistants, supply chain management specialists, educators, etc. This centralized function of the WISdom Network would be financed by cooperative funds earned by intelligent and selective disintermediation of central providers by product.

     WISdom Network Local Area Franchises and support for "cottage industries" can also create considerable wealth and local service and production jobs.

     The WISdom network creates a wealth of conveniently accessible consumer information.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ8.  What will this mean for our local communities?
    What do you want it to mean?  Mostly.
    Interested communities should consider the best, most direct route to local control of member services by forming local WISdom consumer's cooperatives, with assistance from the world wide WISdom Co-op.  This may be the only way to deal with an area dominated by uncooperative local merchants, by the sheer number of loyal consumers already supplied remotely via the WISdom Network.  Disintermediation of local providers can be quick, or it can be controlled, depending on the merchant's participation in serving his community.

    The WISdom Co-op and Network will promote increased cohesion and self-determination of our local communities, while it improves the quality of life of its members.

The family will be the bedrock of the WISdom Co-op

   WISdom Network Local Area Services communications enabled Housestores, featuring Segway and larger conveyance-riding employees picking warehouse slot-sequenced orders for delivery, with electronic in-store ordering and pickup inspection by customers in a comfortable, homelike social snack atmosphere, should become welcome as non-intrusive member energy and time saving assets to their communities.

    WISdom Network's Selective by Product Disintermediation of Local Providers can be harnessed cooperatively!

    Local cooperative education, another idea whose time has come, is supported by the WISdom Network, and hopefully will be implemented by Local (zip code area) WISdom Co-op consumer cooperatives.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ9.  Why isn't this being done now?
    The relatively recent availability of adaptable Free/Open Source software components, tools and Services Oriented Architectures (SOA) and secure Open Source "Web Services" for consumer, provider and producer interoperability frameworks makes WISdom Network development technically and economically feasible for the first time today (7-20-03).  The near-universal direction in enterprise Information Technology is SOA, and there is a lot of competition with an expansion of both the numbers and capabilities of software and services providers in this category, from the top-tier down to cunsultant/practitioner levels.  I can't think of any software requirements that will not be familiar territory to many developers, or any software or active content directory/MINE architectural questions that can not be answered now.

    The management of cooperatives has been vastly transformed by the fairly recent availability of virtual private networks with secure facilities for convenient and frequent member discussion, member questionaire analyis,  and voting.  The WISdom Co-op's enablement of pure democracy requires communications conveniences to promote maximum member involvement and voice in those issues of interest to them, and proxy voting when the issues are not seen as deserving of the member's personal attention; hence, the proposed software-assisted and/or representative voting.  When members indicate in their MINEs the areas of special interest to them personally, they are automatically informed about developments in those areas, and encouraged to actively participate in the operational decisions of the WISdom Co-op.  Members drive the business best with power steering, cruise/maneuver control, enhanced long-range visibility, and great brakes.

    Why Now?.

 Finally, there is almost universal agreement amongst software developers and business system architects on the lasting principles and advantages of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).   WISdom starts out right as a member service business!

 Java for "write once, run anywhere" software is mature, and Sun's Java Community Process gets all stakeholders on board and heard. Enterprise portal development and maintenance architectures and tools availibility is good now (5-04).

    I would do it before somebody else starts sewing up  local merchants' free websites of standard format with direct or  Web Services-facilitated connections to local providers' data.  There's no serious competition here at this point, just some big fish that might bite.  Yahoo map services may expand to involve local merchants in online classified offerings info (12-04).  There will be enough unseating of incumbents without the problems of converting local merchants to the new WISdom and procedures.  Make WISdom your generation's legacy to the future!
See: OASIS Business Process Execution Language efforts

See: Web Services Interoperability Organization's WS-I Basic Profile 1.0

     Why Not Now?

    What does the Open Source community get out of this?

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalQ10.  How long (and how much) before this network can be offered to communities?
    A large scale project with many divergent and simultaneous development activities could prepare the WISdom Network to open in useable beta form in Peoria's (or wherever) adjoining zip code areas in about 3 years for about 5 million? $ US.  I believe that will be sufficient time for the WISdom Foundation to identify and deal with "the devil in the details", and to formulate and initiate the implementation of a strategic architecture to guide the evolution of the WISdom Prospector platform and the WISdom Network contents, in preparation for rollout by the WISdom Co-op, concentrating first on supporting WISdom Network Local Area Services Automatic Consumer Replenishment with Order and Delivery Aggregation.  The fleshing out of the WISdom Network with first-rate content will be a continuing effort by the WISdom Co-op.

    Initial development costs would be borne by The WISdom Foundation via contributions from individuals and corporations that may enter into contractual agreements to provide services to this cooperative network, such as consumer information, transportation and supply chain management services, network security and other Open Source software and content development services, etc.

    Widespread publicity of this work would be needed to promote the formation of a large and varied cooperative discussion group to augment the ivory tower of WISdom Foundation advocates.  A homemade series of TV and/or internet infomercials depicting many different kinds of consumer reaction to the WISdom Proposal would help immensely.

    Software and content engineering development could, and probably should, proceed at a leisurely pace before a large scale project is started.  Open Source developers and others who contribute their time to this conceptual and detail design effort will be rewarded.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalMore (or less) FAQs

WISdom. is Really .Built to Last!
Ask a question, make a comment or suggestion
Can you see this as a for-profit network service?
They would if they could, but only You Can Do It!
I don't see  any  negatives here,
just the high barriers to entry
of a natural monopoly.
How about you?
The Wealth is You.  Share!
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalContents "Mini-Section" Links
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    To facilitate communications about this proposal, please keep this window open and reference or enable linkage to the following WISdom Proposal "mini-sections" in e-mails by copying their Link Location from the hyperlink list below.

    The Findable (special characters following color coded mini section bullets)  indicate the consensus of discussion participants regarding the content of the mini-section:

Initial Status  Initial Status
Under Scrutiny#   Under Scrutiny
Good*   Good
Solid Gold!~   Solid Gold
Problem or Priority Alert!!!  Problem or Priority Alert ~ If you think a mini-section needs revision for clarity or content, please tell me about it ~ that will be considered a priority change to this proposal.
New HTML PageThe WISdom Proposal Cover Page

New HTML PageIntroduction to WISdom Page

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalCooperatives Beat "Big Box" for Consumers!

What's the Problem?

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalThe Problems Addressed by This Proposal

Why Isn't E-commerce the Dominant Form of Consumer Commerce Today?
What in the World is Wrong With the World Wide Web?
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalThe Dysfunctional Relationship Between Consumers and Providers
.as Proprietors,
Come into my Parlor, said the Proprietor to the Consumer.Provider relationship problems from many consumer perspectives
............... Predators , , ,
A Consumers' Declaration of Independence
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWhat Private Network Commerce Should Be Like

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWhy not the conventional wisdom: "many inconsistent, uncoordinated, loosely-coupled modules of doubtful origin and ancestry"?

A Consumers'

     List of Grievances
  Proposed Remedies
...................................Death to the Pigs!The Green Police accuse Producers and Providers of abusing their Customers in various ways, and discuss how the WISdom Co-op will deal with that!
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalAdvertising Irritates and Doesn't Reliably Inform

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalPoor Privacy and Security

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalHigh Prices

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalDisorganization, etc. of the Open Internet Web

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalMore Lack of Trust

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalConsumer Fear of Unknown Technology

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalLocal Communities and Businesses are Poorly Represented ~ Opportunity for Monopoly/Monopsony Foothold!

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalState and Local Sales Taxes are Not Paid
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalMonopoly in the Media
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWeb Browsers with Narrowband Connections are Too Slow for "Rich Media"

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalControl by Law

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWhose Law?

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalConsumers Cannot Trust the Open Internet Web's Content

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalCopyright and Patent Laws

"The Patriot Act"

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalCode Is Law

What's Wrong with E-Mail and Newsgroups?

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalSpam

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalPyramids and Porn

What's Wrong With Consumer Commerce and Culture?

Its the TOOLS, stupid!
Its the CULTURE, stupid!

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalFundamentally Non-democratic World Economic Institutions

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalProviders abuse their customers' privacy

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalMonopoly in the Software and Local Retail Sectors

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalScandalous Behavior by the Executives of Some American For-Profit Corporations

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalShallow, Greedy, and Destructive Consumerism

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalEducation is Poor

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalHealth care is Poor

People Power
New HTML Page - Main Proposal PageThe WISdom Proposal Page
Proposed Remedies for the Problems Addressed by This Proposal
What is being Proposed?

A Universal>Nationwide Consumers Cooperative Business

Accessible Local Leadership and Trust
Localized  WISdom Network Member Services: Replenishment Shopping, Cooperative Education, Health Care, etc.
Solve many consumer problems with a VPNVirtual Private Network: The WISdom Network
Open Source Whenever Practical

Don't miss The Prospector with ManyOne Browser and VSMsAn Extensively Personalizable and Trustworthy Network Portal and Navigator:

..........Java Prospector controlling a customized Mozilla browserAn Extensively Personalized and Trustworthy WISdom Network Interface
The WISdom Prospector as Proprietor
The WISPERTM Language
They say, "Google on Wi-fi seems godlike!"
Member and Software Platform Authorization

Near Absolute Privacy and Security - The Member's MINETM

Order and Delivery Aggregation/Relay with Free? Delivery of All Goods, Services, and Information
KEEP !~ Guaranteed Information Reliability
WISdom Network Supply and Demand Chain Management
Aggregated Sales and Demand Information
Local Area Community and Replenishment Shopping
with Free? Pickup and Delivery Services
WISdom Network Communications Enabled Housestores

WISdom Network Brands

WISdom Network Services
WISdom Network ISP Services

WISdom Network Local Credit Union Services

WISdom Network Consumer Financial Services
Cooperative Government and Quasi Governmental Services~ Streamlining Democracy!
Pure Democracy With Default (Proxy) Voting Services
Political Participation on autopilot?
What is Required to get the above and More?

The core of WISdomWISdom Network's Content Reorganization
...................with.Virtual Specialties Markets for all Goods, Services and Information
...............Virtual Specialties Markets

WISdom Network Content: Architecture, Metacontent and Sources
Advertising = Requested Information
The basics of WISdom's software and content engineering
KEEP!  Or the WISdom Network will Fail to meet members' Needs for Researchable, Analyzable, Actionable Information!~ The WISdom Proposal's Major Arguments:
WISdom Co-op Members  Cannot EVER Depend on the Open Internet's Content,
No Other Network Can Ever Match the Member Services of WISdom Network!
No Unsolicited Advertising on the WISdom Network
Rating Service and Member Rating of Goods, Services, and Information
Responsible Consumption Facilitated!
Portals with Template-like models for Producer and Provider Posting
All Offerings in Each GSI type or Category
Individual Member and Organizational Posting

Local Area Merchant Posting

The WISdom Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis Java Services Functions and Tools:

The WISdomShopping comparison of offerings is only one analytic function here

 What is "More"?

Support for Secure Wireless Personalized Voice Control of

Keep - Spur acceptance of socially responsible consumer information services!~Information Satisfaction and Reliability Guaranteed

Keep - Spur acceptance of socially responsible consumer information services!~WISdom Network Consumer Services:

 "Let your WISPERS do the Walking thru WISdom Services"

Consumer Desktop and Network Management

Order and Delivery Aggregation

Consumer Commodities Replenishment Shopping
.....from Menu Selections
through Scheduled Delivery
Consumer ActiveFinancial Management
Personal Business Intelligence for Members, Franchisees, and .Cooperative Management


Keep - Spur acceptance of Virally Responsible Business!~Support for Other Consumer Services:
Specialized ReSearch and Analysis

Secure Specialized American WISdom HMO Medical Services

Cooperative Education

Mobile Media Services

ActiveDistributed WISdom MINEds-informed Organization Management

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The Media and theBlogoSphere  of The WISdom Network

Summary of Proposed Remedies

What's Unique about the proposed network's Economic Characteristics?

Is wisdom a Natural Monopoly?Economic Characteristics of The WISdom Network

Monopoly/Monopsony at the Speed of  ...

Economic Models

Is wisdom a Natural Monopoly?Demand Side Externalities - Network Effects

Demand Side Incompatibilities
Internal Incompatibilities - "Soft Lockin"

External Incompatibilities - "Hard Lockin"

Standards Setting
Is wisdom a Natural Monopoly?Supply Side Economies of Scale and Scope

Is wisdom a Natural Monopoly?High Barriers to Entry

First Mover Advantages

First Mover Disadvantages

Prices and Progressive, Selective by Product Central   and Local Provider   Disintermediation

.A Consumers' Natural Monopoly!
People Power
Important information hereWISdom Network Startup Considerations and Strategies Page

Where is the Energy coming from?

Vision: member/users should run the show

WISdom Network Local (zip code) Area Services by Consumer Cooperatives or Franchises

What do We want to Startup?

A Consumers Cooperative at the World Wide Level:
The WISdom Co-op
The WISdom Co-op!
Roadmap to WISdom
Progressive Levels of Network Services
Square One WISdom startup Services
Some More FAQs
Q11.  How much does a franchise cost?

Q12.  What are the minimum startup requirements for WISdom Network Producer and Provider data?

Q13.  What does a typical new WISdom Co-op member get?

Q14.  How can prospective members, franchisees and other possible supporters see the WISdom Network Service in action?

Q15.  What characterizes a good WISdom Network Local (zip code) Area for early franchise?

Q16.  How big a centralized support staff and beauracracy will be necessary to startup and support the WISdom Network?

What are the Overall Implications of this proposal?

New HTML PageSocioeconomic, Cultural and Political Implications

of  The WISdom Network vs. the Open Internet

Good*The WISdom Network would insure democratic member control, which enables

Establishment of an agreed upon Second Generation Internet Services "The WISdom Prospector Network" Platform Definition
Optimized Member's Experience
Preparations for Infowar
Under Scrutiny#A Citizen combatant's Bill of Rights: The WISe NOS
The Monoculture Menace
Keep - Spur acceptance of Virally Responsible Business!~Optimization of the Member Experience
Quality of Life Enhancement

Monopsony Power for Consumers

Support for Productive Lifetime Continual Learning and Cooperative Education

Creation of Open Source WISdom Prospector Network Platform Advancement Project

Cooperation and Competition Balanced for Members' Interests

Good*Establishment of a World Wide Democratically Controlled Network

Economic Reconstruction
Keep - Spur acceptance of Virally Responsible Business!~Warning!

What is the Spiritual Context of the WISdom Proposal?

New HTML PageChristian Millennialism and the WISdom Network

Christian Premillennialism

The Conditions and Signs of Christ's Return


The New Millennium

What Provision has been made for Participation and Communications about this proposal?

wisdom Communications CentralAppendix Page - Provisional Communications

of  The WISdom Network  Development Project
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalOn the AgendaJoin the WISdom Network Development Project!
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalGather Qualified Collaborators
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalMake WeBook and WeBlog about it templates for distribution.

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalRebuild this website with Macromedia Studio MX?

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalEmbed in multimedia novel The Antichrist Virus

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalEstablish The WISdom Foundation

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalBoard of Trustees - Consumer Advocates with necessary representation from the legal, financial, and IT professions
Pre Release Marketing
Publicity Campaigns
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalInform Possible Corporate WISdom Foundation Sponsors

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalInform Qualified WISdom Network Discussion Participants

Inform Prospective WISdom Co-op Members and Franchisees

Stay in Contact With Above
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalStart The Nationwide WISdom Coop
Retain Legal Counsel

Incorporation of the nationwide WISdom Consumers Cooperative

Development of the WISdom Co-op Constitution
Protection of Members and Local (zip code) Area Franchisees
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalGood*Contributions of Discussion Participants
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalE-Mail

NetMeeting/ IM chat

E-Mailing List


Open Internet Moderated Newsgroups for Prospective Franchisees and Members

Informational and Promotional Communications With Interested Parties
Paper Illustrated Magazine

Paper Book

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalGood*Stand Alone Demo

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalPro Forma Local (zip code) Area Franchise and Consumer Cooperative Business Plans

WISdom Proposal Supplemental Pages

Custom DiagramsDiagram Pages

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalVirtual Specialties Markets in WISdom's CybeRealSpaceTime
An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWISdom Network Services' Strategic Business Intelligence

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWeb Search Engine Entity Relationship Model

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWISdom Network's Virtual Specialties Markets Entity Relationship Model

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalCybeRealSpaceTime Prices

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalWISdom Network's Facilities for Consumer Commodities Replenishment Shopping from Menu Selections to Scheduled Delivery and Disintermediation of Providers

An Executive Summary of Reasons For The wisdom ProposalThe WISdom Network Local (zip code) Area Model

New HTML PageBibliography Page

Privacy And Security

Business Management

Media and Culture

Information Organization

Law and intellectual Property Rights

Christian Millennialism


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