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.Socioeconomic, Cultural and Political Implications

Manifesto of the WISdom Network
the Open Internet

What if  WISdom broke out?

    WISdom can emerge on the open internet or a simple SSL VPN with Extranets.  The WISdom Prospector and Network can be upgraded and re-released to approximate the facilities described in the WISdom Proposal.  What then for members?
  See PDF about just how difficult will member privacy on the WISdom Network be?  
   While the Open Internet Web has room for everyone, disappointingly but not entirely unexpectedly, it has become increasingly dominated by large for-profit businesses and the big money interests that they represent.  Not-so-trivial advertising drivel abounds, and the status quo is maintained.  And this in a country where the gap between the wealthy and the middle and lower classes has been widening year after year since the Regan years.  To counter these trends and solve other problems with the open internet, an equal voice for everyone is needed.  The WISdom Network as proposed could provide it.  But there is a clear and present danger, and the WISdom Co-op needs to lead in America's
Consumer Protection from All Risks
with the Standard of the Free World.
World Map of Freedom
Prepare for Infowar, Cyber-Terrorism
the Good<>Evil Showdown :

Do IT yourself Cyber-Jihad Now
The Network to Beat All!

See Cybersecurity News 12-03-03

See: Microsoft Watch

See: IBM, Sun, Novell, etc. target Microsoft desktop
~ They could offer the WISdom Network and Java RIA Prospector on Linux only as Open Source subscription services!

  The WISdom Foundation declares democratic member control of the evolution of their electronic and organizational interface  to  their private network.  This is in direct opposition to software architecture by autocratic profiteers. WISdom Network, by contrast with for-profiteers, accepts responsibility for theReliability of its Consumer Information and related Services, and the WISdom Prospector and Network user experience will always be what the users/members really wantThe WISdom Prospector is really Built to Last!

Why insure or even tolerate interoperability when you are already legitimately dominant and  your entire mission is to protect consumers?
 Is it socially responsible to save monopolies like Microsoft, when Consumers can now afford to Do IT themselves?
The WISdom Prospector Platform may, at least for WISdom Network startup purposes or even for the first 10 years, be implemented by Open Source for-profit subscription services.  See: BEA Systems, Inc. "Liquid Computing"

A Consumer/combatant's Bill of Rights: The WISdom Prospector Safe Reliable Computing Platform

The Mono PooList!
It's not Microsoft's kind of "Trustable Computing":
Longhorn (as in, "leaning on the horn")
Indigo (as in, "The wrong way to go" for consumer-controlled    free trade).


WISOpen Source Linux and Mozilla for Consumers Everywhere!Longerfellow's desktop and network system and file management connectionJ2EE/XMLMy Eclipse/J Builder X, Java Tools Community Ecosystem  for IDE interoperability?
....Code Name: Longfellow Green!

Code Base: Linux +

Gnome Linux Desktop GUI as basis of Longfellow's network desktop environment?or KDE Linux Desktop GUI as basis of Longfellow's network desktop environment?

There's a lot going on in Network Subscription Services 11-26-03Make or Subscribe for 10 years?


Sun Java Desktop System?

(formerly code-named "Mad Hatter")  and "Looking Glass"
The Right Stuff, but why another part Proprietary system?
Open Source Solaris? ... Let's make a deal? "Sun gains Open Source favor!"

  The network monoculture menace may reappear even after Microsoft loses its consumer desktop monopoly to Linux,
so a Solaris-centric consumers' network makes good sense for the WISdom Network.

Will IBM help us?

Mac OS X Panther/Safari is now the one to follow,
    and the WISdom Co-op's Prospector Platform is proprietary/Open,
    so it can innovate like a Big Apple!

See HP and other desktop suppliers' attempts to lock down the network desktop ~

Feedback please:  Can they do this completely, legitimately and usefully,  or should it be done better universally via the WISdom Network Prospector's continuously active authentication?

The WISdom Co-op must use Open Source systems whenever practical

Current (6-04) favorite for subscription open source services
Novell LinuxWISdom fork? +Take the Ximian Desktop 2 tour!+ Nterprise?

 Ask Novell to Help!
A New  Consumers'  Safe  Reliable  Network  Desktop  Computing Model
by Public Demand
With  Longfellow Layers
on Top?
the traditional distincton between the Enterprise and the Consumer Desktop Models
by a convergence of technologies (My Eclipse/J Builder X Optimizeit Enterprise Suite)

"The Evolution of a Revolution"

1. We have the Right to Get Creative, Get Simple and Get Control!
    Member control provides opportunity for an agreed upon strategic platform definition for the controlled evolution of a network infrastructure that is fully prepared for infowar, and the ability to set electronic hardware and software standards to support the development of an optimized user = member/consumer interface to their private network's services.  This is in opposition to software architecture by autocratic profiteers.
Who, Me?  I'm just the Chief Architect of the World.  Documentum cum EMC is the Chief, I mean the Data Manager of the World, assisted by OpenText and FileNet!
They Voted for You Guys,
when,and only when,
both of you were
of power.

When will   Reliable I=MIC2 evolve Active Data Management from EMC?

The WISdom Foundation Supports
Corporate Information Security Accountability Act of 2003
Goes it "one" Better!

    An unknown, but possibly high, percentage of security exploits originate to promote the acceptance of tools to fixx them.  It's Big Business, and Responsible Business IT Security energized like this would supercharge the >rampaging inmates<, who are in charge of asylum security improvement?  Is there a Problem here?   ~ Rick

    "Until companies treat security as a serious responsibility, instead of as a cost center that doesn't contribute to the bottom line, this negative security trend will only get worse. ... it (CISAA of 2003) could achieve what constant worm attacks and embarassing security breaches have failed to do: finally make companies take IT security seriously" ~    Jim Rapoza of ZiffDavis and

many others say that Microsoft's Windows code base, passed on from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003, is "just too old, too big and too interconnected to ever fully secure", so Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative is bound to fail (see: eWeek July 28, 2003, "A Fighting Dragon" and Nov. 17, 2003, "Security").
    A Microsoft browser embedded as features on future releases of "Longhorn" with "Indigo" consumer Web Services based on such unsecurable code will not be acceptable to WISdom Co-op members, so the WISdom Prospector layered in WISe will allow simple and super secure SQL access via XHTML displays for desktop and network application file and system management functions.  A nation wide cooperative business can not further entrench a for-profit monopoly.  Microsoft's "Longhook" will fail to embrace and extend the WISdom Prospector  on pure principle.  But the WISdom Prospector Platform being discussed here may embrace and extend Linux or Open BSD variants.  WISdom Co-op and a universal WISdom Network is the consumer software standards monopoly of consumers!
    "The WISdom Prospector" as the WISdom Network member's personal browser and Network SQL file and Desktop System Manager is closely integrated with the WISdom Network OS and can run in privileged OS mode,  but avoiding monolithic proprietary solutions, and its features are under the  continuous  democratic control of the network's members. Linux should normally be invisible, and the file system should be manipulated entirely via XHTML displays. What problem with "plug and pray?  WISe has a cool, adjustably simplified to authorization = OS-visibility-level (great for young kids, habitual hackers, and grandma too)..desktop and network application file management system .that defaults to "visitor" mode after a specified time lapse in semi-continuous authentication for safe and simple private network computing!  Just WISPER to the Prospector that it's you and your full capabilities will be restored - he will know if it isn't you.  The user doesn't have to, and may be prevented from, communicating with the underlying network OS for commonly used functions (depending on the individual member's WISdom Prospector Active Authorization parameters), and auto network backupsenable recovery and undo of user actions.
    In an approach suggested by consideration of Mr. Raposa's opposition to current software activation schemes,  free "viral" distribution with unactivated execution should be possible, restricting its usage to those services available to non-members.The WISdom Network and Co-op needs to get their software in the hands of prospective members.

    Installation configuration and client system management problems are to be handled by network software and/or local WISdom Network administration personnel with remote client configuration capabilities.  WISdom Network autonomics hinges on the trust inherent in member ownership.  That's as close to idiot proof as desktop OSs get, and with CD-resident OSs with configuration file backups WISdom Network can insure standard procedures for recovery without reinstall.

The Monoculture Menace

   The network serucity problem is largely the monoculture, so this proposal must take care to address this matter.  Crackers are naturally attracted to do anything that mortifies the "Big Bad Wolf".    The WISdom Prospector interface is simpler to understand and operate than Windows, but WISdom Co-op support for a full line of possible desktop Open Source applications is not expected at this point (Open + are to be supported and integrated), so a dual-boot system with some other NOS makes sense from the member's perspective, especially since the user's Windows or other genre files can be made available to WISe via the WISdom Network (easier with Microsoft's cooperation).

    There may be specialized operating system support for secure messages from the Prospector's encrypted MINE, requiring an Open Source OS.

    The WISdom Prospector's application firewall may benefit from tools now being developed (5-04). See:  Immunix Linux Application Firewall techniques

    The goal here is to do everything by means of Web Services Allied Active Technologies (the"AATeam": XML  and Java tools J2EE, "My Eclipse", , , ), so some dual-boot inconvenience of  a compatible backup client  will  spur development  of the WISdom Prospector as Proprietor of the WISdom Co-op member's network desktop, but dual-booting may find a permanent home on the WISdom Network.  But, until Microsoft becomes submissive, it won't be Windows.  Microsoft could supply some pieces, but they'll have to play by our rules.  Sun's JDS clients on a Solaris-centric network may be the optimal WISdom Network from members' point of view.  But no proprietary provider dominance on the WISdom Network will be allowed!
    The Consumer owns this house and   All of its DataActive Data Management  means the data is active in more ways than one, extending from the individual member or WISdom local field journalist with first-rate WISPER services to Create Content  by means of a technology of writing that leads to improved Control by People, Not Technology Providers via their means of communication to support,  for example, the provision od member and customer services.

    All WISdom Network data must be interconnectable at will with appropriate authorization.

    Within WISe, you can make the underlying NOS visible (if you're authorized) and surf the open internet with a partially disabled Prospector that acts better than Mozilla on Linux does now!  But that's for the irresponsible geeks :  )  And you'll have to take a bath after running around out there, by letting the WISdom Network de-louse your system, a process that is necessary after the member system's exposure to the open internet without the WISdom Prospector's application authenticating network and client firewall.

2. We have the Right to Defend Ourselves!

    This platform includes all software approved for use on the WISdom Network, including all VPN and Security Event Management software (source code will be purchased, and portions only may be made Open Source software), and the platform may (hopefully will) eventually include a real time customizable network operating system with a lockable back door as a Linux or Open BSD Distribution to better integrate and accommodate the WISdom Network client by supporting improvements to both network and member's privacy, security, economy, infowar readiness, simplicity of operation, and convenience, requiring die hard MS Windows user/members to convert, or to at least dual boot to WISe.The WISdom Network incorporates intrusion detection at many levels, and it simply cannot abide the unquarintined existence of a rogue client that seems to have been infected by unauthorized code.

    See: Check Point Software Technologies Interspect system for private network security inside the firewall.

or WISe => ?.Canada's Open BSD 3.3  has encrypted code segments that may be implemented with in-principle-unbreakable quantum encryption hardware components!.Longerfellow's desktop and network system and file management connectionJ2EE/XML by.Mono..y..Mano?
My Eclipse, etc ...
Canada First?..............................................
Open Sun Solaris?

Click to see Euro Co-op!
 See: Euro Co-op

The WISdom Co-op has
" The New Concorde"
 will never become obsolete,
 and it balances economic powers.

    WISdom Network crackers must be treated as threats to homeland security, so repent now if that is your persuasion.  But friendly hackers are welcome to spar by arrangement with WISdom Network's Security Staff by inventing, sharing and playing infowar games on the WISdom Network: it helps to keep the troops in shape.

News Flash: "Parched Earth" infowar tactic catches on,
and the smoke rises as Microsoft complies with WISdom Network OS software self-disabling standard
and promotes new hardware self-destruct standard!

'  WISdom Alert!  OK.  What now Prospector?  Why all the sudden Blue Spawn here? '

WISdom Co-op Member majority continues to use Windows.
Oh well, I guess there is a case for "closed" standards sometimes.

    "An unknown, but probably very high, percentage of security exploits originate to promote the acceptance of tools to fixx them.  It's Big Business, and Responsible Business IT Security energized like this self-supercharges the >rampaging inmates<, who are in charge of asylum security improvement?  Is there a Problem here?   ~ Rick

A smart Microsoft decision in this struggle with Open Source would be surrender now,
before the inevitability of its defeat as consumer software king becomes obvious to all!
When you can't beat them,  join them!

Hardware MINE needed to meet WISdom Co-op's Requirements!
IBM's Thinkpad with its security chip makes data unreadable if tampered with 9-04
Cisco's EAP-FAST security chip
Open Source: Your Source for Safe Trustworthy Computing!

3. We have the Right to Modify All of Our Software Ourselves!

    Members need to maximize their control over their network and tools; if any application deserves a 100% custom solution, its the WISdom network.  All that remains is to convince members that this OS/WISdom Prospector capability is essential to the WISdom Network's "extreme safety by counter invasion" approach to security and privacy, and it is for the members' benefit.  A nation wide cooperative business can not further entrench a for-profit monopoly.  I propose a network standard definition: "software ownership = modifiable-by-members source code", that only Open Source enables.  It will take time to make the transition to this Open Source standard, and the network operating system must remain compatible with boss Microsoft until it grows up (i.e., after the WISdom takeover).  Then there will be little reason to worry about them.  Members need a secure, trustable OS that will optionally overwrite on any deletion, or act upon the member's personalized WISdom Prospector client cleanup orders that may be remotely evoked, or initiated during the member's scheduled client cleanup routines.

All WISdom Network Software Must be "Secure = Real Time Modifiable and Mean"
 in the era of
InfoWar and CyberTerrorism.

WISdom Linux (WISe) is Simple to operate, and its vision is acute but directable.

The best, but not the quickest (please) in information security -
infowar strategy gurus and tactics specialists -
will be working on it.

Creation of Open Source WISdom Prospector Network Platform Advancement Project

   Although the WISdom Prospector Network platform would be developed on the for-profit Open Software and hardware vendor market that will be supported by both individual member distribution option subscription fees and by  cooperative "adoption" fees to liberate proprietary softwaresdominance of the platform definition remains in the hands of  WISdom Co-op Members who provide funding and direction to the WISdom Foundation for the evolution of the platform.

    The legitimacy of  member control  means that next generation Internet services "The WISdom Prospector Network" can be quickly developed and continuously improved, and can provide advanced capabilities for consumer/member support services that are unachievable by even the most market dominant of for-profit network services.  The WISdom Co-op as proposed would protect and optimize individual consumer/member's rights by legitimate user/member control of the platform on its private network.  The WISdom Foundation will open an ongoing Open Source "WISdom Prospector Network Platform Advancement" project, and a market for software and content developers would be created by issuing Requests For Proposals.  This market would include all platform-compatible server or client resident applications and content.

    WISdom Network's Open (FreeShare) Source can benefit small or medium businesses that are building or enhancing their network.

    The WISdom Network could begin as subscription services provided by Open Source for-profit organizations, such as IBM, Red Hat, Novell, etc.  During the term of contract to provide such services to the WISdom Co-op, the WISdom Prospector Platform Advancement Project would provide guidance in the evolution of services.

    Competition?  The Four Horsemen of the apocalyptic Internet: Yahoo ($36 billion market cap.), eBay ($49 billion), InterActiveCorp ~ IAC ($25 billion), Amazon ($18 billion).  Which is the pale horse? The red horse? The dark horse?  Can any of these outfits really serve consmers best?  Only WISdom can do Consumer IT!

WISdom Improves the Quality of Life!

It's all about parking meters, wisdom and feelings

    Cool Hand Luke, a "good ole boy", hated the feeling of always being on territory "legitimately" claimed by somebody else.  He did not feel free.  In a drunken protest of these "legitimate claims", he saws off the tops of a lot of parking meters, and is thus introduced to a chain gang where he encounters "the boss", who recognizes Luke's rebelliousness as the result of "a failure to communicate".  Naturally he holds Luke responsible for his plight.

    I hope the retribution for disintermediating the parking meters of the currently powerful will be less severe.  It must be less, or they wouldn't do it so much themselves.  But I'm doing it in the name of "control of economic progress" rather than "economic Darwinism".  The legitimacy of property rights becomes absolute when the owner is everybody.   Who can question these rights?
    Note that non-members and non-participating providers will eventually be few, and thus possible, or at least easier for the civil authorities to track in detail.  But Duly authorized search warrant should be the WISdom Co-op's MINE civil authority access requirement in all countries.  WISdom Co-op must actively cooperate with the civil and open internet authorities in any country, and these authorities should be pleased with the results.

    The WISdom Co-op's facilitated exercise of these rights reduces the friction and paranoia present in our everyday experience, and can help everybody feel free to claim what is theirs.    We need to feel free to securely create something other than a better way to feel free.

    I am eager to see the results of feelings hence creativity released and redirected,  so hurry up and "pay it forward".

Once more with Feeling!
Consumer Information Services( Nirvana) personalized and Customizable  for the? members producers and providers
Consumer Control
Support for Productive Lifetime Continual Learning and Cooperative Education

The WISdom Network would provide a distribution network structure within which the exercise  of both cooperation and competition are balanced to benefit its members.

    Competition is maximized among producers and for-profit providers by Virtual Specialties Markets.  Competition is sometimes allowable between cooperative providers, as, for example, when an adjacent zip code area's order and delivery service may provide a better deal than the local area's service.

    Selective disintermediation by product and cooperation between adjacent zip code WISdom Network Service Areas enables successful competition of WISdom Network-compliant providers with existing for-profit providers.

    Cooperation with other members and supliers is exercised to aggregate purchasing powers through economies of scale.

    The demand for sales and advertising personnel would be decreased by this proposal.  Students should prepare themselves for this, and more emphasis should be placed upon the production and delivery of goods and servicees, including information services.

  A  world wide democratically controlled Open Source Network that is a natural monopoly of consumers will help to
 Establish  and  Virally Promote
 Colonies of Socially Responsible Consumer Commerce
 Purely Democratic Principles applied to Both Political and Economic Powers
 Human MINE Rights World Wide!
      WISdom world wide means that the network software and democratic infrastructure, along with current user/member experienced installation and operation/configuration help, would be available for use in unstable and/or  economically troubled areas,  as, for example, during the reconstruction and democratization of previously non-democratic countries.
    For example,  would China (the next economic and military superpower) be interested?  How about India or Pakistan?  Israel should be.  What modifications to the operation of the WISdom Network cooperative services would/could they make and continue to operate within the requirements of the US and free allied cooperating countries'  WISdom Co-op world trade community MINE privacy guidelines?
WISdom Network's strict MINE privacy standards: All MINE information must be anonymous to be transmitted and/or aggregated on the WISdom Network.  Member control of access to MINE information, subject only to duly-authorized search warrant, distinguishes the free world's WISdom Network.

    What changes would "their"  WISdom Co-op and MINE privacy limits (conditions under which restricted? access is authorized by "their" laws) make to life in unfree and partly free countries?Unfree countries could round up and mass prosecute troublesome members quickly.

Can effective economic democracy precede and promote political democracy?


    As another example, what changes would we make to the reconstruction of Iraq after Saddam's fall from power, if the WISdom Network were made wirelessly available to all Iraqi citizens?
<>Would universal WISdom communications
change the way that the  free  world
<>economic and poitical democracy world wide?
   WISdom Network's Open (FreeShare) Source can benefit small or medium businesses that are building or enhancing their network.

   Rather than engaging in extended polemics about this matter, I would like for WISdom Proposal discussion participants to analyze this and all other aspects of this proposal and make their contributions to the WISdom discussions by e-mail and e-mailing list or NetMeetings.

Break on through to the other side!
The WISdom Co-op would champion the rights, freedoms and interests of consumers world wide.


    Use of the WISdom Network Open Source code by anybody other than a legitimately operated cooperative will lead to unpredictable results, e.g., a dictatorial regime could establish a nightmarish mind control by "MINEd reading Fakirs" exhibiting
"monomedia megalomania".

But the would be abusers of this simple technology
don't really care much that it's free and open.
When they see the potential for social control
and manipulation,
they'll pay whatever on delivery.
So, they will soon have available at least some variant of
the WISdom Network
to do their social control thing!
Consumer Information Services( Nirvana ) personalized and customizable   for the members? producers and providers
assorted authoritarians.

It can not be prevented?,
but it certainly can't be facilitated by
the WISdom Co-op's WISdom Network

Secure MINEds World Wide!

    A genre of WISdom literature in various languages needs to be promoted to "qualitatively sress test" the design of the WISdom Proposal and its variants
playing some "what if - devil's advocate" games
before presentation as a recommended plan to consumers in any particular country.
Paranoia Pays!

Of course the results will be different in different starting socioeconomic, political and cultural conditions,
and with different
administrations and administrators.

The movie documentary based on the book,
"The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power"
shows why WISdom Co-op needs to keep corporations in line effectively.

The exposure and proceeds of this literature can be useful in sponsoring a WISdom Co-op-like development in the readers' country(s).

A fine-grained qualitative kind of
"what if" game(s)
can be played in real time:
Business Intelligence-enabled Cyberealspacetime

~ Advertising ~

No need to put myself in somebody else's shoes too much to create a willing suspension of disbelief!  Also, a great way to promote  the WISdom Proposal!Scenario 1.: Time Now.  Discouraged by poor discussion participation, I market the WISdom Proposal by selling its capabilities to dictators in undeveloped countries (or they just get a link to it somehow and ...)
contact? results in a secret WeBook based on the WISdom Proposal (like a customization for a foreign country gone wild) ~ Development Task 1?   Sloppily (or well done?) customized-for-evil DISdom Proposal,
which is implemented and made available at blackmarket prices and traded for mineral rights, etc. throughout the world!
The Australian government has given the police the power to install spyware and Trojans on suspected criminals' computers under the new Surveillance Devices Act.  The new law allows both federal and state police to use key logging and tracking software when investigating offences that carry a maximum sentence of three years.

Scenario 2.:  After WISdom Co-op rules consumer commerce at all levels in the USA and the free world.  The code is easily blackmarketed to high rolers, and consumer control is perverted both in spirit and in actuality to become centralized potential powers, like "war powers" of the executive branch of government that become actualized and manage to become self-perpetuating and autocratic.

Your MINE is not your oun, and analysis reveals more accumulative data sources in the Prospector clickstream MINE dataE-mail is routinely analyzed by WISdom Network programs that filter email for possible offline storage and analysis.  "Big Brother" Prospector communicates, follows, reports on, and guides all members.  Social control by usurpation of member's MINE privacy rights is conducted as members' educational and cultural guidance services.

Q.  How might that happen gradually in the free world?  Because of inaccurate foresight on the part of the network architect and co-op members, the WISdom Prospector's helpful member control of the business by direct member or proxy (possibly software proxy) voting action, and government on autopilot gets interfeered with maliciously.  Lack of member engagedness allows evil, and evil grows.
"The World According to X" results in ...
.... .... internationalized cheap mass e-media facilitated consumer exploitation and mind control of the citizens of underdeveloped countries who are not members of anything, except "the downtrodden" so, what's new?  They're just more completely downtrodden and exploited.   ~ American consumers should note similarity of control by proprietorship, ...  ....  Power accumulates without the checks and balances of individual member/owner knowledge and control facilitated by   trustworthy, extensively personalized   software assistance.
A Moral Tale:
WISdom Co-op to the rescue?  Members must control their MINEs!  Trade with countries that permit any access to members' MINEs for whatever reason without the member's express permission or posession of a duly authorized search warrant   should earn  the reproval of members.  WISdom Co-op members will need to continuously police this situation as WISdom Network facilities are extended to other counntries.  There is no freedom without vigilance.
    The UN should rate and berate countries partly on the basis of privacy rights and the economic democracy that they afford for their citizens.  But enforcement of human rights standards through vigorous but voluntary world consumer use of WISdom's social responsibility index as an economic pressurizer would probably be more effective than the sanctions of any quasi world governmental agency.  Consumers must be enabled to responsibly rule with their pocketbooks.
>Show how some people are more likely to get the evil version than the good version, and ... ,
unless ... of course!

Hold for now 12-03
    "The Antichrist Virus?", the name of my multimedia novel due soon (revenues go the WISdom Foundation - see Return Fire, which is of a similar genre).  "The Antichrist" is also the name of some WISdom Network OS "undisclosed code" fragments  - the creation of a brilliant psycopath with a cleverly disguised demonic bent,  Jack Oaf.  He manages to get promoted to WISdom Network Security Manager due to poor participation by WISdom Co-op members in their cooperative's government.  By clandestine initiation of the antichrist code fragments, he can make any member's WISdom Prospector do things to thoroughly screw up somebody's financial life, trash anybody's system or make the entire network act crazy (including its media monopoly), and subtly skew WISdom Network Management's Strategic and Tactical Business Intelligence displays ~ Jack is the ultimate cracker in charge of the live network!

    "My name is Code, James Code I was re-created by The WISdom Foundation.  My assignment, which I have freely chosen to accept, is to save the world from the Antichrist.  He is believed to have been begot-made in a bioengineering lab by means of an intricate sort of bestiality - born of the illicit union of a secret virus that inhabits the WISdom Network and a human DNA donor.

    It should be a good fight! My history is similar.  I am a mutation of the Antichrist, and I am the new Adam.  My frequent mates are carefully chosen with (little) regard for their  financial and/or political status (or for my feelings), and my spawn will all be nurtured into superhumanhood by intimate and continuous automated control over their MINEs.  I'm well paid for my contributions to the future of the world, but my human side yearns for my seemingly impossible mate, the new Eve.

When I was a baby they nurtured me on chaos.  They instilled a fractal perception capability to a degree unknown to humans before me.

A Bio-re-Creation from DNA and the Human Genome Project co-opted  by The WISdom Foundation!
Sure its a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.  And I must do it with my usual flair!

   "It began sometime around 2010: In a world that had been through hell due to both suicidal terrorism and cyberterrorism, The WISdom Proposal was eagerly accepted by everybody, especially in developing countries, where cheap and simple as cell phones commodity handheld WISdom WISPERers with server-resident Prospector "clients" with fully functional MINEs on quickly-established wireless networks connected everybody at rapidly increasing speeds to The WISdom Network, and commerce was thus organized, in some cases for the first time.  With genetically engineered crops nurtured by increasingly proactive weather control, life all over the world seemed something like "The New Millennium", and the WISdom Network was its circulatory system.

   " The money rolled through the WISdom Co-op, and, ignoring the objections of the WISdom Foundation, the WISdom Co-op CEO (who is advised by Jack Oaf) convinced the members that some expensive modifications to the network software should be made to improve personalized services and consumer demand forecasting - extensions to the WISdom Prospector, to its members' MINEs, and to its closely-coupled network OS.

    " Then strange things began to happen.  Just small things at first, but enough to get everybody on edge ... "

End of Advertising - Back to the Real World

    The initiation of proactively defensive aggressive action by the WISdom Network Security Staff
must have the approval and participation of open internet security authorities.  Close cooperation with these authorities,
including the establishment of a security extranet with them, will be necessary to protect the rights of all members.

 As the user of a natural monopoly information utility, the member is the citizen.

WISdom is a way of Life whose time has come!

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