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The WISdomTM2.01 Proposal:

The Intermediation of The Consumer ~.A "Public" Utility Information Service
 Guaranteeing Consumer Information Reliability

Proposed Remedies for    .The ProblemsWISdom Fights Fires!
...............................................................Addressed by This Proposal
Consumers Cooperative Business:  Somebody will control the network ~ Be sure it's you!
See: Code of Conduct on Electronic Commerce for Consumer Co-operatives by Consumer Co-op International
Fully "TrustWorthy" is required by consumers and can not be made universally available via for-profit organizations

Encountering new  members  via  a  Private Network that Encounters People

 Virally Responsible Business on and from the Demand Side!

   Perhaps the strongest and most differentiating feature of The WISdom Network is its consumers cooperative business structure.  This structure is ideal for computer networked consumer services, since it gives  each member/subscriber control of the services through shared ownership, and  WISdom Network Local Services is a fiduciary for the members.  Members cooperate to accumulate and access anonymous private (MINE) information for their volume ordering needs, and for many other mutual purposes.  Benefiting from experience with Costco's principles and style, the pay and benefits must be better than competitive, the dress must be informal (dark green pants/gold polo shirts), and  the ethics must be above reproach!

    Cooperative business is really the only legitimate way to run a monopoly without intrusive and very expensive government regulation, and this will definitely be a monopoly.  The greater the membership rolls, the more total power available to distribute to members.  Industries that tend to become monopolistic, such as networked and inter-connected or monolithic hardware and software systems, should be cooperatives for least cost/most effective self-regulation, rather than "Ma Bells" or "Baby Bells", or whatever.  WISdom Network Local Services will have economic characteristics similar to, but more marked than those of say, local ISP services cooperating/collaborating on a national or even world wide scale; a national power grid that requires legitimate control from the top in some instances may be a more appropriate analogy.  Rather than engaging in polemics on this point, I should let cooperative business experts sell this feature.  Needless to say, I'm fully sold on cooperative business, especially for networked consumer services...Users demand Control, and this proposal will facilitate all the control they need and want to exert.

    One vote per share won't do it, unless it's cooperative business with only one non-transferable voting share (like an entrance fee) per member.  One vote per member does it!

   The only problem that I can see with the WISdom Network's cooperative business structure is that it lacks the initial venture capitalization with subsequent IPO that would happen if WISdom Network Services were a for-profit startup seeking market capitalization.  On the other hand, it can never be threatened by a hostile takeover.  Perhaps high yield "junk" bonds for expansion after a credible startup can be issued,, but unless something like an angel financier with acceptable goals appears, the normal way to finance a cooperative startup is to convince many prospective members to "buy in", if only in principle and evidenced by as little as records of their communication indicating a wish to form the WISdom Co-op, or records of review and reservation/approval of these proposed business methods and technical network infrastructure.  Then, contributions from members and financing from the National Cooperative Bank can be solicited.

    Enthusiastic early supporters, along with actual cooperative membership figures mean economic and political power, and in the case of a multi-million dollar consumers natural monopoly/monopsony startup cooperative like the WISdom Network would be, this means selling the idea to many thousands of people, and, before WISdom Network Services become available,  somehow generating enough income for platform development!  It is somewhat daunting, but I believe that it can be done, partly by the involvement of for-profit business entrepreneurs (franchisees) who are themselves members of the Local Better Business Bureau and two or more allied cooperatives: the WISdom consumers Co-op and WISdom Purchasing cooperative(s).
    Once WISdom Network Services become available, who wouldn't join this co-op and subscribe to its services, when it can be demonstrated that they will save money while experiencing vastly improved information enabled services with complete privacy and security?  Is this a "natural monopoly or monopsony"?  WISdom Network membership sells itself, and its cost could easily be merely nominal.  Charging a subscription fee would be reasonable for WISdom Network Consumer Services, but how do you justify that when each new member you enlist costs nothing and makes the network more valuable to all the existing members?  The basic network development financing problem is that the funding is needed before any income source is developed.  So franchise sales income, coming as it would from profit-seeking entrepreneurs who can thereby influence the development of WISdom Network facilities for all franchisors, is seen as a logical major funding source.  Other means of financing might enable the WISdom Network to directly compete as a startup with in the as yet unprofitable centrally-supplied consumer GSI market, but an integrated expansion of both locally and centrally-supplied markets with local markets leading is expected.
   If no other means of financing WISdom Network development can be secured perhaps I will develop it myself, so I can patent the software as embodying "unique business methods and processes that are not obvious" and charge ongoing usage royalties to the WISdom Co-op ! : - ) How about a futures market in WISdom Co-op memberships?

   Any royalty fees (payable to the WISdom Foundation) should be waived because repayment of WISdom Network development costs has been arranged, but upstarts like Microsoft may be prevented from "Longhorning in" with their proprietary codes on the WISdom Co-op's network, and distribution may be controlled with legal backing.  Some proprietary solutions may be employed (particularly during metacontent engineering development) during ramp-up of consumer services, but the principle of WISdom Co-op members having complete control of their network's software and services via Open Source must be maintained whenever practical.

    Reverse engineering techniques will be used whenever practical to avoid software patent and copyright infringements.  The motivation behind the recorded archive publication of this website is partly to prove the presence of "prior art" to the USPTO, to provide protection against subsequent patent applications.

    Cooperation requires Communication, and member steering of the WISdom Co-op is via direct and optimized communication.

    Please comment on development financing, or protection of the WISdom Network and Co-op Interests

Accessible Local Leadership and Trust

    All WISdom Network content accessible via local zip code area servers is suject to local community standards.

    In addition to the  WISdom Co-op that all WISdom Network Services members belong to, Consumer cooperatives or (interim?) for-profit franchisees would serve members at the local (zip code) area level, and purchasing cooperatives (composed of local service area managements) serve the needs of metro area/regional and national WISdom distribution hubs.  Franchisees or elected local area cooperative executives and their employees would provide central and local accountability and evoke the trust most desired by consumers, and most conspicuously missing from open Internet e-commerce. Service to community is a Cooperative Principle.

Local area WISdom Services providers must individually process and respond to their email and other communications with local members ~ uninterrupted communication is key to earned Trust in relationships with members, so    member  and provider   communications with Local WISdom Services  might be a full time job in a zip code area!
    Email and desktop files search facilities and  inbox analysis standards on the WISdom Network will help this type of communication, by enabling sender historic analysis, etc.  When this capability is united with WISPER naturalistic language understanding capabilities and secure mobile WI-FI access, the result will be mobile (with local emphasis, but limited in coverage area only during network startup) member/consumer network intelligence.

    Date/time/problem-type selected "Virtual Call Centers" can provide world and country wide 24/7 coverage for members needing human assistance.  The most appropriate location with the required expertise can be contacted, ideally  via VoIP.

    The internet is about community, discovery, collaboration, and personal empowerment, not commerce, but building virtual communities is the strongest capability of open internet commerce.   The WISdom Co-op would work with local Better Business Bureaus to help encourage the local provider cooperation most needed for its smooth expansion. A major WISdom Network Services strength is knowledge of local zip code area members and prospective members, and their needs, events, etc., enabling the development of a truly localized news, education, and general consumer information network with conferencing capabilities.  Local on-demand publishing is anticipated, and WISdom Network Services as proposed would create a synergy between physical local communities and virtual community via the "cyberealspacetime" objects Virtual Specialties Markets, augmenting the vitality of the cultures they create and nurture.  This is made possible by local area consumers cooperatives or local area franchises.
    Together, WISdom Services Local Areas (zip code - 47,000+ areas) will form a grid that enables fine-tuning the consumer goods and services supply chain down to the individual member. Local area consumer cooperatives or franchisees make possible order aggregation/relay and local shopping pickup/delivery, selective disintermediation of local providers, and optimized WISdom Network member and community services, including quasi governmental services such as:

Localized Lifetime Continual Learning (LLCL)
the program of WISdom Network's
Local Cooperative Education and Training Offerings
 possibly at home
with neighborhood facilities

.................Educational Tools are a WISdom VSM Analyzer specialty!The world never looked so good upside down!
 Terrific ROI here!

"E-learning that's on-time, on budget, and likable
doesn't guarantee ROI"
~ Optimize magazine 12-03

    The amount of WISdom Co-op resources that will be devoted to educational and training-oriented content is subject to individual and communal (zip code area) MINEd reading, as well as the decisions of WISdom Co-op local or central management.  The high ROI of this content should guarantee significant investment by the WISdom Co-op.

      Cooperative education via the WISdom Network is about the de-institutionalization of the child, about parental and student choices to suit individual goals and needs, and about individual and group achievement-centered monitoring by parents and cooperatively provided services.   Cooperative Education and optimized E-Learning increases the self-determination and empowerment of everybody.  Public education, with student competition for achievement-rates, grades, physical prowess and leadership has had an adverse effect on the students by encouraging and supporting specialization in what the student learns quickest, at the expense of  effectively narrowing the students' capabilities and interests.

     Achievement test score requirements must be seen as the lower limits and secondary relative to the parental member's interest in broadening the child's personal and educational development.  Achievement test remedial education and training should be guided by specific test deficiencies, and frequent retesting should be encouraged.

    The demand for sales and advertising personnel would be decreased by this proposal.  Students should prepare themselves for this, and more emphasis should be placed upon the development of abilities useful in the production and delivery of goods and servicees, including information services.

    The individual student's personal value estimation or self-worth should be based primarily on the value of his/her contribution to the growth and wellbeing of others in the group, and secondarily on individual achievement.  Encourage students to compete for excellence in cooperative values.

    The WISdom Network would support local cooperative education on its localized private network and WISdom Co-op's centralized support for cooperative education and localized training will professionally produce content offerings that can (with translations, etc.) serve any geographic area.

    The world wide WISdom Network's auto-translate chat will augment its multi-language content and facilitate world wide communication in all languages. RSS syndicated localized education offerings for all levels and ages, from basic reading and arithmetic skills development to advanced research activities, are to be facilitated by this private network.  This educational content would be available to all WISdom Co-op members and their families as  either free or PPV via micropayments, or as subscription services.

    Kids like networks like this one, so local education can benefit immensely, and it won't teach just responsible consumption.  Great WISdom Network facilities for the family and all its members!  Just add well equiped community youth recreational facilities and programmed and/or individualized activity-oriented social centers in WISdom HouseStores to replace shopping malls, and you've got the basics of a good family oriented community with an appropriate emphasis on the human development needs of members of all ages.

    A love of intellectual exploration and learning should be encouraged early and well by providing simplified and restricted access to age and achievement-level appropriate educationally and recreationally oriented content, on a private network supportingintimate tutorially-conducted testing and progress guidance with secure student / tutor chat,  file sharing and collaboration. The WISdom Prospector's age-appropriate interaction make him a valuable friend and individualized guide to educational advancement,  that provides detailed, analyzable records of the student's progress.  Local cooperative private networks can effectively support individualizable member interactions in this intimate MINEd reading way, and they can provide for the enforceement of appropriately localized sociocultural and governmental restraints upon the exercise of this parental authority.

    Child MINEd reading by authenticated authorization is employed, so he member's child must coopt-in by his authorization to protect the rights of the student and of all members!

    There will be many payoffs to serious students of all kinds for developing a working knowledge of the WISdom Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis functions, augmenting a user's basic understanding of the network with the capability of building ad hoc displays tailored for the user's private application and data.  Research activities of all kinds can benefit from adoption of the WISdom Network and/or its software and content architectural standards.

    Support for secure cooperation and collaboration within professional and technical organizations of all kinds can be developed on the WISdom Network,  supported by free and Secure PPV copyable and securely archived content of first-rate quality. WISdom Network would support e-learning tailored to the needs of businesses (including cooperative education), and it would cater to the educational needs of individual members by making available the research and analysis tools as well as the results of research,  based on the "3M's" as the essential building blocks of Motivation, Meaningful content, and Memorable activity.

    Possible WISdom Network usage fees for this type of service to provide a sustainable growth of WISdom would be set by the WISdom Co-op.

    Cooperative education may be seen, at least at first, as supplemental to public educationbut infrastructurally it could help replace public education after elementary school, and its supplemental use in elementay education could be vry helpful to this most critical function.  Most teenagers should not need to sit in classrooms, but elementary schoolers do need closer supervision, and the WISdom Prospector would help provide that.

     Certified High school and College level education degree providers should stress  individual and group achievement and the securely monitored  exploration and expansion of individual interests and skills.
WISdom Network's educational and training-oriented content should  be suitable
 for all age and achievement levels!

Local Cooperative Health Care
Rather than individual citizen tax supported socialized medicine.

Comprehensive Medical Services are proposed to be among services offered by theAmerwecanWISdom Co-op
as a Single Agency to Provide Services, Collect (and when necessary provide and/or augment) Fees,
Arrange for and Pay Participating Providers
WISdom Co-op Monopsony/monopoly is established.

All of a country's WISdom Co-op members can and should afford
comprehensive health care for all of their members,
with help in part from using corporate taxes provided via government to pay.
  American corporations must do their part!

    WISdom Network Local Area Services vans (green and gold please!) should become a familiar and welcome sight ~ a physical point-of-presence in their local zip-code areas, because they reduce local traffic congestion in their zip code and adjacent zip code areas, and WISdom Network Local Area Services "Housestores", featuring conveyance-riding employees armed with wireless picking list displays sorted in warehouse slot order,  picking orders for delivery to members or pickup by customers, should become welcome as non-intrusive energy and member (non-member customers, too) time-saving assets to their communities.

    Cooperation and competition between adjacent (zip code) WISdom Network Services Service Areas can be tuned to meet the best interests of the larger community and its WISdom Network members.

    Local area(s) virtual community enables considerable classified member posting, eg. real estate sales and rental, for sale, wanted to buy listings that can be viewed and cross-referenced on the WISdom Network.   Fees for posting classifieds should be payable to the WISdom Local Services, with a percentage to the WISdom Co-op for infrastructure support.

    Local area physical community should not be neglected either, since this cooperative business should be upgrading what is in many cases a generally deficient culture to one rich in old fashioned values like honesty and integrity.  The local area franchisee or cooperative management should provide community meeting areas that are adequate for social as well as business purposes.

    Providing a good cooperative experience would encourage the formation of other local area cooperatives for related or diverse purposes, for example, ISP, credit union, education and training, health and day-care, as well as WISdom Co-op Producer sub-cooperatives, such as complete consumer financial services.  Thanks largely to cooperatives, America, as a bastion of the middle class, does not have an entirely disposable plastic culture based primarily on greed!   The right stuff is here, but it needs to be made more pervasive and visible.

Virtual Private Network - The WISdom Network

"We business types know how important it is to be well connected.  The rest of you, who cares." ~ Lili Tomlin
"There's No business like BIG business!" ~ Ronald Regan? hyperlinks added

The Network is The Members'
One vote per share won't do it; one vote per member does it!
They Run the Show:

"In WISdom Co-op We Trust"

WISdom Network Security Staff has A Boss Program
Virtual Private Network Conceptual ViewReal World Cops On Call 24-7-365
Secure WISdom Prospector IM chat with Voice Recognition/Synthesis and translations
Wireless keybord WISPER support for VoIP over VPN Intranet/Extranet in the USA!  Currently only six foor range, but can combine Connectivity to the Public Access Telephone Network
 OWL-compliant WISPER  V-GUI with VoIP over Extranet in the USA+?
A Really Smart Localized Video Phone

See: Opera Voice Recognition
Encrypted for Secure Wireless Remote WISdom Prospector Control, with voice  recognition WISper language and speech systhesis for access to consumer services via voice communications.GIS-enabled Wi-fi with Wireless Protected Access.
Consumer Information Services ( Nirvana ) Personalized and  .Customizable   for the Members Producers and Providers

(World Information System domain)
It's not your father's " Wild, Wild West " of the open internet www.

Code architecturally embodies cultural values,
and it is self-enforcing Law on a Private Network
Make Sure it's Your Laws!

See it at
WIS - World Information Services Web, E-mail, Newsgroup, Application and Distributed Database Servers
serv - Shopping and Education Revolutions for  local Villages in cyberealspacetime
xxxxx - us (Extranet) or zipcode (Intranets)

"2004: Year of the cyber-crime pandemic"

    The WISdom Co-op must have a private network, in lieu of using the insecure open Internet with inadequate consumer standards.  The virtual private network (IPSec VPN) ~ (IPSec currently preferred to encrypt TCP sessions prevents attackers from being able to see TCP data for those sessions, but see recent SSL VPN software advances) software would be purchased, and, since technology that can be abused will be,custom modifications to further strengthen its privacy and security should be made.

    Security Event Management and Performance Monitoring software would be purchased and modified by the WISdom Network to suit its needs.  VPN Intranet network security experts would be consulted, and the WISdom Network would have its own network security and performance optimization staff, equipped with Security Event Management and Performance Monitoring software.  Member access times can be optimized by means of dynamic resource configuration and "tricle down" updating of primarily client-resident WISdom Network data.  Repeated attempts to access unauthorized data, DOS attacks, etc., will result in the user(s) being automatically logged off the network (or worse) and blocked until the security event is resolved and full functionality restored to the network.

Keep Cooperative Values, of course    WISdom Network security must equal the security required of critical military networks.  The Radicati Group says malicious code will cause over $57 Billion in economic damage by 2006.  By monopolizing the "first and last miles to the consumer" and sewing up existing security holes, WISdom Network Local Services can save a lot of that figure, but that is just a drop in the bucket of benefits that it offers.

    Note that many of these benefits are available to everybody, even if they are not WISdom Co-op members!

This is the reason that the WISdom Network might reasonably expect preferred, or  defertial treatment by the government, e.g., business tax free status, etc.!
    Simplicity is the key to security, and standard private network facilities like secure file sharing for conferencing, collaboration and chat over secured channels are major priorities.  Simplicity for the consumer user means simple to configure, securely manage, and operate.  It must be nearly bullet proof!
    WISdom Network would pursue a "many white boxes mono-connected" architecture, as opposed to a "monocultural Longhorn/Indigo" frameup.
    "Bug Bounty" awards and wide spread recognition (and possibly job offers) would be given to any hackers that can break network security at any level and then show the WISdom Network security staff how it was done.  Creative devil's advocates only, please!  These infowar games would begin early in the development of the WISdom Network before it is opened to WISdom Co-op members, providing much needed publicity and forming the basis of a continuing process to make and keep the network secure.

    On the other hand malicious crackers,  the actively criminally inclined, and members known to consort with criminals/terrorists will be prosecuted and publicly flogged, or barred from the WISdom Network, whichever is preferred, or flogged without their preference if the cracker has gained access to member(s) MINE(s)!  Prospective members with criminal records or bad credit ratings should not automatically be disqualified, but they may be placed on a "watch list" for special procedural or software monitoring.   Note that non-members and non-participating providers will eventually be few, and thus possible, or at least easier for the civil authorities to track in detail.  But Duly authorized search warrant should be the WISdom Co-op's MINE civil authority access requirement in all countries.  WISdom Co-op must actively cooperate with the civil and open internet authorities in any country, and these authorities should be pleased with the results.

    Automatic deployment of mandatory client or server patches by WISdom Network Administration personnel enables early detection and rapid reaction to security threats.

  By contrast with governmental regulation of the open internet, the administration and enforcement of cooperative justice is swift and sure for producers, providers or members who maliciously break either the spirit or the letter of the rules on this private network; therefore, cooperative law/code will be an effective deterrent to potential violators.  The cooperative's constitution and bylaws outline the rules on the network, and penalties such as fines for infractions can be established.  Withdrawal of network privileges is the ultimate penalty this private network can enforce without legal backing, but in the case of a natural monopoly/monopsony network service getting barred from the network can become a very severe penalty for rulebreaking that just gets worse with time.

    See an overview of PARC's Privacy Appliance project.  Also see eEye's Retina Network Security Scanner for an example of network vulnerability assessment.  See Arcsight security event management offerings.

    The open Internet World Wide Web contains a lot of junk along with much useful information.  A VPN Intranet/Extranet has its own Web and Newsgroup servers (WISdom - World Information Services domain), enabling the owners of this private network to enforce their own standards for their own purposes on the Intranet Web, Newsgroups and  Intranet E-mail...WISdom Network approved software only will be allowed on this network.

    WISdom Network's Virtual Specialties Markets (VSMs) in CyberRealSpaceTime are not just for consumer goods and/or services;  information of all kinds can be much better organized via VSMs  for convenient and appropriate analysis and preview with conditional retrieval as free or Secure PPV via micropayments to the WISdom Co-op, for subsequent revenue sharing with contributing independent authors, artists, and  journalists.

    Client-resident VSMs also conserve and optimize network bandwidth and speed-up client response times, making more bandwidth available for VoIP applications, etc.

    The Mozilla Open Directory Project will be a source of pre-evaluated WISdom Network Intranet websites and Google or IBM's UIMA "Google on Steroids"  (a private version without unsolicited advertising or pay for page rank)  will be used as WISdom Network's search technology for unstructured data analysis of these non-VSM  Intranet websites.

     Pending negotiations with the Open Directory Project,  the Open Directory sites would be converted to the new WISdom Network Content Classification and metacontent standards,  but, to conveniently structure all new VSM content the network owners (WISdom Co-op members)  can enforce unique WISdom Network producer and provider Intranet Web XHTML standards for each type of Goods, Services and Information (GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Markets"classification schemea), facilitating members' software-assisted side-by-side custom GSI analysis, evaluation, and comparisons by GSI Class/Type.

    This means that GSI producers and providers of all kinds can be forced to compete on playing fields that are both level and familiar to the WISdom Co-op members, since all WISdom Network-supplied Intranet Web XHTML templates will share a common look and feel, and those for each  GSI Class/Type classification scheme will actually be identical before producer or provider graphics and text are added.

    VPN Intranet/Extranet enables secure purchasing cooperative Extranets with providers' and producers' networks, facilitating the WISdom Network's progressive, selective by product disintermediation of central and local providers.  The WISdom Co-op's disintermediation of local providers can occur automatically, during the WISdom VSM Analyzer service function for member time-saving consumer commodities shopping optimized for least total cost for local automated replenishment shopping from menu selections through pickup and delivery.

    The entire supply chain of WISdom Network's information utility consumer goods and services can be much more effectively real time monitored for biochemical contaminants.

   Using a virtual private network means that the owners are able to make changes to network transfer or applications protocols.  This could be a very valuable feature, especially when designing network applications "Web Services" software.   For example, desktop OLAP WISdom Network standards may need to be created for use by the WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Market Analyzer service function to enable near-instant client-resident access and analysis of CGSIDb information.  Other intranet protocols can give improved performance on the intranet, such as tweaking SMTP (with SenderPolicyFramework to prevvent address spoofing), and performance optimizing HTTP for use with the RIA Java Prospector enabling Web element last update date/time interrogation to execute element downloads only if the element could have been changed since the user's client copy was updated.
    Secure identified chat rooms are useful on a private network.

    As long as the VPN Intranet's browser and e-mail/newsreader software is kept compatible with the open internet Web's version, advances in Web technology will automatically accrue to the VPN's versions.  But when and if member interest rules that incompatibility is justified by sustainably improved services, fork the open internet's software.

    "Mono", the Open Source version of Microsoft's .Net development framework for Web Services is making good progress, and it should be useful in developing the WISdom Network, especially when interfacing with existing producer and provider networks.  The relatively recent emergence of  "Web Services" standards and "Service Oriented Architecture" directly supports the development of the WISdom Network, as though custom-built for this purpose.

    With support for secure mobile access to the member's desktop and WISdom Prospector, many (most?) WISdom Network Services can support cell phone voice ordering, etc., via the Prospector's speech recognition and synthesis capabilities.

  The WISdom Network  OS and the WISdom Prospector, will produce a simple and secure desktop operating environment, made practical by the availability of (and facilitated access to)  member help with the underlying Linux or Open BSD or even Windows system administration.  Installation configuration, client system management routines, and problems that can't be fixed by automated remote client configuration sequences are to be handled by local WISdom Network administration personnel with remote client configuration capabilities.
    Network software patches and security updates will be centrally handled and automatically applied network wide, hastening WISdom Network response to security and services threats.

    Individual and personal member installations by local WISdom Network Services personnel can be a good way to welcome and get to know the new WISdom Co-op member and consumer of your WISdom Network Local Area Services.  Remember, you sell Trust by building it!

    All WISdom Network software must be beta cretified with the "authenticated code signing code firewall" in order to access the network,
and  themember's signature of "critical" network messages originating via that software must be carried in the message at the encrypted level.

See PFIR's "Tripoli" E-mail proposal for open internet e-mail improvements.

VPN routers can readily enforce this without network overhead.

See:  on  "Making Security a Team Effort".
Open Source Whenever Practical
"Soooo,  how much software do you want to buy?"  And in what form?
    If any application deserves a 100% custom solution, it's this one.  Any WISdom Network software that is not currently available as Open Source software, such as IPSec VPN and Security Event and Management systems, and especially Intranet Web Content production software, would be developed as Open Source software by the WISdom Network whenever the total cost effectiveness of currently available proprietary software makes this advantageous to members of the WISdom Co-op.

    WISdom Co-op's network software must be Open Source modifiable by members, costs permittingEconomic power in the WISdom Network is to be equally distributed, denying Microsoft any!  Seriously.  If WISdom Co-op gives a dominant software proprietor an inch, they'll take a yard.  Give them a yard, and they'll take the driveway, , , .

    WISdom Network and its Prospector should displace MSN (even with its new Longhorn search engine), if not Microsoft itself in the consumer market.  But the WISdom Prospector and network will be accessible via Windows.

The WISdom Network VPN would make available such private network facilities as Secure Voice Over IP with voice mail, authenticated caller-ID, conference calling, etc., using Wi-fi WPA standards for versatile computer to computer wireless data and voice communications, enabling voice activated "pick and play" WISdom Prospector sequences and extensions to member community servicesSee open (insecure open internet peer-to-peer) chat client.

    Watch out for InterTrust's "digital rights management" and "trusted systems" patents.  They are sure giving Microsoft a headache right now (7-28-03).

 See National Cooperative Bank's website for financing and franchise development information and services.

An Extensively Personalizable and Trustworthy VPN Client and Navigator:

.....,,..The Only WISdom Network Client.
...The WISdom Prospector as Proprietor ,. ,. ,. Consumator, ..................
and  Your Psycho, Social Companion
A Transformation of the User=Consumer/Member Experience - Layer 1
The WISdom Prospector's main function is to know and communicate with its owner/member.

   A cooperative with a virtual private network (Intranet) needs an intelligent trustworthy, reliable, highly adaptive and personalized VPN client to serve as the sole big, rich, and busy but remotely-managed client  and private network portal for all WISdom Network localized member services in order to exploit the full potential of e-community and e-commerce.  Any similarity between the Prospector and actual people is purely intentional.

    The WISdom Prospector should be implemented as a  Java Rich Internet Application (RIA) using the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine that invokes and manages a customized Mozilla-based tabbed browser as needed.  Generally speaking, the WISdom Network's Mozilla-based browser (Layer 2 of the transformation of the user experience) is most often used when the user's attention is on WISdom Network's Content, as opposed to the WISdom Network's Directory and MetaContent or on the Member's client-resident network file management interface,  which are best handled by the Java RIA portion of the WISdom Prospector.  With extensive ReSearch and Analysis resources and tools, the WISdom Prospector Java RIA portion provides fast client-resident desktop and WISdom Directory and MetaContent>Content access with MINE information management and support for versatile analytic processing.  Consumer desktop and WISdom member offerings can also be organized and displayed as tabbed browser pages by GSI Types: "Virtual Specialties Markets".  The speed of the Java RIA Prospector's desktop response introduces the user to a transformed user=consumer/member experience.

    In addition to displaying the best of network portal ammenities such as Web strongly authenticated email (with WISdom and WISPER analysis), contacts, calendar, notes, news, maps, etc., probably built via WebSphere or, preferably as of 5-25-04,  BEA WebLogic standards and tools, the custom Mozilla tabbed browser portion of the WISdom Prospector enables WISdom Co-op members to do product GSI Class/Type browsing with common content and navigation standards and tabbed browser windows.

    Extreme personalization enables software interactions via WISdom Network media that appear to be produced in real time by an intelligent human who speaks my language and knows lots of stuff, but most of all he (she? it? tutor? buddy? - you name it) knows and understands me and MINE.
    All your MINE information  (age and achievement level, interests and habits, including your  speech habits)  are taken into consideration in your communications with this electronic information servant, and when you're done with the news, weather and sports information,  you get to have rapid voice and/or traditional GUI with drop-down menu selection access to the Prospector's WISdom Content Directory that offers an optimized solution to consumer/members' problems and needs.

   The WISdom Prospector brings the entire Services-Oriented WISdom Network content and analytical facilities to your fingertips and voice commands.  Application services are not limited to managed browsing via the custom Mozilla browser portion of the Prospector; applications, etc. can be organized and delivered as Web Services within the Prospector's Services Oriented Architecture.

    This single intelligent human interface,  a sole personal agent for communication with all network resources for all consumer goods,  services and information (including all network members' desktop application files via its SQL-accessible network file management system) on the WISdom Network (there is no other way in or around), would force increasing and fair competition among producers and providers of all kinds.

   All WISdom Network content is rated and automatically selected for appropriateness (socoiculturally and governmentally determined) to  the urer's age and achievement or familiarity within subject areas, as well as to all other known individual user/member needs.

    As a minimal level of separation of the WISdom Prospector and all of its owner's managed WISdom Network files they must be resident on a separate disk partition, and that partition's contents must not be accessible by (should be made invisible to) any other code or application on the the OS client.  Disk partitioning software should be included in the OS distribution.  This compromise is in lieu of the recommended Windows/Linux dual boot or solo Linux WISdom Co-op member system, which provides disk partitioning software, of course.

    All member interaction on the WISdom Network is done in the WISdom Prospector's context of   full member knowledge and secrecy.

    The WISdom Prospector, when closely integrated with  ("layered into" ~ following Red Hat's "Open Source Architecture" lead) its network OS, will be the boss platform for all consumers!

    To achieve the software design goals of cross-operating system compatibility, security, reliability, relevant existing functionality and customizability leading to a growing member-responsive Prospector Platform, the WISdom Network's Intranet interface would initially be implemented as a cross-platform compliant Java RIA and Mozilla Application Framework Browser, .J2EE/XML (Eclipse? J Builder X?),  BEA Services Oriented Architecture ~ "Liquid Computing", and Mono-compliant Open Source software.  All internet software, such as browsers, e-mail and newsreaders, etc. can be used on an Intranet or Extranet, and they may be modified or forked to suit WISdom Co-op members' needs as required.   See Mozilla News and Mozdev for Mozilla background.

Mozilla is a cross-platform Application Framework

Red Hat's Layered Open Source Architecture
The Mozilla Open Directory Project
BugZilla, , ,
Creation of a WISdom Network Consumer Services Platform

    This intelligent interface will be extensively and legitimately personalized, enabling the Prospector to potentially know the member even better than he knows himself, at least as an economic or an educational entity: to anticipate needs, to intelligently communicate with the member, to facilitate intelligent personal consumer and WISdom Co-op member network issue formation and proposals, dispense intelligent  advice and individualized guidance ("ask Your WISdom Prospector"), to provide member customized shopping = research and analysis,, including member voting and issue/proposal/platform decision support, and even, with member permissions, to automatically act as a network economic agent on behalf of the individual member's known interests.
    The WISdom Prospector must be simple to use for all ages and experience levels, with the many nuances of its personalized behavior inviting adjustment by the more experienced user.  This demands extensive personalization of the member's portal to the WISdom Network and WISdom Co-op Services.  The member's MINEthat contains this extensive personal information is updated continuously with anything of interest that occurs during the member's interactions with the WISdom Prospector, and conversational collection of personal information is initiated to gather needed information when appropriate.
    Only the member's personal WISdom Prospector knows the credibility to assign to that individual member's tentative purchasing plans, and that anonymous information will be used by Supply Chain Management software to help inform WISdom Network purchasing decisions.  Personalizable by parental control educational guidance via the WISdom Prospector for children and serious students is facilitated.
    My considerable personal experience of talking to my computer has informed the development of a a  man/machine language "WISPERTM", for secure Intranet voice to (remote?) client user interface that is extensively informed about its user and his language in order to permit "natural language" personal communication, stuff you wouldn't want to share with anybody!
The WISdom Prospector would have several selectable interaction styles, and its voice communications routines can be easily tailored by users to augment its  ongoing learning of how to interact with each particular user.

   With access to the Member's Information that is Noisy light Encrypted (the member's MINE ~ his personal and financial profile, opinions, interests, preferences, and purchasing plans. etc.), the Prospector contains information about the member's age group, system management authorization level, long-term and recent opinions, interests, preferences and tentative buying plans, etc., as well as his purchasing power through integration with local banks or WISdom Network Credit Unions.  This personal information is continually gathered and updated (your worst privacy fears if not kept secret), and it will be useful in CGSIDb~VSM and Intranet Web navigation for the member, and it can form the basis for intelligent personalized communication and financial guidance for the WISdom Co-op member.  It can really communicate with you, better than most people can.  The WISdom Prospector can really understand you through your MINE in the conversational mode, and is built to learn how to serve you better continuously!

    When WISdom Network Producer and Provider posting standards are established and enforced, instead of members browsing e-commerce proprietary websites published by providers, producers and providers would merely provide WISdom Network-required information about their offerings that are  posted (software moderated posting or RSS feed) to the Intranet Web or news feed and gathered the CGSIDb (Consumer Goods, Services and Information SQL Database) for efficient client side analysis and presentation to WISdom Co-op members via their Prospector-personalizedVirtual Specialties Markets Analyzer services and functions.

    With access to all this WISdom Network-standard XHTML formatted metainformation, the information search functions of The WISdom Prospector, with a limited-syntax information inquiry language WISPER and support for the member's personal WISPER  Language (employs the Web Ontology Language - OWL)  via semi-continuous and interactively learning speech and meaning recognition and synthesis for "grunt and groan leevel" natural communications regarding the WISdom Prospector functions, can not be matched by open internet proprietary Web Search engines EVER,   no matter how sophisticated they both may conceivably become in some distant future of automated natural language text and speech interpretation.
    Member control of WISdom Network Content standards and tools enables fully optimized, sustainable member information services now.
    This required (or rejected email) metainformation for unsolicited but authenticated email contents  would help this private network solve the spam problem by forcing email initiators to pay the price of individual attention to the recipient's unique interests, and by the use of a modest charge  - inconsistent metainformation and contents may be grounds for stopping violators use of the WISdom Network entirely.

    See:  SMTP+SPF for a grassroots movemeent to improve the SMTP protocol.  There is little debate that the SMTP protocol has flaws, and this committee seeks to reclaim e-mail usability by backing changes by the IETF.  Proposed changes would provide protection against sender address spoofing.

WISPER LanguageWISPER (World Information Services Personalized Electronic Relationship) language:

    See: Opera's approach to speech regognition and command 5-04

 Multi-lingual WISPER is OWL-compliant

Continuing the transformation of the User=Consumer/Member experience.
The Prospector Securely WISpers in CybeRealSpaceTime!

    WISPER is a simplified voice/computer communications naturalistic ("alive, growing") language to optionally perform the Prospector's Search, ReSearch and Analysis functions, sharing control with more traditional XHTML controls, especially for the Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis functions.  WISPER keywords and their synonyms (and their translations in  all supported languages) refer to elements of the WISdom Directory of goods, services and/or information as objects of communication, and they can (via BPEL standards and facilities) invoke Web Services and BPEL consumer business processes.

    Special keywords for the Member's MINE objects can continuously round out the Prospector's universe of discourse to reflect the members' real world demands on the WISPER language.

    WISPERs enables secure tailorable, task-oriented macro-level sequences ("phrases") for member personalized Prospector Services, using BPEL standards to invoke consumer business processes, and including commonly-used WISdom Prospector keyboard sequences with required macro parameters.  Workflow and BPM techniques will be used to make member defined processes ("services") from sequences (combined "phrases") of basic WISdom Prospector WISPER commands, so that the members can easily custom build and communicate with their network services.

    WISPER should encompass major advances in  semantic mapping Web technology  (complies with the Web Ontology Language - OWL), and the WISdom Prospector should be able to operate by remote control with secure mobile wireless access via hotspots to the member's Prospector via wireless Pocket PC  with voice (VoIP) communications, which will extend the WISdom Network's services via WISPER to its mobile WISdom Co-op members and  employees.

    As the Baby Bells adjust their local and long distance charges downward in response to cheaper IP telephony, the real long term benefits of VoIP will be realized from voice/data convergence, and the WISdom Prospector's WISPER language makes remote Prospector operation possible over POTS or better connections.

A Really Smart Phone

    WISdom Network supports mobile audio/video/voice command devices.  The Prospector's WISPER Voice Messaging services will pipe ordinary phone voice signals to the member's microphone circuit for handling as the member has selected and/or customized for that user's purposes.  Talk to your Prospector anywhere!  Arrange for members of your family or workgroup to be recognized by your Prospector via WISPER's continuously active voice analysis user authentication so they can communicate and collaborate remotely.  Most WISdom Network consumer services can be remotely invoked and controlled by voice command.

    Can  existing human (network/multi-cultural) languages of all kinds be used as a major means of communication with our versatile and connected electronic servants?  Absolutely, and today!

    One extreme limitation of  voice controlled computing on the internet   has been the loss of a common communications protocol within individual websites.  WISdom Network's Standard Content regulations and enforcement enables WISPER  (with Web Ontology Language - OWL)to become the preferred way of doing the WISdom Prospector's Search and Mobile Service functions for many members.
   WISPER is OWL-compliant and  lets the WISdom Prospector navigate the entire WISdom Intranet Content ,  select options and execute commands, input text, etc. by easily-tailored  voice~control by any member,  regardless of  language or dialect.

    One specialized  speech synthesis  application of the task-oriented sequences = Services via WISPERS  discussed above will be the   context sensitive,   expressive intonation of the Prospector whenever practical  instead of uttering expressionless single words.  I see this as vital to consumer full acceptance of  The WISdom Prospector as their "kindred-soul and sole Electronic Servant".

     WISdom Network Guarantees to "Let the buyer become aware!"

    WISPER  will, of course, improve considerably with usage, as will the Web Ontology Language - OWL,  andl all of the Prospector's facilities.  But for the individual member the WISdom Prospector's MINE WISPER information is continually adjusted to the member's needs.  The Prospector must have the human touch, and that will take a lot of teaching him, but the Prospector's teaching for a particular widespread dialect and/or interaction style  could be done as  a starter  personalization package.

WISPER LanguageThey say, "Google on Wi-fi  seems godlike!"
    Well, it is good, considering its sources and its proprietary way of ordering hits, but the WISdom Prospector with its Active Data Management and Member-specific instant Analysis by RIA will make Google seem like an antiquated way of being an information "god" of the Proprietors foisted upon the masses.
  Any God (as the source of all that is good) likeness
Can Only Come  via Consumer Control!Hot Air Changes Reality!
    Homer Hype says when he WISPERs to his Prospector, and you let his Prospector WISPER to Your Prospector, and you view the resulting displays, you get secure multi-media augmented Personal Communications, not just videoconferencing with whiteboarding.  He always has his Prospector listen in on (and sometimes participate in)  all of his Conversations, whether both parties know about this listening, or one is blissfully unaware that their conversations are being recorded and analyzed (his email too); that way he can keep track of contacts and lots of other stuff.

    When Homer Hype talks to people who don't have Prospectors of any kind, and get's his mobile Prospector to real-time answer all their questions about consumer goods and/or services and information ,from Homer's point of view -  then they almost always want one for themselves!

    Homer says, "At some point I'll (We'll) just be talking and the Prospector will be displaying not just the answers to my questions, but a running audio-visual commentary, with supporting or disputatious evidence.  Besides being the ultimate real time blog and political lie-detector, the Prospector of the future will be able to evaluate cooperative arguments and proposals on the basis of the best available real time information, and to even initiate action to change , say WISdom Network Contents, and we can kick back and absorb HIgheSt ( give hype everytest) WISdom?
( Secure PPV charge?).
 Will we be able to get along with that (those) Prospector(s)?
    The member's extensively personalized WISdom Prospector knows the member even better than he knows himself: his interests, preferences, favorite producers, etc., enabling intelligent pre-downloading of material likely to be accessed by the member before it is updated.  Only if it has actually been updated since pre-downloading will it be downloaded before presentation to the member.  Most of the WISdom Network Prospector's Java RIA content can be distributed on CDs or DVDs and secure "trickle down" updated as necessary.  The member's MINE  may also contain favorite websites, etc. for pre-downloading.  The WISdom Prospector qill have good facilities for directory read ahead or pre-read and enabling the pre-downloading of content.

Many members may then opt for low bandwidth connections for their limited and/or more disciplined usage.  High or low bandwidth, the WISdom Prospector's response times will be optimized.

    The WISdom Prospector includes Java services functions to support the VSM Analyzer's personalized guided GSI-Type level navigation with analysis and decision support and with fast local access to Goods and/or Services offerings, including Information services (the CGSIDb) by GSI-Type or Category, with recommendedProducer brand(s) and recommended Provider(s), in WISdom Network Service Area(s) that can deliver or prepare for pickup? within the member's desired earliest and latest delivery or pickup dates/times.

    When usually avoidable (with proper member control of  Prospector management of client-resident VSMs) response delays do occur due to network data transfer times during any WISdom Prospector (Java portion) activities, this extensively personalized interface (separate from the custom Mozilla-based browser) can display WISdomIntranet Web pages, including video and sound clips of interest and pertinence to task  that will not conflict with the Prospector's VSM data transfer task progress.

    Thus the WISdomNetwork restructures the consumer marketplace in accordance with the best interests of WISdom Co-op members, facilitating intelligent Selective Disintermediation of individual GSI item providers, and enabling a host of personalized member consumer services, with fast response!

   A Typical man/machine dialogue to be supported by the WISdom Prospector's WISPER and/or traditional GUI:

    Member: "Prospector, I need a good dress shirt by 7PM today."
GUI displays order form for dress shirts with date/time of pickup/delivery set to 7PM today.  Color assumed white. Sized to fit member.
    Propsector: "Is that 7PM here, at home?"
    M: "Yes."
    P: "By "good" I suppose you mean one of your favorites, Hathaway or Arrow?"
    M: "Make it Hathaway, if possible.  White."
GUI displays product information

Depending on GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Market",  analysis of information and goods and/or services availabilities in VSMs is possible, supported by both GUI displays and WISPER ...

    P: "May I assume this shirt is for you, and not for someone else?"
    M: "You may, and don't ask that stupid question again, OK?"
    P: "OK, Master!  (Unless the member specifies otherwise, all "I need x" statements will henceforth be assumed to mean "for me"
    P: "Will you be picking up your purchase, or should it be delivered here (by the WISdom Network Local Area Services)?"
    M: "Have it delivered, please."
GUI Displays x for "Delivery Requested" on order form
    P: "I'm checking on your orders now ... (querying the CGSIDb RDB) ..."
GUI displays confirmed order form with "Hathaway" in producer name.  The best buys among the items/providers are listed in available space.
    P: "The shirt you requested can be delivered after 6PM today.  Do you have a preferred time between 6 and 7PM?"
    M: "6PM will be fine."

The WISdom Prospector's directory browser needs to be an interactive and graphical
next generation network portal to all WISdom Network Information and Services

ManyOne's free Mozilla-based Browser Directory Navigation

  The Scrolling 3D effect  provides a "no--click, visible trail, probe and fly through" experience of directory objects.
Add multiple dependent sized to fit  windows on top for various personalized views and analyses  of VSMs.
See The ManyOne Mozilla interactive 3D graphical directory browser in action!
Download ManyOne's Mozilla browser beta version

    An example of an Open Source custom browser built from the Mozilla Application Framework, the ManyOne Voyager's Internet "universal navigation" will be of use in the design and implementation of the WISdom Prospector, especially since there are potentially thousands of ManyOne-compliant portals with many thousands of links, and since ManyOne is mapping the links of the Mozilla Open Directory Project into the ManyOne "Digital Universe".
    ManyOne's directory navigation concepts (facilities?) are what's needed to coordinate with the WISdom Prospector's Intranet Web and CGSIDb navigation via the  Prospector's optional naturalized speech recognition and OWL-compliant WISPER, as an adjunct to  WISdom Network-standard inquiry language text for directory information Search functions.  CGSIDb access is needed for VSM building and analysis. Personal information is accessed in client-resident OLAP VSM cubes and is fed to the Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzis and display functions.  ManyOne's Mozilla Browser beta version is quirky and slow at this point, but it features engaging, visually immersive, and interactive "rich media", with predictive cache for speedy 3D graphical browsing of a directory even over narrowband connections, while keeping a visible trail of the branches taken on the directory tree.

    ManyOne Foundation became sole owner of the ManyOne Network 2-17-03.  ManyOne intends to continue improvement of the ManyOne browser and PDK.  Using the ManyOne browser and PDK means that WISdom Co-op members could eventually have even the capability of displaying Virtual Reality Environments representing CybeRealSpaceTime, so that you could take a walk in a far away zip code area, and "visit" public buildings, landmarks, businesses, etc., by going "inside" CybeRealSpaceTime objects, such as the WISdom Network's Virtual Specialties Markets.

     MacroMedia Studio MX, used to good effect by ManyOne's Mozilla Browser, and it can play an important part in the development of the WISdom Prospector.

    As of 1-1-03 I believe that the Mozilla Browser needs at least a year of debugging and enhancement to meet the needs of both the ManyOne Browser (which needs work too) and The WISdom Prospector (which is now vaporware), but WISdom Network detail design and code development can proceed now.

    The Open Source WISdom Prospector Mono-compliant code will be easily adaptable to other types of procurement systems for non-consumer goods, services, and information, adding substantially to the value of Mozilla-associated Open Source code and documentation.

    See: Sun's "Looking Glass" FAQs.  An Open Source Looking Glass desktop 3D windowing environment will mean the development of a Gnome/Looking Glass for Linux.  This compelling interface will help consumer acceptance of the Linux version of the Prospector.  A cross-platform compatibility may become impractical or technically impossible, due to OS modifications (Linux Fork?) to support The WISdom Prospector platform,  Also, the current problem of a "network monoculture" of MS Windows clients is severe enough to recommend the Linux version to WISdom Co-op members, but this policy may be reviewed, of course, by the WISdom Co-op.  This means that Sun is probably at the top of the WISdom Foundation's "short list" (6-04) of Open Source Subscription Services providers.

Member and Software Platform Authorization
Beware of the
The latest aroma detection equipment can identify you!
 "  Mark of the Beast"  ?
Microsoft's Longhook
"Where the Longhorn cattle feed on the lonesome jimson weed, back in the saddle again." ?

    Someday available aroma detectors with the sensitivity of a dog's nose would do the continuously active authentication job, and they probably could detect telltale member duress when present.  But for now. you really can't be too careful when permitting access to the member's personal information in his MINE as outlined below, or when debiting the member's account, or when granting access to WISdom Network private information.

    Stop online fraud!
    Managing authentication and user access privileges under WISdom Network conditions of consumer insider access can become a nightmare.  Automated change to access rights will be required to meet WISdom Co-op services goals.   When a member is suspected of  hacking without permission, he must be restricted or cut off and investigated.

    WISdom Network's authentication must be foolproof to the extent of earning and becoming the final word in cases of identity uncertainty.  Identity theft must be stopped, and WISdom Network must have the ability to do so!   The WISdom Network will proactively work with local, state, and national authorities to positively identify membership applicants to prevent and prosecute attempts at identity theft.

    The WISdom Network will follow the Mono Open Source internet messaging standards.  Mono: not "just anything but .Net";   a carefully crafted  Open Source Secure internet messaging standard  that will be used by this Open Sourcs Intranet/Extranet Web Services "killer app".

    The WISdom Network is to be spam free and security event member-activity tracking enabled,at least trackable to the zip code level (i.e., anonymous, as in MINEd), but more frequently to the member level (when a specific message source is required, authorized and not unnecessarily intrusive).

      The need to remember numerous passwords on the open Internet is more than a nuisance; it actually contributes to poor password specification and lack of security.  Continuous positive member authentication is required on a wireless virtual private network.  This authentication would be done continuously in a non-intrusive way when the member launches his single point of contact with the network.  A short term starting solution would speed WISdom Network deployment until a custom solution can be built.

   The WISdom Network assigns one and only one WISdom Network ID per member, and all communications originating with this member are identified by member ID within the encrypted PPTP layer, enabling tracking of member network activity over time.  All network communications that require anonymity (e.g., an unsafe amount of MINE information would be exposed to message packet sniffing) are identified by zip code alone, since they do not originate with the member but with his WISdom Prospector in response to WISdom Network signals asking for MINE information at the zip code level(s).  Problems with this policy or with a particular member ID must be addressed to WISdom Network Management.

    The email reader/composer portion of the WISdom Prospector facilitates a WISdom Co-op standard message header that follows an established format for email messages.  This will allow your WISdom Network initiated email to be ReSearched and Analyzed like any other VSM.  Non-member initiated email will be sorted to different folders using current Open Source technology.  WISPER naturalized language facilities can be then used to further analyze email contents, and/or select and sort a set of emails relating to the member's interests.
    Members must reliably know what email messages are about, etc., before spending their valuable time reading them, and VSM Analyzer service functions will facilitate sophisticated automatic handling of members' email by generated for or by-member filtering services based on email metacontent.   This additional up front qualifying of e-mail will result in an increased usage of WISdom Network's  secure IM chat facilities.  A nominal "postage fee" (e.g., 1 cent) for e-mail may be charged just as PPV charges are handled by this private network, but the requirement that the sender provide recipient specific meta data information is seen as preventive of poorly targeted mass emailings.  A network wide do-not-call listing of WISdom Network IDs for the various types of unsolicited email would stop all spam on the WISdom Network. Violators will be sorry!

    There are several methods of obtaining positive ID available now.  One possibility would be a combination smart card and fingerprint reader, but this would entail additional expense for fingerprint scanning devices when new members join the cooperative network.  Continuing flexibility regarding authentication method(s) seems necessary to be responsive to threat changes.  The WISdom Prospector's WISPER language contains intrinsic MINE information pertainent to authentication, such as voice print ecognition, personalized phraseology, etc.

   See RSA Security Authentication Solutions.

    See Internet2's Shibboleth ID Management specification.  In Shibboleth, users have built-in controls that give them final say over how their data is controlled.  The Liberty Alliance open internet Web Services secure single sign-on efforts still lack enforceability, and are thus limited in application.  The WISdom Network would provide that enforceability.

   The WISdom Prospector, through your MINE (see nextMini Section), comes to know you even better than you know yourself (at least as an economic entity, i.e., a consumer), so this software is in a good position to know when to suspect its user of not being you.   I propose the use of voice pattern analysis identification, etc. methods in conjunction with the Prospector's voice recognition capability as an adjunct to a continuously active member authentication.

Don't be surprised when your Prospector comforts you when you have a cold with hoarse voice, or when he asks you to sing or hum a few bars of your favorite song as you pursue other forms of interaction with him in your usual way!  By customizing your personal WISdom Prospector via manual and automatic continuous updating of your MINE, you can build your own unique authentication or suspicion-activated sequences of inquiry and actions and make them as complex or as simple as you want, e.g., at some point you could have the WISdom Prospector call somebody with an alarm message, including the network or the local police.
    Another likely method of continuously active authentication is recently developed facial characteristic recognition capabilities via Web cameras installed primarily for videoconferencing or "chat with picture/whiteboarding".  Both audio and visual recognition lend themselves well to mobile handheld devices.

    "Authentication Passing" probably would not be required on the desktop, since the WISdom Prospector is the member's sole point of interaction with the WISdom Network's content and facilities, and all WISdom Network OpenOffice applications are to run under the Prospector's domain.  Remote wireless data and voice commands will need to obey all Wi-fi WPA established standards, and some of these standards facilitate secured authentication passing.

Software platform authentication will be required, and secure "code signing" techniques employed to detect/assure client/server compatibility.

Near Absolute Consumer Privacy and Security is Possible

with WISdom Network monopsony and with the members' security of private information
afforded by these personal MINEs.

Much more than just another secure electronic "wallet"!
The WISdom Network's Business Methods Architecture Surrounds
the Core of WISdom Network's Security and Competitive Strength
by co-opted spyware techniques!
(WISdom's client (unbreakably? encrypted) "dataMINEable cookies")
Privacy?  Parents and Teachers may find an intimate personal knowledge of children  very useful.  But, Watch Out for Authoritarians at All Levels!
 But MINEs will be subject to legalized wiretapping!

The Member's MINE, in the context of the WISdom Co-op's business methods
securely supporting cooperative order/delivery aggregation and personalized member services
 as a requirement  for efficient, secure, purely democratic member control of all WISdom Co-op network level desicions!

Members have legal right to choose the level of personalization of their WISdom Prospector software
Cooperative Tentative Order and Delivery Aggregation Information is stored in the member's MINE, and all sorts of other information (click streams, etc.) are stored to enable Intelligent, individualized Prospector services!Members can make money on the use of their anonymous (by zip code) aggregated sales and tentative order information
Duly Executed Search Warrant must be Itemized!? ? ?

Pure Gold!  Distribution network architecture is about the percieved context of relationships:
When you begin all your relationships in a context of complete privacy,
and you voluntarily reveal your self and life
to trustworthy authorizd others only,
both you and all your relationships
reap the benefits of
removing barriers to communication
in a context of trust,
instead of
continually having to erect them
to defensively create privacy from prying eyes.

I'm OK (I can't abuse you), You're OK (you can't abuse me)
You are freed to look for the good in everybody!

 Balancing the Rights of the Member
(the access control and use of his MINEd)
with Government's needs for "Total Information Awareness" World Wide.

    The WISdom Network as proposed would have a strength of security surpassing or equaled only by national defense networks, and open internet for-profit Web e-commerce simply cannot match the WISdom Network for the privacy and trust afforded.  This is largely because the network owning cooperative's members would democratically control the rules and standards of interaction on the network.

    WISdom Co-op members would have complete control over all data about them, subject only to access by duly authorized and itemized search warrant.  The necessity of complete control becomes apparent upon consideration of the privacy implications inherent in mobile mesh netwoirks, with their capabilities of recording location and network services rendered.   This complete control can be achieved while providing more intelligent, highly personalized and trustworthy automated services than would be even allowable to any for-profit networked business.  This is because each member, with ongoing help from his individualized WISdom Prospector, would store comprehensive and ongoing Member's Information that is Noisy light Encrypted (MINE):  a database for secure and versatile SQL accessibility by the member only:.his age, achievement, and authorization levels in various categories, his current location (if his mobile is GPS equipped or "connected" via a "mobile mesh" network) and authorized interrogators, his favorite websites and those consistent with his current personal interests, his complete medical records, his food stamp eligibility status, dietary restrictions and preferences, personal information interests, his Virtual Specialties Markets to be made client-resident, all other sorts of preferences and favorites, opinions, co-op political positions,etc.gleaned from extensive interaction with The WISdom Prospector via its situation-initiated "getting to know you" questionaires, and most significantly for cooperative aggregation services, his firm/tentative purchasing plans, etc., as part of the member's personal and household budget and acquisition planning support by the WISdom Prospector.

There would be records of the member's participation and evaluations in the GSI member rating program, along with ongoing indications of areas where this member's evaluations significantly differ from the norm.  The member's MINE  contains this extensive personal information, and it is updated continuously with anything of interest that occurs during the member's interactions with the WISdom Prospector, and conversational collection of personal information is employed to gather information that may be needed when it becomes available.

    This personal information would be strongly encrypted and resident (perhaps best in a hardware chip that has fiber optic connection encryption capability) on the member's secured computer only, and it would not normally be transmitted over the secure network (never abusably via "packet sniffing" identified by owner/member), being accessible through his own WISdom Prospector software only, and for use in providing these highly personalized services.  Statistical analysis in the form of Bayesian choice modeling (see ChoiceStream, Inc.'s usage) would be used to help filter the noise in random click stream data, and the members' answers to questions about content, cooperative issues and services questionaires,  etc. would be stored in their personal MINEs to be aggregated (MINEd) as the member's cooperative services information and personal services evaluations.

The WISdom Prospector Member's Financial Analyst and Advisor function enables member analysis, planning, decision support, and member updating of the member's MINE.

    Debt free living begins with  planned purchasing!

  The Member Planned Purchasing Prospector Activity is supported by the WISdom Network and Prospector as a central MINEd information element in WISdom support for supply and demand chain optimization.

   Because of the privacy and security of the member's MINE, one of its major functions is to store member-customized sequences of WISdom Prospector functions that are tailorable when executed, enabling voice communications via WISPER for Personalized Member Communication and ServicesWISPER is OWL-compliant

    These commands can even be initiated by the Prospector, to act as instructed  when in the best interests of the member as determined by the Prospector.

    Big Brother is watching, but lots of us can re-program him, and I don't think he'll tell Uncle, so I'm unafraid!

    Data mining and spyware intelligence techniques can be valuable tools in the hands of their usual "objects"or  victims.  The consumer, as a member of a consumers cooperative business, can optionally reap the benefits for personalization of services, including WISdom Co-op's facilitation of purely democratic member control of thw WISdom Network, as well as the order/delivery aggregation information that these tools can provide.

    The authorized sharing of this intimate personal information (MINEd) with automated interactive and intelligent tools for both student and tutor/coach can be the basis of a revolution in  effective parent and teacher child guidanceBut just to contemplate this intimate communications capability for social and individual control and "guidance" falling into the hands of any authoritarian regime "Big Brother" is sheer horror!  At least I hope its horrifyingly real enough of a possibility to be a believable sequel to 1984.
     The member could direct the WISdom Prospector not to collect certain, or all, types of personal information, restricting or eliminating the Prospector's services personalization capabilities.  Adult members may want to restrict the kinds of information that might fall into crackers' (or the authorities') hands via duly authorized and itemized search warrant or other means.  This must be a legal right!
    In times when our national security seems to be at stake, Uncle Sam could simply request that the MINE contents of any/all members become available to Him for datamining. But that means that WISdom Co-op leadership must talk directly to the president or dictator of any government.

Consumers need to have clout with a clout.


Don't let any of your personal information leak - you never know just what the enemy needs to put together his pieces of the puzzle!

    The member could copy this information to removable media and overwrite the information on his computer.  This removable media would then contain the only copy of his personal information for safekeeping, to foil any encryption cracking software use on his computer in his absence, and/or to enable use of his personalized WISdom Prospector system on another computer.

    Since financial services are among the worst consumer privacy offenders, the WISdom Network will develop consumer financial services of its own, with the aim of providing one-stop shopping for complete financial services with strict personal privacy for members.  The information to apply for WISdom financial services should already be present in the member's MINE, enabling typing-free application for WISdom Consumer Financial Services (a credit union).

    With the member's permission,  selected aggregated (anonymous) items from the member's MINE may be made available to WISdom Network authenticated software only. This will provide WISdom Network Purchasing decision information at both the Local and Regional levels, providing advanced Supply Chain Management goods and/or services demand information of a quality and specificity unavailable to any for-profit enterprise. Strong demand forecasting capabilities,  throughout the supply chain from producer to consumer,  will be prominent among the competitive strengths of the WISdom Co-op.

    See: CPSR's FAQs on "The Clipper Chip" 1995 in the light of Possibilities of Govt. MINE Access..

    For-profit network services can simply not be trusted to have access to this treasure of personal information, and all software must be approved for use on the WISdom Network or it will be quarantined as possible legal evidence.

    This proposal will not discuss the basic work that must be done in MINE SQL-accessible database architecture and engineering.  The members' MINEs must be organized in a manner that is compatible with the Prospector's facilities for accessing all WISdom Network Content.  How is the MINE to be encrypted and organized to facilitate access by the WISdom Prospector and support its extensive personalization, including the MINE owner's WISPER customizations,  to implement this human interface to WISdom?  This work may require hardware to support unbreakable quantum light encryption,  and this work should be documented as it progresses on another websiteWISPER is OWL-compliant.

    All MINE information that the Prospector has access to must be secured information, inaccessible to any other application or to the network except under strictly Prospector-controlled responses to priviledged central server requests for anonymous aggregated MINE information.

    Note that the startup MINE can be an encrypted ordinary extensible file with simple one dimensional object access, but multi-dimensional SQL-accessible OLAP cubes must be supported for the WISdom Network Prospector's ContentReSearch and Analysis functions in any event,  so dealing with MINE data as cube objects would prepare for a post-startup MINE.

Order and Delivery Aggregation/Relay and Free? Delivery of All Goods, Services and Information

 Note: The WISdom Network procedures for order aggregation/relay and delivery of all goods, services, and information via the WISdom Network requires that the WISdom Local (zip code) Services Area be served by a WISdomFranchisee or local consumers cooperative as order recipient and the enforcement of local area WISdom Provider posting standards.  However,  local and centrally supplied goods and/or services may be ordered for delivery directly to the member via common carrier or by authorized WISdom Co-op members in areas not yet served by Local WISdom Services.Members can do each others shopping and possibly get paid to help other local members when it is convenient for them.

    Free local area shopping and delivery services would be made feasible by the Selective by Product Disintermediation of Local Area Providers thus enabled, and by franchise fees and other income being used to subsidize free delivery services, especially during WISdom Local Area franchise startup membership drives.  Ultimately the decision is one that balances the members' interests between "good for me" and "good for the local area (members and others)". This can be determined by a local member voice count, made securely practical by the WISdom Co-op's purely democratic governmental communication techniques.  Senior citizens and the disabled should get tax-supported free delivery services.

"The thing about inventing is you have to be both stubborn and flexible.  The hard part is figuring out when to be which"  ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO

    Local providers would be approached to solicit their offerings information on the WISdom Network.  This information is used to offer  WISdom Co-op's members' shopping support services, which can be initially limited to producing member information, such as routed, optimized for lowest total cost local shopping trip maps with multiple stops for shopping pickup, and picking lists in store offering location sequence.   Additional member shopping support services can be provided at the merchant's discretion, such as  cooperating/collaborating provider"pre-pick and pack"  of orders for scheduled member pickup, which also provides full support for local WISdom Services Area order and delivery.

Demand Side Economics by Monopsonyzationof the first

 and last. MyL e s $!
I am NOT a Pirate, the Wisdom Network Service said!
........ "We want that order" -
The WISdom Network Local Service

Just hit the Prospector's Buy/Show Interest button!

 With Power comes Responsibility: Don't miss this R. Nader link.

WISdom Network RFID designates WISdom Local zip code area only as buyer - Member's privacy is assured

    WISdom Services Guarantees the Reliability of its Consumer Information, and it may be liable for undiscovered member-ratedProduct Information or  Services reliability defects.  Cooperatives do that sort of stuff.

    See minimal open internet WISdom startup option.

    Intranet privacy and security are taken to their extremes to maximize the WISdom Coop members' choice and selection of means to balance services with perceived costs, costs which are not just to authorities;  members will pay for extreme privacy, but it is facilitated.  All ordering of goods, services and information would be done in the name of the WISdom Network Local Service and will be queued and possibly aggregated  there for release when appropriate via auto-encrypted e-mail to the provider or producer in the name of the WISdom Local area Franchisee or consumers cooperative Service, to be delivered to the member at the specified date/time (by nationwide carrier  or  local service) as directed via carrier communications with the WISdom Network Local Service that securely cross-references orders and members addresses and instructions.

    The use of the name of the WISdom Local area Franchisee or consumers cooperative Service with RFID on the WISdom Network will protect members from RFID privacy exposure. All communication with providers could be via this WISdom Network local area service,  never revealing any information about the member/buyer.

    Whether shopping pickup and delivery services actually are free (cost absorbed by all local members or franchisee), or charge per use member services is to be local management determined with central management influence, and some decisions about financing free local delivery services should be determined by local or central membership voting.  Market conditions vary by zip code, and network-wide strategic policy must recognize this.  For example, the WISdom Network Service for a zip code that is all office buildings would want to make a direct profit on its delivery services charged to consumers.  Deliveries from retail giants like Wal-Mart, when the WISdom Co-op is unlikely to disintermediate their consumer offerings,could be charged to the retailer (i.e., included in the retailer's published "cyberealspacetime prices" or to the ordering member, depending on central and/or local WISdom Services management decisions that are strategically and tactically informed, but free delivery should not be made contingent on order size.

Encourage Good Consumer Habits!   WISdom Network would promote "Show Interest"  rather than"Buy Now",  encouraging members to let the WISdom Local Services aggregate EOQ for the item (or its competition) andthen make informed "cyberealspacetime offers" of likely member interest.  Debt free living begins with planned purchasing.
    Local Provider cooperation with pick/pack services for scheduled member or WISdom Local Area Services pickup will be courted with network service support facilities, and assurances of member preference of cooperating/collaborating providers will encourage the offering of this (free?) service.  Communities with near-universal membership may eventually help support with public funding of free shopping pickup and delivery via WISdom Network as the preferred tax collection method that reduces local traffic congestion and improves the quality of life there.  The point here is that "free" or bundled services such as these are feasible and can be both economically and ecologically defensible, depending on local community preferences and central management market strategy.  The strategic use of "free pickup/delivery" member service can be financed by WISdom Co-op development funds.

    All WISdomNetwork prices areCybeRealisticSpaceTime offers that include all shipping and handling charges, so that these prices can fairly be compared by WISdom Co-op members in Virtual Specialties Markets.  All WISdom member orders are bids in CybeRealSpaceTime that are automatically accepted when the bid price is equal to Wisdom Network's offer; otherwise, the WISdom Local or Central Area Service representative  will respond with acceptance or a counter offer...He really wants to aggregate that order, no matter what it is for!

    The "ordering" of Information for immediate consumption (as opposed to the ordering of goods and/or services), is to be facilitated by Secure PPV ( only 1 charge per use)  via micropayments or subscription services authorization to promote first-rate WISdom Network content that can be analyzed and compared with alternate offerings and previewed before full retrieval.

KeepSatisfaction and Reliability
or the
Member is Out Nothing but His Time!

Eschewing the practice of disclaiming responsibility for the accuracy and adequacy of network information,
WISdom Network accepts The Principles of of Virally Responsible Business,
and Guarantees the Satisfaction and Reliability of
 its Consumer Information and related Services,

including The entire WISdom Prospector Platform!

    Goods and/or services requiring physical delivery are handled via the WISdom Network local area service, assisted by automated passing of delivery addresses to national transportation carriers, with payment via funds transfer contingent upon expressed member approval of all purchased goods and/or services.  Returns, exchanges and warranty claims would also be handled via the local area service, putting much more clout with producers and providers in the hands of the WISdom Co-op members.  This liberal handling of returns and exchanges is justified by WISdomNetwork"information about Metainformation"  gathered, and its consumer appeal enables WISdom Network Housestores to profitably implement electronic in-store ordering of almost anything.

    Tipping of pickup/delivery personnel should not be customary, but may be justified by special services rendered on scene, such as re-packaging and shipping of return merchandise.

    WISdom Network  Guarantees the reliability of its consumer Information, and it may be liable for undiscovered product defects, including bugs and Information or member ratings-moderated Services defects.  Information services Providers share Responsibility with Producers and other providers for information defects and their consequences!
    It's the most efficient way to establish and maintain dominance  in the Consumer Information Market, as well as do Virally Responsible Business ( WEVRBTM )

    During startup of the WISdom Network, some of its websites may not meet all of its information standards,  When this is the case, the WISdom Network Guarantee of information reliability may not be available, and this must be clearly indicated by the WISdom Prospector.

    Since this consumer monopoly will be unique in the history of the world, it probably will be necessary to have judicial and/or legislative clarification of the extent of liability on the part of the WISdom Co-op when loss occurs to a member as a result of less than complete consumer information.


Guaranteed Truth
WISdom Co-op Pays for the Consequences
You can Depend on Us!

Supply and Demand Chain Management

Member-specific Supply Chain Management support to Reward Planned Consumption!
Power and Coordination!

Intimate, Scalable and Self-Optimizing Supply and Demand Chain Management
and purely democratic control of consumers cooperative business
by MINEd reading!

    Meanwhile, the WISdom Network said,  "All orders, including tentative and conditional orders, require goods and/or services desired delivery date/time specification", enabling intelligent personalization of the member's display of offerings;  thus helping to construct Virtual Specialties Markets to determine the provider offerings within which area(s) are most likely to meet his requirements by customizing the presentation of buyer alternatives with member decision supporting and facilitating software.
    One notable privacy result of the WISdom Network members' order aggregation/relay and delivery service is that nobody and nothing except this secretive human interface itself need know that the members is even online and transacting business.  But even more importantly, the position of WISdom Network Services as the member's trusted fiduciary sole provider/aggregator(monopsony) on this cyberealspacetime private network means that WISdom Local Services for adjacent zip codes can also cooperatively aggregate and coordinate member orders = bids, with both firm and tentative, planned and conditional orders resident in the member's  MINE, so the supply and demand chain can be finely managed and tuned from producers through all intermediaries to the individual consumer to reduce the member's share of transportation costs and his order lead times,  to help compensate/motivate Local Area WISdom Services for its services in facilitating order and delivery aggregations,  and to maintain an ongoing overall view of market activity and an intelligent approach to supply chain optimization,

    Members are encouraged to give maximum delivery lead time on their firm or "tentative" orders for use in intelligent Demand forecasting, the WISdom Co-op's strong suit in supply chain management,  with details kept in the members' MINE, enabling tentative or conditional orders (bids for offerings) or speculative interest as well as firm order aggregation.  The WISdom Prospector has access to the member's MINEd which contains the member's usage history, enabling the Prospector to assign a "past predictability" rating to augment the individual member's estimate of predictability of his speculative orders.

     These tentative orders can be auto-confirmed by price/availability and/or other conditions alerts established by the member, and they can facilitate informed WISdom Network Distribution Centers' Proactive Aggregation for volume purchasing with Selective Disintermediation by Product(s) in GSI Class/Type classification category.  WISdom Network enables complete supply chain tracking/tracing of both conditional and firm member orders, aggregations and deliveries, with real time query of order status, % of EOQ, etc.

    Local area consumers cooperatives or franchisees are economically motivated to help members with their order aggregation via regional WISdom Distribution Centers, because transportation cost savings due to shipment consolidation at producers and providers is earned by and accounted to the WISdom Network Local Area Service.

    The WISdomNetwork's Order aggregation/relay and delivery procedures mean that the WISdom Network Local Area Service is the only consumer goods, services, and information provider that members ever have to deal with.  This extreme security and privacy will result in profits for the members and/or franchisees!

    The many advances in Supply Chain Management Systems and Networks that have been made relatively recently in support of the B2B segment of e-commerce will be applied in the WISdomNetwork-approved software supporting franchisee and local area consumers cooperative management's efforts (the WISdom Network's Distribution is still B2B at that point), and then to finely tune the supply chain to correspond to the demand side: the individual members orders, tentative orders and localized demand forecasting.

    Maybe you can't change people, but you sure can  strongly encourage and reward good habits as Responsible Consumers!

    See RFID (Radio Frequency ID tagging) at  and  MaxiCode (formerly UPScode) at  currently useful for tracking case shipments.  Privacy advocates argue against use of these technologies for shipments directly to the consumer, but WISdom Network's delivery aggregation of individual consumer shipments to the name/address of the Local WISdom Services means that RFID technology can be valuable to its members without privacy concerns.

    WISPER in B2B?

Aggregated Sales and Demand Information - "The Life of the MINEd"

...............................| $ .=> WISdom Co-op participating members
Members can make money on the use of their anonymous (by zip code) aggregated sales and tentative order information
MINEd Reading by zip code WISdom Service Area(s)

   The WISdomNetwork's near absolute privacy means that aggregated (anonymous) information about customer/member actual purchases and tentative acquisition plans  in local (zip code), regional, national and world wide areas, valuable in central and local network purchasing, could also be sold to producers at high prices, and the proceeds distributed to area members.The WISdom Prospector's Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer services function can facilitate customized Secure PPV or subscription access to this treasury of information for generous providers and producers.

    The sale of aggregated marketing data by area should require authorization by area member voting in WISdom Consumer Cooperative Areas, but franchiseesmay have this as a WISdom franchisee "perk".  The aggregation of projected sales data derived from member purchasing plans would require that some anonymous information from the members' MINE   (purchasing plans, questionaire answers, etc.) be made available to WISdom Network servers for aggregation and analysis purposes.

    Finally there is a remedy for ever-growing privacy and security concerns, a way to profit from our private sales data, and crackersare out of luck on this super secure private network.  All of WISdom Network's Security and Privacy facilities and its cooperative business structure are at the core of a strategy to increase the individual member's power and WISdom Network's market dominance.

    Good value For Members can be Created by datamining the MINEds (authorized MINE extracts identified by zip code area only).

Cooperative Governance and Supply Chain Management
by DataMINEing!

Local Area Community and Automated Replenishment Shopping with Free? Pickup and Delivery Services

......................This is just a starting job,
Replenishment Shopping and Delivery Services..........Mozilla-assisted Wisdom Services Local Area Shopping pickup and delivery to members of goods and services
.........but.somebody's got to do it with grace,
Because it's WISdom Co-op's basic   foothold  in the consumer marketplace
Please suggest plans to help promote local provider cooperation!
    The (actual or implied) specification of geographic (zip code) area means that when local area provider posting standards are met and the zip code area is served by a WISdom Network franchise or local consumers cooperative, features like local (zip code or wider) area shopping support services with optimized order pickup/delivery by members or the WISdom Local Service with selective product disintermediation of local providers by Local WISdom Service Areas become practical.

    The WISdom Local Service really wants to pickup and deliver for you, because that's his automatically selectable stream of orders.  And local merchants want to cooperate because it gives them access to the local WISdom members' market, and affords some visibility and influence over the WISdom Co-op disintermediation of local providers process.

    Peapod, Inc. now runs an operation vaguely similar to the one proposed here, except it delivers only groceries, and delivery charges are usually hidden in higher prices.   FreshDirect also bears watching for its no-frills economic operation.  Neither of these operations are doing great, but I think some modifications to their general procedures would make the free shopping pickup and delivery feature economically feasible: ordering operations supported by cooperating/collaborating local provider pick/pack for scheduled pickup by WISdom Network service area employees or the ordering member,  and multiple member delivery trips with routing optimization.   WISdom Network must keep in mind that the consumer trend is toward prepared meals for delivery.
A Consumers' Cooperative has this Competitive Advantage!Members could request that their deliveries be scheduled at any time of day, even during the member's absence, when access to an inside freezer or drop area by bonded, unassailably honest WISdom Local Services personnel can be arranged.

    WISdom Network Local Area Services communications enabled (wireless LAN)  Housestores or "The WISdom Store") with Segway or other conveyance riding employees picking and checking out multi-buyer warehouse slot-sequenced Orders for scheduled delivery, or for verified 5 minute pickup by members, and ordering facilities for walk-in customers, in comfortable social environment, would provide stiff competition in the entire retail industry.  Electronic and in-store ordering is made feasible by a very liberal return and exchange policy, and by the provision of delivery services for members.

    I'm sure that low cost or free local shopping and delivery services would be feasible if the "selective product disintermediation"thus facilitated were done on a reasonably large scale.  The speed at which this selective product disintermediation can be done means that WISdom Network franchisees or local consumer cooperatives can justify the free local shopping and delivery services by the profits from disintermediation and members savings and service thus enabled.

    When researching a product, all the consumer should really need to say is something like, "I need a new [product type = dress shirt] by [latest delivery time = 6 PM today], or [earliest delivery time = sooner]", or "I want a new American economy car by June of this year", and let the WISdom Network's intelligentpersonalized  interface suggest the most appropriate items and providers in which geographic (zip code) area(s) to e-shop in, so that the order can be picked up and delivered by the desired cyberealspacetime.

    If the consumer needs local area services, for example housing renovation, he should be able to easily find local service businesses and threaded sub-contractors that are recommended by local area WISdom Co-op members community by using this human to network interface.

    Likewise, the consumer should be able to tell his personalized system his menu plans or standard grocery needs for the coming week(s), and automatically have appropriate groceries ordered for delivery to or pickup by him at the desired date(s) and time(s).  Or, at the members choice the software proposed could facilitate some or all grocery shopping in detail by modifying standard requirements and presenting the most likely offerings first as personalized by his preferences, in several side-by-side comparison views and windows.

WISdom Communications-Enabled Housestores:
A Drive-thru SuperMarket, Restaurant,  and Delivery Staging Warehouse with retro-inspired social facilities!
WISdom Housestore help really earns its pay!  Franchised WISdom Housestores  should be  ESOPs!Housestore secure Wireless LAN and access to the WISdom Prospector enables displays of aggregated orders for optimized multi-order Picking and Checkout Services.
..........I want one!Pick/Pack for WISdom Local Services multi-member routed delivery, with other cooperating local shopping pickups scheduled.
     Supermarket IT has not changed significantly since the introduction of checkout scanning over 25 years ago.  See amateur (but certainly not "amateurish")  historical research into supermarket chains.  A  slice of Americana!

    This proposed change is due to serve consumers better, and to improve the quality of life everywhere.

   WISdom Network Local Area Services Communications-Enabled (wireless LAN)  Housestores, featuring Segwayand larger conveyance-riding employees picking and checkout scanning multi-buyer orders in WISdom housestore aisle/slot sequence via wireless display for delivery by local WISdom Services, or for pickup inspection at scheduled date/time with returns/exchanges expected and facilitated.  Members can have the order picker contact them via VoIP/IM chat for directions that may change with current product availabilities, such as produuce, special requirement meats, etc.  WISdom Services member replenishment orders for member pickup should be verified viathe members' (mobile?) Prospector 5 minutes notice for drive-thru pickup, but members can request that their deliveries be scheduled at any time of day, even during the member's absence, when access to a member's inside freezer or drop area by bonded, unassailably honest personnel can be arranged.

    WISdom Network Housestores mean an end to large parking lots and huge shopping areas because the warehouse, which is arranged for employee navigation by appropriate conveyance, is in the back.  These stores should have a comfortable house-like environment for members who didn't schedule pickup, or who prefer to dine using WISdom Housestores' full restaurant facilities, and who may or may not have ordered their and/or their parties meals remotely.  These Housestores will hopefully include facilities for member meetings and events, and for walk-in customers - they may be prospective WISdom Co-op members, but more importantly, Cooperative Values dictate service to community!

    These stores should become welcome as non-intrusive energy and member time saving assets to their communities.

    Walk-in (those not remotely ordering) members and non-members are welcome to use our vinyl-covered keyboard ordering computers with nifty above-table-top movable displays and microphone Prospector input, in comfortable areas for social snacking to full meal consumption.  Customers have access to selected portions of the WISdom Housestores, allowing customers to select their own meat,  produce, and selected other items if they wish, or they may receive calls from order picking personnel regarding their order vis a vis current stocks. Some WISdom Housestores may elect to have customers do all their own checkout scanning throughout the store, using either their own or the store's wireless Prospectors.  Our WISdom store hostesses are there to help you.

    Electronic in-store ordering enables non-member access to the WISdom Network, and it means shelf stocking, shopping carts, inventory shrinkage  and checkout lines goodbye!  Can grocery shopping be fun?   Members get it delivered or drive-thru.

    At least during local area startup, flexibility regarding WISdom Housestore facilities is required to enable the use of  locally available ground floor warehouse or existing supermarket space.

WISdom Network Brands

    Trusted, high-quality store brands in virtually any product category are a natural for the WISdom Network, and they offer a way to disintermediate producers as well as providers.

WISdom Network ISP Services

WISdom Travel Services

WISdom Dating Services, , ,

WISdom Network Local Credit Unions

Consumer Financial Services

Toward greater Security and Privacy for Members!

    One obvious exception to the order aggregation/relay and delivery procedure by WISdom Network Service Area personnel is when ordering financial services that require the identity of loan applicants, for example.  Partly because of the current abuses of personal financial information, the WISdom Network will develop consumer financial services of its own, coordinated with local and national WISdom Network credit unions, with the aim of providing members one-stop shopping for complete consumer financial services with strictest personal privacy.

    Meanwhile, Accredited Home Lenders and SelectQuote use the general model of providing financial services that the WISdom Network will use, except that all WISdom Co-op member services, including financial services, are inherently more responsive to the members' needs and wants.

    The overall privacy and security protection of consumers from commercial exploitation will be much improved by the WISdom Network, but there will remain many generally available sources of personal information: credit records, property records, professional and drivers' licenses, etc.  The accuracy and access to such personal information will be of special concern to the WISdom Co-op, and its lobbying clout will be used for the benefit of all consumers.
WISdom Network Cooperative Government and Quasi Governmental Services ~ Streamlining Democracy!

Democracy is messy.
Governments are bureaucratically bound by usually antiquainted communications practices.
A new information infrastructure is needed for democracy to efficiently control any government.

 The technological facilitation and optimization of its values must
streamline the journey  from the peoples' MINEd-informed
issue formation, resolution, and proposal creation
the center of delegated powers
Distributed Management

WISdom Cooperative Government with Cooperative Principles and Values

  "IT may well be the most powerful force for business transparency in our time" ~ Optimize 12-03

A survey of the MINEs in any zip code area(s) enables WISdom Co-op Management
will keep intimately in touch with that zip code area's(s') members' "will".
Their opinions, preferences, survey questionaire answers, etc.
will be available and analyzable
for each WISdom Service (zip code) Area,
but individual members are kept anonymous.

    Each cooperative business member has one and only one vote on all business decisions that are designated as voting issues by the cooperative constitution.  Each local, regional, national, and world wide area cooperative has its own constitution, but must be subordinated on certain matters to its higher level cooperative, as regulated by the world wide consumers cooperative constitution.  Does this sound familiar and desirable at all levels?  The WISdom Co-op would have many models of working cooperative constitutions to consult when writing its own constitutions.  Secure member voting, and opinion formation and gathering, would be practical on the WISdom Network.

    By contrast with governmental regulation of the open internet, the administration and enforcement of cooperative justice is swift and sure for producers, providers or members who maliciously break either the spirit or the letter of the rules on this private network; therefore, cooperative law/code will be an effective deterrent to potential violators.

    A natural monopoly/monopsony cooperative secure network with a structure like the WISdom Network's local (zip code), regional hubs, and national areas presents itself as a likely candidate for providing NGO and other quasi governmental or even governmental services of all kinds, (the disintermediation of the "gum mint") subject, of course, to member voting.  For example, preferential pricing of necessities could be granted to individual members or even area(s) at any level based on proven need.

    In America, rational opposition to strong state and local governmental powers by strict federalists was supported mostly by "things that happen in dark corners". There are no dark corners on a universal consumers information services network served by local management and independent localized journalists with media like the WISdom Media Blogosphere.  But there are determinedly dark member MINEs on the WISdom Network.  Optimization of localization seems to occur best at roughly the zip code area level.   Lookout,  the USA could be in for a "re-structuring" as a result of   a strong WISdom Co-op!

    Strong leadership is not incompatible with pure democracy!

    The electorate would naturally divide itself along liberal/conservative lines, depending on the weight given to maximizing individual member benefits vs. social responsibility issues that are guided by cooperative principles and values.  The member's stated position on this left/right continuum is stored in his MINE, and is optionally available as anonymous, probably aggregated information.  This aggregated information would be for sale by the WISdom Co-op member consent, and it will be by means of Business Intelligence displays that are easily selectable and customizble by users.

Governments are bureaucratically bound by usually antiquainted practices

Pure Democracy with  Default Representative as Proxy Voting

and Member-generated Issue Formation/Resolution

    The proposed universal availibility of facilities supporting security, accuracy and rapidity with which issues may be identified and political platforms developed constitutes a revolution in democratic procedures.  Member position on a variety of questions and votes on any WISdom Co-op voting/control issue may be collected and counted,  within a private network's context of  full member information, discussion,  and available customizable analytic facilities for member or Prospector/MINE optional proxy voting with decision parameters supplied by member value analysis,  and the following provision of member default representative proxy voting, means that the "gum mint's" and the WISdom Co-op's efficiency and member engagement issues have a partial solution and a very valuable contribution to democratic organizational and procedural necessities awaiting implementation.

Individual MembersIndividual Member or Proxy Voting in Local zip code Area, with Default Representative Voting.

    The "issues" and the "platforms" would be continuously in formative mode by cooperating members via blogging and other network communications, semi-continuously informed by the members' securely shared anonymous aggregated MINE information that contains extensive personal records and information from member questionaires, surveys and blogging acivities, etc.

WISdom Media "Big Bloggers" in terms of member adherence noted in surveys, etc., can be designated by members as proxy for fine or coarse grained voting issues.

    Facilities for member voting are required by all cooperatives.  The extent to which members are engaged with the workings of the cooperative's government is a crucial measure of the cooperative's success, and the WISdom Network would be positioned by its secure, trustworthy interface to facilitate (but not require) a very high degree of fully informed engagedness and delegatable participation by members.  Like this website's organization into "mini sections", which enables the reader's entry via the Contents Links at his own point of interest without loss of comprehension,  members may, and most certainly will, choose to limit their involvement in this cooperative to issues of interest to them, and leave the rest to the consumer advocate specialist of their choice as proxy.

    A cooperative's constitution must categorize the types of issues that require member voting, and designate those types of decisions that must be made by elected cooperative representatives.  Elected WISdom Co-op representative(s) could maintain current knowledge of members' issue preferences and positions by analysis of accumulated personal information resident in all members' MINEs.
    The WISdom Co-op would be as close to a  pure democracy as possible, i.e., in principle not a republican form of government, in that representative voting only in lieu of individual member (or optional Prospector/MINE proxy) voting would be practical for virtually any type of voting issue.
    This continual referendum type of voting feature would be made practical in two complimentary ways:
!) by member voting at secure WISdom Network client computers and via their Prospector, with appropriate paper and/or secure electronic audit archive trails generated allowing vote recounting.  The Prospector can be instructed to  act as proxy in its owner's interests, and

2) by member default (proxy) voting being done by the member's Prospector or the Local Area elected representative or the network franchisee/registered public voting representative of member choice.

    WISdom Co-op officials can keep their thumb on the political pulse of members on any issue.  Big Brother is watching, but I can re-program him, and I don't think he'll tell Uncle, so I'm unafraid!

  Political Participation on Interruptable Autopilot!

    The registered representative votes on all issues will be a matter of WISdom Network record, available to all members with support from the WISdom Prospector's VSM Analyzer services function.  A member could analyze the voting patterns of any "Big Blogger">registered WISdom Pundit, not just his own area(s), and designate that individual as his default representative proxy for the issue type.

    Thus, while the level of engagedness in cooperative affairs required of the member is minimized by this proxy voting, a very active level of such engagedness is encouraged and supported.

    All individual member voting must be freely done in strictest secrecy.  WISdom Co-op election supervisors elected by the members would insure the security of the automated responses to  issue oriented vote counting process.

WISdom Co-op management may be either "talking heads" (literally a virtual CEO), or they can be effective leaders in delivering consumer services, using the WISdom Network with its Business IntelligenceTools  and its communication and collaboration facilities to ensure effectively optimized pure democracy in in all areas of running of the shared business.

    WISdom Co-op management should make use of  business consultants,  perhaps WISdom Co-op members using a variety of compensation schemes, rather than permanent employees in many cases.   Cretainly the WISdom Co-op management will be critical to the growth and maintainence of top quality consumer information and services,  but management decision making and action taking will be so well informed and facilitated that the members can, and should,  operate the business themselves through consultants and via their MINEds decision recording to a very large extent.  But cooperative business management decisions should not be made entirely by pools, however tmiely and accurate.  Effective leadership and active ongoing debate must be cultivated by the WISdom Co-op.

    The above facilities for individual member secure home voting with proxy voting by Prospector/MINE or WISdom Network Proxy Public Voting Delegate, done by either local area consumer cooperative management or reegistered WISdom member voting delegate/proxy from any area,  produce:
a cooperative that promotes, but does not require, maximum member engagedness,
consistent with a strong cooperative leadership
based on wisdom about consumer commerce,
supply chain relations,
opinion leadership ~
"The Big Blogger" in the kinds of issues
designated by the cooperative's constitution as subject to member representative/public proxy voting regulations.

Consensus building is the most  effective characteristic of good democratic leaders.
Deference to informed opinion is the most effective characteristic of democratic societies.

WISdom Network's Content Reorganization with Virtual Specialties Markets
Virtual Specialties Market Analyzer function builds Offline OLAP cube files from the WISdom Network Intranet, enabling  efficient, rapid access to  potentially large stores of data
  The following proposed information organization contributes to the WISdom Network's "natural monopoly/monopsony" economic characteristic, and its benefits would only be possible on a VPN owned by a cooperative business. The implementation of Virtual Specialties Markets requires Distributed Data Management standards and  protocols.
    The most basic problem with the open internet Web for shopping and research is the entity relationships between the consumer and providers of Search engine results: "One consumer need for goods and/or services (GSI-Type) [or brand(s)], to many providers' offerings of many goods and/or services types and brands, including matching and non matching goods and/or services Types and brands".  This is not much improvement over brick and mortar shopping, and does not exploit the true potential of e-commerce.

    Shopping "agents","comparison shopping sites",  Froogle,etc. are of some help, since they can, theoretically, find the best buys for some individual consumer goods. But this situation calls for a complete change in the entity relationships between consumers and providers to: "One consumer need for goods and/or services Type(s) [or brand(s)], to many goods and/or services offerings of matching Type(s) [or brand(s)], from many providers, in given WISdom Network geographic (zip code) area(s) that can deliver within the required date(s)/time(s), in sequence by value as personalized for and by the consumer.

    Instead of producers and providers publishing their offerings on open internet websites, they would merely provide required and optional information about their offerings in WISdom Network standard formats for the GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Market" classification scheme to be posted to the WISdom Network Intranet Web and gathered to the CGSIDb for efficient Virtual Specialties Markets accessing.

VSM OLAP "cubes" are presented to the member via his single, intelligent, unified, trustworthy, and personalized point of contact with WISdom Network-approved providers, The WISdom Prospector, which enables personalization of the WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Market Analyzer services function by providing local access only to selected items of the member's MINE. The resulting secure "cookies" have navigation personalization capabilities nobody would trust to a for-profit producer or provider.

   This new entity relationship between consumers and providers results in a far superior situation from the consumer's point of view. The consumer needs to be able to say, "show me all providers' offerings O1 ... On, of goods and/or services type(s) (or brand(s)), in WISdom Network geographic areas A1 ... Anthat can deliver within my required  date(s)/time(s), and show these offerings to me in sequence by their personal value variables V1... Vn, as calculated by using a goods, service and information rating service,WISdom Network Purchasing product type specialist ratings (may be PPV [only 1 charge per use]  by a WISdom Network contracted ratings service provider), and a summation of WISdom Co-op members' ratings of received goods and/or services, as  individualized by my personal preferences" present in my MINE.

    The WISdom Co-op members and other WISdom Network users need versatile displays that are unique to GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Market" classification scheme, customizable by the user, and that enable quick but unmatchably thorough and unbiased analysis, evaluation and comparisons of consumer alternatives within member-controlled groups of competing producer and provider offerings.

WISdomNetwork Content: Architecture, Metacontent  and Sources
WISdom has Flexible Information Gathering
"Advertising = Requested Information"
.All Sources Controlled and Identified!
    How do producers' and providers' goods and services offerings get posted to the Consumer Goods and Services Information DataBase (CGSIDb) to form WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Markets (VSMs)?  This is, of course, the single biggest "problem" (opportunity!) for WISdom Network Startup, and its solution is a two edged sword.
    WISdom Network Intranet Web standards, procedures, and facilities for information posting and rapid, versatile accessing will make posting, browsing, interrogating, analyzing and comparing in WISdom'sVirtual Specialties Markets a much more valuable and engaging member experience than using the open internet Web.  Control of the WISdom Network platform  and these content standards (and a resolution of privacy and security issues) means rapid advances in networked consumer services will be forthcoming.  But, obtaining the required cooperation of producers and providers calls for  some good inducements   before the expected rapid acceptance by members makes WISdom Network approval a "must have" for producers and providers.
    Almost as important is the matter of encouraging the development and contribution (or "marketing via Secure PPV -   only 1 charge per day ") of  freeform "pure information" content by members, producers, and providers who are well equipped to produce it.  This will be the only way WISdom Network Producers and Providers can get their names and subtle quality-oriented marketing message in front of WISdom Co-op members without member solicitation.  Thus, this form of viral marketing is favored as informative, effective, and non-intrusive, as well as efficient.

    Some examples of producer developed pure information offerings would be: auto and other vehicle fundamentals and refinements, how computers work and mess up, gourmet and practical food preparation guides, current fashions, etc.  All Wisdom Network content will be rated by experts and members for age-appropriateness and quality, as well as suitability to category, and alternate offerings can be analyzed and compared.

    Many powerful producers and provider/proprietors will initially object to the WISdom Network's Content Standardsof course, but those businesses that are confident of their ability to compete on a level playing field of the members' construction, those that appreciate the ease of participation in the WISdom Network's facilities for rapidly presenting and analyzing their offerings to consumers, and  especially those that want the free local delivery of their sales to WISdom Co-op members   will be early cooperators, and the WISdom Network's content architecture, design, tools and facilities must make it convenient for them.

    "Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way."

    The Mozilla Open Directory Project that human reviews and categorizes open Internet websites will be supported with a  customized Google or UIMA Search (no advertising or pay for page ranking) embedded in the Prospector,if only to preserve websites of historical interest.  Google is good, considering what it has to work with.  But since they went public so successfully, UIMA may be more compatible with the needs of the WISdom Co-op.

WISdom's level of Information and its Analyzability can Not be had some Other way! The WISdom Proposal's major argument:

 WISdom Co-op Members  Cannot  Ever  .Depend  on the Open Internet's Content

Planting the seeds of Consumer Information Services Nirvana!

    Even if it should someday become possible (through Producer and Provider adherence? to some agreed-upon open internet XHTML standard ~ a very remote possibility) to operate a server side "bot" to successfully extract all the information required for WISdom Network's Virtual Specialties Markets for all/any GSI Class/Typesthe websites themselves need to follow WISdom Network members' standards for  ease of interpretation and navigation via WISPERS,  truth in advertising,  and consistency of network meta content  and formats for the goods and/or services or information Type,  permitting meaningful,  customizable,  quick and convenient,  standardized and highly-automated exhaustive offering comparisons, synopses, and interrogations of content, etc. prior to PPV purchase, and for the assurance of the member/users' privacy and security.

     These needs, especially the members' needs for "pure information" (.ie., GSI),can never  be met  by content that is produced by individual proprietors, and that is almost always marketing and/or advertising oriented, as is the case on the open internet.  Even the very best of individually produced content needs to be identified (certified), categorized in WISdom, and constructed and/or posted with WISdom Network content management software to ensure adherence to content technical and network standards enablinging safe JavaScripting.  No proprietary ActiveX or VBScript allowed on the WISdom Network, but very active WISdom content  will be supported by network standards, which also support the WISdom Prospector's navigation and the meaningful comparison of alternate offerings that may meet the member's needs ~ before selection and possible PPV payment  (no charge if not satisfied!).

    RSS Feed or more direct connections to sources of requested information text and graphics from producers and providers via open Web Services standards for WISdom Network displays unique to the GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Market" classification scheme should become the most practical way of doing e-commerce.  All producer and provider postings will be moderated by the WISdom Network ~ it takes legal responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and appropriateness of product and provider information.  After the WISdom Co-op and Network reaches "critical mass", producers and providers may be charged information posting fees.

.............Consumer Information Services Nirvana!
Network Chaos!Somebody's Going to Dispatch that mutt.  Be Sure it's YOU!We will watch, but WISdom Co-op's consumer power will moderate our activities.
Qusetionable Content III, mutt of  Network Chaos above left
Let me help clean that Mess up!No - Stay Back!  These samples look like that mutt has a Virus of SOME KIND!
For Future Use?

    In addition to having strength in numbers,  members will have to convince and assist producers and providers to comply with the WISdom Network truth in advertising full disclosure detailed standards by effectively removing their decision making about content, and making their job essentially one of answering questions about their offerings  (the "actualized" FAQs in standard WISdom Network formats for the GSI Class/Type) and adding some images.  This can be accomplished by gathering producer and provider text and graphics information via RSS feeds and other nore direct Web Services meansWISdom Network accepts responsibility for and Guarantees  the Reliability of it's Information, so it has to approve of it first.

    In the event that the standard WISdom solution doesn't meet Producer or Provider needs and a separately crafted website is actually required, the WISdom Co-op Network will allow this but will insist on adherence to WISdom Network content standards and spirit, and all ordering and links outside the WISdom Network are prohibited. Non compliant  producers and providers will find themselves less than adequately represented if at all, to members who are likely to be doing all their shopping on the WISdom Network.

    This means that all producers and providers are forced to compete on a level playing fields designed by the members.
     For example, buying a car requires the same elements of information from all car sellers, enabling all offerings to run the members' own (and shared) obstacle courses.  Car makers are invited to design their own obstacle courses and share these with members, if they feel that they are better qualified to compare competing offerings in an unbiased way.  See for a good example of a Web site that could be made better for WISdom Co-op members.
    Similarly, shopping for PPV or Free Information about any subject, object, or question requires the preview comparison capabilities available only via common metadata for the Information GSI Class/Type classification scheme.  This metadata should employ OWL - the Web Ontology Laguage standards.   A different CSS for each provider or producer of competing GSIs should suffice to give a mere illusion of differentiation.

   The loss of  a common communications protocol within individual websites  imposes an extreme limitation of voice controlled computing on the internet.  WISdom Network's Standard Content regulations and enforcement enables OWL-compliance to become the preferred way of doing the WISdom Prospector's Search (with lead into ReSearch and Analysis functions, which may be augmented by mouse clicks). WISPER should become the most frequent invocation method for Mobile Service functions.

    These Intranet websites may be securely updated by producer and provider personnel that can update restricted portions of the site using simple toolsRDF RSS feeds and other Web Services standards connections with text and graphics information from both WISdom Network Services and/or Producers and Providers will enable real time updating of these Intranet websites.

     Producer and Provider authentication of posting on the WISdom Network also means that phishing canine "Questionable Content III"   above will have to do it elsewhere!

    Responsible Consumer Information Nirvana!  WISdom Services Guarantees the reliability of its consumer Information, and it may be liablefor undiscovered product Information or member ratings-moderated Service defects.

    The WISdom Directory ReSearcher and Analyzer services functions  outlined below  provides high speed Java RIA client accessing of all directory information, synopses, ratings, etc. to display the full potential of the WISdom Network standardized content  outlined above.  Consumer Information Services Nirvana must be fast.

    All  MINE  information that the Prospector has access to must be secured information, inaccessible to any other application or to the network except under strictly Prospector-controlled responses to priviledged central server requests for anonymous aggregated MINE information.

    WISdom Network content creates its own market for growth of member (and WISdom Co-op "GSI Product Category Specialist") quality-rating informed Secure PPVvia micropayments Information and Consumer Services!

This technically detailed project must maintain communications to enable public scrutiny and participation as desired    This overview of content architecture will not discuss the basic work that must be done in content architecture and XML framework engineering.  This work should be documented as it progresses on another website  to develop the framework of WISdom information that will be common to all information types, allowing for the  meta types  necessary to enable full comparison of offerings within type.  The meta type for any GSI-Type is the XML representation of  a standard WISdom Network Order Form, showing all possible features and options, etc. , plus the required GSI information for the GSI-Type, classified as content type, and permitting graphics.  RDF/RSS feeds of this required information will be taken from cooperating/collaborating producers and providers, or the information will be gathered directly from producer/provider databases via WISdom Co-op Extranet access agreements.

    The WISdom Network would structure information within portals developed for each category/specialty of GSI or "GSI Class/Type",  with portal content templates developed by content specialistsand/or by reverse engineering from the "best in  GSI category" of the open internet Web (circumventing existing software patents where necessary and safe), using the ManyOne's Portal Development Kit to help get the ManyOne look and feel, and perhaps sub-licencing Macromedia's Contribute2 for simple website updating by producers and providers.

   .Some information would be supplied by WISdom Central Services or contracted independent consumer  services, such as general consumer info about the GSI item type, buying tips, new developments, consumer questionnaires for GSI Item Type, desired features and characteristics, etc.

The WISdom Network will enforce familiar standard formats for offering postings of registered producers and providers.

    Content within each Information item type would be further differentiated by its appropriateness for the educational level of the user that is known by the WISdom Prospector, and its  adaptability to small screen mobile handheld usage. Educational content and network support, possibly via secure PPV, is to be a major continuing effort by the WISdom Co-op!

Why should producers maintain their own consumer Web services, when the WISdom Network will do it for them?

Maybe they think we don't treat them fairly?

Or, maybe they are afraid they'll lose market share
with widely available and easilly analyzable, reliable consumer/member ratings information?

    Most valuable of this consumer information is reliable independent ratings of the quality and value of products offered to WISdom Co-op members to implement

WISdom Network's policy of TRUTH  and  Responsibility   in advertising.

Worth and Reward!
Consumer Information Services  Nirvana  is a BIG undertaking to contemplate,
but the payoff will be greater than for going to Mars,
and it can be implemented a piece ("GSI Class/Type") at a time
smoothly on a basis of intelligently projected ROI to members.

Full spectrum coverage will take years,
but can happen much sooner than one might think
when everybody is working with the same WISdom Network standards
and has free public access to WISdom Network~Connected Content Creation and Management
 software tools and services!

No Unsolicited Advertising on the WISdom Network

Advertising Junk Culture

    Advertising irritates people, contributes to shallow and destructive consumerism, and does not reliably inform them about goods, services or information; therefore, unsolicited advertising would be treated as other forms of spam, and it would be cause for suspension or cancellation of membership (or worse if somehow done by a non-member)on the WISdom Network .

    WISdom Network central services or a consumer rating service would provide general consumer info, buying tips, new developments, and establish WISdom Network producer and provider posting standards for goods, service or information postings, etc. about the goods, services or information Type.

    Instead of the current intrusive form of advertising that everybody pays for in more ways than one, information in WISdom Network formats about each good, service or information item would be required from producers by the WISdom Network software that posts the Intranet Web XML data into the WISdom Network's Consumer Goods, Services and Information SQL Database (CGSIDb).  These WISdom Network formats are the members' critical point of presence for TRUTH  in advertising, and of the consumer business intelligence that implies.  The standardization of these formats for each type of consumer goods, services and information means that members and their software can easily compare competing offerings, as well as following a policy of insuring non malicious code on the WISdom Intranet.

    The quality of the item would be rated by WISdom Central Services personnel or an independent product rating service, and then this rating would be modified by the members' actual experiences with the item, as follows below.  Personalized product comparisons and selection recommendations can provide members' buying decision support.

    The WISdom Network as proposed would eliminate network advertising and its related commercialism and consumerism, in deference to truth in advertising.  Non-members would help support the WISdom Network via Secure PPV content.  This is one of the WISdom Network's most important cultural benefits.

    Subtle marketing through registered informative general or special interest free content is favored as effective, and non-intrusive, as well as helpful and efficient organizational image and message propaganda.

Rating Services and Member Rating of Received Goods, Services and Information

WISdom IMember Ratings of all GSI items

    WISdom Purchasing Services product category specialists or contracted individuals selected for their recognized authority in the GSI-Type Categories, and possibly independent product rating services would initially rate the quality of the WISdom Network Goods, Services, and Information (ratings may be PPV  only 1 charge per use to  WISdom Network service providers), and to augment this rating information,members would be requested to rate the quality of received GSI items.   Cooperating members receive credit toward GreenStar discounts on PPV content.  Member comments, discussion forums, and real time conferencing should be supported for all WISdom Network content, whether free to members or via Secure PPV, simultaneously supporting members with pertinent information and feeding back ratings to producers and WISdom Network content management.

    Startup products and especially startup producers will be encouraged to enter the WISdom Network member-controlled market by offering generous free products to WISdom Co-op certified product testing/researching members, who will remain anonymous but whose first access to update new products ratings makes them a very powerful opinion group.

   This member rating would be integrated as part of a strategy to sequence competing producer and provider offerings to members in the order of personalized value.  The WISdom Co-op accepts responsibility and liability for undiscovered product safety defects, etc., as part of its Guaranteed Services, so it must take this responsibility seriously!  On the other hand, a good safety and satisfaction record of products selected by members using WISdom Network's rating information and selection tools (easily tracked!) will demonstrate the superiority of this method vs. merely holding producers alone responsible for product defects.

Keep!    A "Lies win sprints, Truth Wins Marathons"  philosophy should be applied to ratings and comparisons that are generated by the WISdom Network software that analyzes and resolves member ratings and results in WISdom over timeWISdom IQ  is the key to maintaining  WISdom's dominance in the consumer information and services sector.

   The "personal value variables V1... Vn" , the primitives of which are contained in the member's MINE, are calculated and recalculated by using two items of information that require some clarification:

1)  "a goods, services and information rating service (may be PPV  only 1 charge per use)  and a summation of WISdom Co-op members' ratings of received goods and/or services", i.e., upon receipt of goods and/or services members are requested to rate their quality as "poor, fair, good, better, best, etc." , and this is a summation of all members' and Wisdom Network Purchasing product type specialist ratings.

2) "as individualized by my personal preferences", i.e., in addition to indentifying in the member's MINE his preference, favorite brands, etc. members are asked to indicate their quality compromise position for the goods and/or services GSI Classes/Types (e.g., in member replenishment shopping: Meat, Vegetables, Paper Products etc.) on a continuum between economy and high quality.  This means members can "trade up" on Meat or other valued GSI Classes/Types,  and "trade down" on less valued items like Paper Products, for example.  The member's position may be recalculated and optionally may require manual verification by the member.

"GreenStarQuality" ~ quality may at the users discretion include such factors as the "social responsibility index of producers and providers" (a WISdom Network calculation of the  + and - factors for each principal in its private producer/provider database).
    The WISdom Network would provide incentives for responsible consumption, such as free subscriptions to PPV content by qualification for WISdom Co-op's "GreenStar" program for Responsible Consumer purchasing by compliance with WISdom Co-op recommendations.

    We are watching Them (we might disintermediate them,  but at least we will publically disgrace them), and  you can make them pay for their misdeeds both here and abroad, if you are a socially responsible consumer!

    We are watching you too,  but  if you agree, only!  Your participation in the "GreenStar" program is voluntary, but you'll  definitely  find it in your interest because of the  free (normally PPV) content offerings.

    The member's preferences, favorite brands, social responsibility "GreenStar"  compliance rating, etc., which are stored in the member's MINE, are automatically used in the WISdom Prospector's personalization of the Virtual Specialties Market Analyzer services function to:

 sequence offerings by individualized value and displays
act on WISdom Co-op generated producer and provider recommendations.

    All WISdom Prospector WISdom offerings would have a WISdom OWL-compliant WISPER  standard navigable index of member FAQs about the offering ~ actual FAQs and their answers by producers and providers.  Ideally, asking any question related to any offering would find similar FAQ(s) and/or allow for the software? moderated creation and tracked answering of new FAQs.

    WISdom Co-op's members can help create and maintain their own valuable content as a byproduct of their socially responsible interactions and thoughtful participation in the world via the WISdom Co-op's "GreenStar" program of responsible purchasing and rating. Producers and providers as well as PPV content provivers will find it profitable to get with the program world wide  ~ we'll give them "BlueStars"(instead of  "R e d S t r i p e s").

    The quality of Governmental and NGO information and services would be rated by members also, with  the possibility of disintermediation of the government for many services!
Keep!Individuals may act responsibly and socially responsible comnsuption/rating should be supported, but impersonal for profit corporations cannot be expected to, and must often be coerced by consumers.

Portals with Templates for Producer and Provider Posting

......................... of..Templates for Producer and Provider Posting Enforce WISdom Network Information Quality Staandards!

...........................All Offerings in Each GSI Class/Type or Category

   WISdom Network-approved Producers and Providers supply WISdom Network-required and optional data via XHTML built from standard WISdom Network-supplied format templates for theGSI Class/Type classification scheme that make use of  ManyOne's Portal Development Kit or similar BEA WebLogic tools and "rich media".

    "GSI Class/Type" or "Virtual Specialty" is roughly analogous to consumer goods and/or services groupings by physical retail outlet types, as in traditional shopping malls, but frequently more granular.  Each Specialty will therefore have a unique look and feel, and all producers and providers of that Specialty will have easily and fully comparable offerings.

    Representative Producers and Providers of each GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialty" would be asked to suggest appropriate content and comparison facilities.  In this manner early cooperators with the WISdom Co-op Network standards will have the most influence in determining the rules of the playing fields for the producers and providers that they will compete with.  This power should attract early producer and provider cooperation.

    Good providers and producers will go where the consumers are!

    This material, with automated moderation for WISdom Network standards enforcement, would be posted to the WISdom Network Intranet Web  to be navigated by The WISdom Prospector, and data would be extracted to the CGSIDb for fasst accessing of Virtual Specialties Markets as offline OLAP "cubes".

    The WISdom Network (orauthorized experimenters in a GSI Class/Type) can supply XHTML with JavaScript Intranet or offline Web WISdom Prospector Analysis Reports pages for the GSI Class/Type to enable single or multiple page GSI Item comparisons by feature, and to facilitate other buying decision-support displays that are unique to the GSI Class/Type.

    A different CSS generated display and RSS feed for each provider or producer of competing GSIs should suffice to give a grudging illusion of differentiation when no real differentation is apparent to most members.
   The Mozilla Open Directory Project will be a source of pre-evaluated WISdom Intranet websites.  An example of one of these that could be disintermediated by WISdom Network Local Media Services is

    Since high quality, standardized Web publishing software with standardized XHTML templates will be made available to all producers and providers on the network, the production qualities as well as the content of WISdom Network Intranet Web material should be first-rate, in keeping with the WISdom Network's requirements and the capabilities of BEA WebLogic tools.  See: Interspect Web Page Design.

    Failure to meet WISdom Network producer or provider standards would result in the inactivation of the producer or provider material until those standards are met.

   Some information is supplied by producers during the WISdom Network GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Markets" registration, and by providers during the WISdom Network Provider's manual posting processes.

     The format of required and optional GSI data must allow some flexibility to phase-in the WISdom Network Producers and Providers posting standards that support temporary WISdom Network Provider ordering and delivery procedures,allowing for hyperlinks to and RSS feeds or other Web Services connections for text and graphics from producers and providers WISdom Network Intranet-approved-and-resident websites for research and purchasing with delivery from providers.

    Approved WISdom Network Producers (i.e.,those who meet the WISdom Co-op's Intranet and other accepted W3C standards, such as: "no cookies, ActiveX or VBScript",   CybeRealSpaceTime prices, etc.) provide WISdom Network-required and optional information about their products  in WISdom Network standard formats for the GSI Class/Type that accurately and fully describe the product, and they post (software moderated posting) this information in XHTML to WISdom Network Extranet websites that will be gathered to the CGSIDb.

    Any returns of any GSI Class/Type from members casts suspicion on the WISdom Network presentation of the GSI Class/Type, and returns of any specific product (including "pure Information" offerings via PPV or Free)  casts suspicion on that producers information.  Note that the Prospector will know how long the member "browsed" the information before returning it - Big Brother is watching.

    Producers' unique product selection and configuration Web materials (e.g., Dell's product customization service) with access to producer databases may be approved for producer and provider posting to interface with the WISdom Co-op's member ordering procedures.

    Any current open internet Web materials that can not be converted easily with WISdom Network assistance will receive unique attention - the members rule.

    WISdom Network-approved Producers must agree to supply test products in sufficient quantity for WISdom Central Services to evaluate their quality.

   For each product there will typically be multiple provider offerings.  Approved WISdom Network Providers, including local merchants, would register their name/address info with the network via WISdom Network formatted XHTMLIntranet Pages.  Besides manual moderated posting by providers, there are two alternatives to obtaining provider offering information: by the nightly processing of comma separated data on files generated from providers' inventory databases that contain items and prices, or preferably, by the nightly extraction of inventory information from providers' XHTML Intranet websites of known RDF format.
Cooperation from local providers can be courted with free scheduled shopping pickup and delivery services, along with these free Intranet websites, plus cheap/free WLAN services for their establishments  for retailers that will pick/pack their WISdom Co-op sales.

    GSI buyer experience should be rated by members to augment the WISdom Network-supplied GSI rating with continuous feedback from owners/users.

Individual Member and Organization Posting
Individual creativity is encouraged on your own Web sites    Individual members (authors, artists, and independent journalists) and organizations could post to their WISdom Network Intranet websites as free or Secure PPV via micropayments per page of the "new media".  This posting would be moderated and evaluated by Local Area WISdom Network Services. Members would have their own (moderated for compliance with local minimum standards?) Intranet website folder.  Information to categorize and enable intelligent selection of information by the member's WISdom Prospector with the Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer services functions will be gathered at Intranet Web posting time and at member or content specialist evaluation time and used to update the CGSIDb to build the required VSM Analyzer OLAP cubes.  They can also post to WISdom Network's buy and sell ads, and generate alert messages when required conditions are present, via
localized by zip code(s) classified VSM listings information in WISdom Network formats: .
"wanted to buy/sell new/used~recycle items",  real estate,  employment,  education and training, etc., and members and local WISdom Network providers could post information and greetings, etc. (possibly physical location-based) on local  Intranet websites.
Keep, Of Course !  Most of the Best of  WISdom Content will still come from individuals, organizations and other groups  cooperating and collaborating, for example,

The WISdom Cooperative Education Blogosphere,
making use of
 WISdom Network's Standard Free/Open Source
and possibly per-use charged
Private Network and Software Facilities,
including the Prospector (individualized by a Group MINE) WISPER interface,
and other Search, ReSearch, and Analysis tools
Content creation and management tools.

 Individuals and groups need the Reliably Secure Environment for Creation
available when using WISdom Network's existing facilities for
Local Services Area Creation and Sustainable Growth!

Groups and organizations are responsible for much that is useful on the open internet Web.
Easily created, organization-managed with authenticated file sharing,
private networks within the WISdom Network
will enable groups to create their own portal and private services applications
that  extend their WISdom Prospector's domain
at reasonable WISdom Network rates!

    WISdom Network's Open (FreeShare) Source can benefit small or medium businesses that are building or enhancing their network.

    Using WISdom Network facilities and tools (WISdom's integrated IDE), members may build their own or customize existing WISdom Prospector ReSearch and Analysis Services supported displays (JSP), and thus may individualize their private information services to suit various SIGs, such as member owned businesses and other organizations.  Provision of WISdom Network's private network services to small organizations and businesses is seen as an additional source of income for the WISdom Co-op.

    Franchisee and Local WISdom Co-op chapter SIGs may use these facilities of course.

    The WISPERing WISdom Prospector's management of  "Pure Information Services" content (as opposed to directory information) requires unique treatment: an architectural framework within frameworks, as a unique Goods and/or Services content (GSI-Type). The dividends for excellence are high here, and that should be reflected in the resources devoted to its attainment.

  Local Area Merchant Posting and Active Cooperation Building
    See a typical for-profit open internet approach to Merchant Posting.

    Local merchant providers would be approached to solicit their offerings information on the WISdom Network.This information is used to offer  WISdom Co-op's members' shopping support services, which can be initially limited to producing member information, such as routed, optimized for lowest total cost local shopping trip maps with multiple stops for shopping pickup, and picking lists in store offering aisle/slot location sequence.   Additional member shopping support services can be added, such as provider "pre-pick and pack" of orders in aisle/slot sequence for scheduled pickup, or full service local WISdom area order and delivery can be introduced with order aggregation support on the WISdom Network.

    Why would local merchants want to cooperate with the WISdom Network?

    Local merchants can have economic standard PC and/or mobile pocket PC displays for service personnel  and customer use that show what the WISdom Network Content for this store's products and in-store locations, along with the WISdom Network's comparison shopping features to evaluate possible purchases.
    Enabling customer use of electronic in-store location and selection are seen as essential for many small and midsize merchants to compete with the big marts that will have their own WLAN system.  Secure VoIP "walkie-talkie" IM chat, and email between all customers and the store's personnel is facilitated ~ customers can make use of WISPER and the store owner's  WISdom Prospector product evaluation and alternatives comparison features, talk to store personnel, etc.

    In- store electronic location and selection via wireless LAN can be very helpful in many ways to customers and personnel in many different types of stores,  and software, service and support for this WLAN can be provided by the Local WISdom Network Services, free for all cooperating local merchants.

    XHTML Intranet websites for Local Area Merchants could be generated by suitable WISdom Network standardized software provided vialocal area WISdom Network Services management as private network application software that facilitates changing standards for the WISdom Co-op Intranet Web, and local area personnel could help local area merchants with its use.

    As their reward for cooperating and collaborating with the WISdom Network, and as a member service regardless of whether or not WISdom Network will ever disintermediate any of their goods and/or services, cooperating/collaborating local merchants could have their own XML websites free of charge for the application site building software, complete with access to the merchant's database.  A thriving local market for take-out orders with scheduled pickup by members that should satisfy the requirements of all local merchants.  The best restaurants in town could deliver meals to members to serve it hot and cold, but members or WISdom Services (when available and appropriate) , will pickup on schedule.

    These XML websites of known format would facilitate extraction by RSS of producer and provider offering information to the CGSIDb, ultimately to form SQL accessible Virtual Specialties Markets The ability of the WISdom Network Service Area Providers to get the jump on prices throughout the day facilitates WISdom Network's Selective Disintermediation by Product of local and central providers.

   Extracting items and prices from Central Providers' Intranet websites or databases also depends on their cooperation of course, and that probably won't happen in very large numbers until "critical mass" is reached.  Disintermediation by product is not anticippated on a large scale here.  But a more wholesale disintermediation of Central Providers is expected, based on the merits of WISdom Network Shopping and the installed, active base of user/members who depend on WISdom Network Local Area Shopping and Delivery Services.

    Producers and providers who cooperate early with the WISdom Network's content standaards will be influential in building the basic competive arenas within their GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Market" specialty goods and/or services.  When the WISdom Network hits "critical mass", the producer and provider holdouts will go where the consumers are, since cooperation with the WISdom Network will be more convenient, effective, and less expensive than their current intrusive marketing and advertising efforts.

Options and alternatives to the above should be explored further by WISdom Proposal discussion participants.

    This overview of content architecture did not discuss the basic work that must be done in client software and content architecture and XML framework engineering.  This work should be documented as it progresses on another website.  The same openness should apply to the MINE SQL database architectural and engineering efforts.  The architectural work should be done by cooperation and standards agreements with DMOZ.

    Once the WISdom Network Content is up to standards in consumer replenishment goods, the Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis tools discussed here will be needed to extract member value from that content, the WISdom Network's first service being "automated replenishment shopping from menu selections through scheduled delivery".  All of the Prospector's methods may benefit from purchasing or reverse engineering search related technology that becomes available during the current heated search engine competition.

The WISdom Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis Services Functions and Tools:

...............Java services functions focus on Virtual Specialties MarketsThe VSM Analyzer performs multiple interrelated information analysis functions and facilitates intelligent, information dense displays.
ReSearch and Analysis Services
WISdom Member BPEL transactions
When You're Not  just browsing around,
Shopping for Content = Search, ReSearch and Analysis
Continuing Layer 1 of a Transformation  of the  User=Consumer/Member Experience
and providing other Java Services
for use by Avtive JSP pages of WISdom custom browser based Layer 2
    Lots of users are addicted to "browsing" as a way of doing their shopping.  That can be done of course via the WISdom Prospector, and "just browsing" the Open Directory with a minimal representation of   WISdom Network's provider and producer offerings will be a much more fruitful member experience than browsing the open internet.   But the capabilities of WISdom Network's software and content architecture and facilities come to the fore as  indispensible for fully-informed, Reliable Consumer Web Servicesvia the WISdom Prospector's ReSearch and Analysis functions, and their availability will spur producer and provider acceptance of their new position as requested information provider (not as marketer/advertiser) with the advent of the WISdom Network.

WISdom Content and MINEs Analysis Services
Functions and Tools
a WISdom Network Service Oriented Architecture
and BPEL transactions

WISdom Services must be remotely invokable on members' client machines via WISPER!

  The Prospector's Search function (service) must first identify and resolve possibly multiple WISdomGSI Keywords (a function easily handled as voice response/speech synthesis) to decide on the contents of Virtual Specialties Markets for reliably faster production  of even the most complex displays  via Off Line Analytic Processing  and presentation of ReSearch-oriented displays, with OLAP client-resident extended Market Directory and  data ultimately from many sources  organized by the GSI Class/Type classification schemes, enabled by  WISdom Content and metacontent.

    A large well-managed client side cache of   automatically updated   XHTML/Javascript pages  makes the WISdom Prospector its own server  of most critical ReSearch-oriented consumer content that has been designated as of interest to the member, and that has its own  WISdom Network Metadata unique to the GSI Class/Type, for which data may be specifiabed by the member at ReSearch time and/or previously by WISdom member-invoked BPEL services, and which may have already been specified by the member in his MINE member value parameters.

    Note that these services would become available to all organizations and members, and  there may be fees for organizational usage, which they can pass along to their audiences via WISdom Network's secure PPV "pay once for a copy" via micropayments facilities.   But the Search, ReSearch and Analysis functions are primarily"Shopping for Content",  and not themselves intended to be PPV.   The member-invoked BPEL services other than such "shopping for content" may be considered "Additional  Services", requiring per use charges.   It's all up to the WISdom Co-op members.

    The Search to ReSearch and Analysis functional services transitions are to be transparent and versatile, so depending on the parsing of the original Prospector Search inputs, and/or the member-invoked BPEL transactions, the responding displays may be appropriately Search,ReSearch and/or Analysis oriented, made from templates with WISdom Network content posting procedures that enforce content standards for the GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialties Markets", enabling fast, bandwidth usage smoothing,  efficiently applied,

personalized  consumer/member analysis  via  WISPER
or traditional GUI with Sun's "Looking Glass" technology!Mozilla Rises in Response to the WISdom Prospector's sporadic needs for high bandwidth. here

Content Navigational Control Required!    Note that this facility for standardized WISPER navigation of WISdom Network GSI offerings of All GSI Classes/Types is only possible with the level of WISdomContent and Navigation control that is proposed.  Note also thatWISdom Network bandwidth usage is minimized by the"trickle down updated"  client-resident  VSMs accessible via Java and XHTML/Javascript pages,  freeing bndwidth for other WISdom Network usage.
    The execution of task-oriented BPEL sequences of system services to provide specific continuously authenticated member services, e.g., "automated replenishment shopping from menu selections to scheduled delivery" can be easily initiated via mobile VoIP Prospector voice commands ("WISPER via VoIP in the USA") and, depending on the type of control that a particular member service must enable, can execute BPEL business transactions that have been parameterized in accordance with the contents of the member's MINE (assumed stationary).
    The WISdom Network's Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer function and tool Services set can be implemented within the Mozilla Application Framework, using J2EE/XML,  JavaScript/XHTML and the Mono Web Services framework to access the WISdom Intranet Web servers to extract Virtual Specialties Markets in "cyberealspacetime" and build secure "Desktop OLAP cubes"  from the C GSI Db(Consumer Goods, Services, and Information relational Database) for versatile and  fast asyncronous SQL select, sequence and summarize access to multi timespace dimensional VSMs.  A modified WISdom Java Virtual Machine may help facilitate the WISdomProspector's requirements for   speedy and versatile analytic processing of all offerings in their "Specialties" Markets.
    The WISdom Prospector's personalized MINE Java portion guided ReSearch function is augmented at the GSI Class/Type "Virtual Specialty" level by WISPER   or GUI-parameterized VSM Analysis sub-function tools that enable the member to compare and contrast competing provider offerings in matrix displays,  to further customize already personalized desired  "feature sets" and select the most appropriate offerings for his purposes.  This information is presented to WISdom Co-op members and their visitors as free or possibly PPV via micropayments per XHTML page,  with WISdom Network formatted information  from many producers or providers rated on desired characteristics and displayed in a matrix on the same page,  and with consumer and supplier oriented Business Intelligence displays  that are created using  Web Services and BPEL standards.
    Some WISdom Prospector VSM Analysis displays may be most appropriate in  dependent small,  sized to fit windows,  always on top of the parent windows to which they pertain.  This combinations of window types and sizes helps lead to a unique WISdom Network experience, as vastly different from experiences available via search engines on the open inteneet.
    Many of these client resident XHTML pages,  after initial client VSM  loading and automated "trickle-down" updating,  can display with little or no data transfer from servers except perhaps RSS for up-to-date producer and provider text and graphics content.

     Significant is the amount of time it takes to zero in on groups of GSIs, "Virtual Specialties Markets",  that you are guaranteed wil meet your needs and/or wants, and the effectiveness-guaranteed assistance in shopping decision making that is offered, so that the shopping experience is short, direct and fruitful, and everybody wins.  That time is optimized here and elsewhere in this proposal, especially in the architecture of all of  WISdom Network's content. The times represent avoided  frustration, poor decision making performance, etc.  that always go hand in hand with sub-optimal communications facilities.


WISdom Prospector  Java Services builds VSMs for WISdom Network file management
and  extracts and/or updates
VSMs from the CGSIDb
Secure Desktop OLAP
WISdom Prospector extracts Virtual Specialties Markets from the CGSIDb
Remotely-invoked BPEL transactions

WISdom Services must be remotely invokable on members' client machines

Fast local SQL access to Virtual Specialties Markets InformationWISARD service function .Accesses Relational Data objects in secure, multidimensional OLAP cubes, via
  J2EE/XML data mapping,  providing fast local versatile SQL accessto Virtual Specialties Markets cubes with Select, Sequence, and Summary of relaed objects .for fast multi-dimensional analysis  of all WISdom Network offerings,
....and WISdom desktop and network application file management services, (via My Eclipse/J Builder X, etc. Java Tools Community Ecosystem for IDE interoperability?)
...................The VSM Analyzer performs multiple interrelated information analysis functions and facilitates intelligent, information dense displays.VSMs are Analysis Information Rich!    VSM ReSearch and Analysis Java service functions for
J2EE/XML data mapping,  and to enable Javascript/XHTML Prospector layer 2 Browser
to produce versatile multi-dimensional analytic displays of competing offerings in VSMs,

VSM Analyzer provides Multidimensional analysis, and lets the member build buying decision obstacle courses!WISdom Order Aggregation and Delivery Services  Support for Ordering and Aggregation/Relay of Orders

VSM Analyzer Optimizes Locl Area Shopping Pickup and Delivery ServicesSecure WI-fi Prospector on board any member's vehiclePick/Pack for WISdom Local Services multi-member routed delivery, with other cooperating local shopping pickups scheduled.
Support for Local Area(s) Shopping Pickup/Delivery Services and for members' personal services, like shopping pickup scheduling and facilitation, etc..

    The VSM Analyzer and ReSearch service function set enables Versatile Personalized Research and Analysis Displays  to compare/contrast and rate for suitability competing offerings of all consumer goods, services and information, and it supports Business Intelligence displays for both member and supplier purchasing decision support.

   The WISdom Network's consumer multi-step BPEL purchasing guided ReSearch (i.e., "Search again", with meaningful arguments supplied or selected at the GSI item type classification level, enables analytic decision support displays that enable quick but thorough"Shopping = ReSearch and Analysis" (PPV or per copy charge content possible here).  The ReSearch and Analysis service functions yield GSI Class/Type previews needed for the evaluation, comparison, and selection from among competing offerings that are forced to compete on WISdom Co-op's territory, and they invite the member to custom build and share offering obstacle courses, assuring Wisdom Coop members that they are making the best GSI Item selection decisions for them personally.  The VSM Analyzer services functions can build Web Services standards enabled business intelligence XHTML displays from VSM cubes with diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, etc., and provider for network and desktop file management services functions.
    The network owners (WISdom Co-op members) enforce unique WISdom Network-approved producer and provider Intranet Web XHTML standards via templates for each GSI Class/Type of Goods, Services and Information  (including email metainformation standards, permitting email analysis), so that producers and providers can be forced to compete on WISdom Co-op-designed competition-promoting playing fields that are level, demanding, and consumer information rich, and that follow familiar standards established by the WISdom Network or its contracted consumer information services to support the WISdom Network ideals of "Shopping = ReSearch and Analysis" and "Advertising = Requested Information".
   The WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer's WISARD and SQL report generator services permit flexible member creation of GSI Item selections and comparisons by GSI Class/Type and features - "Desktop OLAP cubes" comparison structures unique to GSI Class and Type that are meaningful to the member and/or his suppliers - in addition to facilitating access by rating and priceWhen better, more useful GSI comparisons are done, the WISdom Prospector will do them.
    A series of windows displaying producer offerings in sequence by the individual member's value rating with provider offerings in reverse sequence by price would help to facilitate the WISdom Network's software-assisted side-by-side comparisons of producer and provider offerings by GSI Class/Type, specifications, feature sets, independent testing results, etc.  At any time during browsing of a GSI item with the WISdom Prospector, the member can indicate buy, tentative buy,playful buy, or indicate his personal product or service feature preferences and favorites in his MINE..via customized browser buttons.

    The WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer's WISARD and SQL report generator services, supplemented by other non-WISdom Network sources of readily available information and estimates about total consumer goods and services flows in WISdom Network Services Areas, will be used in developing information dense and versatile strategic Business Intelligence (not unlike X-ray and Radio Astronomy for Business  (the WISdom Dashboard) and standard accounting information-oriented displays that are built by WISdom Central Area Services for use by WISdom Local Area Services and Metro/Regional  and Central Purchasing Co-ops'Supply Chain Management Extranets.  This cyberealspacetime information is used to aggregate member orders throughout the WISdom Network, and it is otherwise available by invitation only to generous, cooperating parties  or prospective franchisees.

Combined reports with their Interconnections Displayed on the Same Page are needed for multi dimensional analysis.  Drill down is necessary, but insufficient for full understanding!
Java and Web Services Supporting Advanced Information Analysis

    Business intelligence on the supply side for use by franchisees and their purchasing cooperatives can be gleaned from basic VSM data, but it must be augmented by information from other sources.  This additional information  is like the "dark matter/energy" of the physical universe, in that it may account for over 50% of the stuff that affects the observable activity in this market view.

    GSI Selection aided by  voice-responseWISARD services, including sequences of displays would also be helpful, depending on the GSI Type.
    Ordinary wizards could also be useful, eg., when the member/user requests information (as opposed to goods and/or services), a question and answer guided sequence that is based on the dynamic contents of the WISdom Intranet Web > CGSIDb > VSMs, and is personalized and appropriate to the content category, can lead the way to selection of the most appropriate WISdom Network content.
    After a GSI item, type(s) is selected and an earliest/latest date/time of delivery is indicated by the member, VSMs detailing producer and provider offerings enable manual or automatic selection from available alternatives...When local consumer commodities replenishment shopping is indicated, local providers can be automatically selected (or disintermediated).and the shopping pickup and delivery route can be optimized for overall trip the WISdom Network VSM Analyzer's support for Local Shopping Pickup and Delivery Service route optimization methods, or itemized shopping lists and optimized route maps can be printed for the members' use.
    There may be some variance in each member's replenishment costs when optimizing for multi-member shopping pickup and delivery routes, and these variances will generally mean that the member may save via pickup and delivery aggregation, while having his ordinary needs automatically catered to.  Or, savings due to pickup and delivery aggregation could be accounted to the local shopping pickup and delivery service as partial compensation for services rendered.
WISdom Co-op members can post items for sale or wanted to buy, and an availability, price and other conditions watch can be set by the member, specifying member alerts or automatic buys when specified conditions are met.  These member-specified alerts would be presented to the member in a context-sensitive way, and would be the only instance of members receiving WISdom Prospector messages that are not immediately solicited by the member.
    Network and desktop SQL accessible application file and system management services can be implemented via the WISdom Prospector's close integration with the WISdom Network OS and the VSM Analyzer using WISard, providing SQL access  for Desktop and Network application file management by Java services and  XHTML displays.

    The underlying network OS can be rendered virtually invisible to the user, depending on the member's (or his household members') WISdom Prospector network and desktop authorization level.  Remote client configuration and administration tools will facilitate client management support by local area WISdom Network Services personnel.  This is to help bring computer novices to the network, and to save us all from technically incompetent and/or negligent group of users who, composed primarily of novices, may form a large portion of WISdom Co-op Members!

  There are many qualified Open Source developers who are quite familiar with the Mozilla Application Framework who can implement the WISdom Prospector and Virtual Specialties Markets Analyzer functions, and I believe that resellable franchises awarded to qualified developers would be attractive compensation.

    Please comment and/or discuss the above issues.
The Media and the Blogosphere   of  The WISdom Network

    Mass media is a for-profit monopoly in America, and that at least threatens grave damage to our country; a well informed electorate is essential to any democracy.  Since the mass media runs America, isn't it preferable that the people run the new media if not the old media?

    WISdom is a distribution network for all consumer goods, services and information. As a consumers natural monopoly/monopsony world wide area cooperative, the WISdom Co-op would make an unbiased democratically elected management of media possible.  WISdom Network news feeds (and feedbacks) will be available and would be implemented at the local level,  providing WISdom Network Media Coop independent journalists with updating of content for presentation of localized (zip code area), regionalized or nationalized consumer/citizen-oriented information of all kinds,  posted  with software moderation and enforcement of the  WISdom Network's classification and metacontent requirements.

    Localizable media information and organized archives can be Searched, ReSearched, and Analyzed  in WISdom Network Virtual Specialties Markets,  just as all other goods and services are, and can be either free to members or via Secure PPV, depending upon the individual content provider,  or upon elected cooperative media management's decisions as needed.  The care and feeding of consumers must be controlled by consumers.
    Media creation cooperatives at the local, metro/regional, and central levels, manned by independent and/or cooperative employed journalists equipped with handheld WISPER support for Media Web Services would provide event coverage and commentary, etc. that seems most significant to them, and may have direct links to localized WISdom TV , rounding-out WISdom Network's consumer-oriented information with news relating to the provision of governmental services ~ "keeping an Eye on governments and people".  The WISdom Network MUST provide an environment that facilitates the growth of free communications.

    Much of the WISdom Network content that is proposed to replace what is now called the media can be generated and presented via the WISdom Network in at least quasi-real time.

WISdom "Big Bloggers" ~ The WISdom Co-op's Active Media Power Channels>Centers

  It's the ultimate propaganda  (the "real" Truth) machine, so it  MUST be Controlled  by Consumers!

  WISdom Network's "Big Bloggers" who follow WISdom Co-op's  registered public member voting record requirements become naturally occuring opinion leaders andpower execution channels>centers asmember proxy voting delegates.  The "fifth estate" becomes WISdom Co-op's member power execution channels and centers.

    WISdom Co-op will have member-selectable delegation of voting powers that are restricted to voting issues appropriately categorized as, eg., technical network issues, service issues, etc.  Unless the member actually votes before the vote deadline, the member's designated "Big Blogger" in that category who votes publically will, in effect, vote as proxy for the member.
   Copyright laws have become draconian.  The WISdom Network as proposed would achieve control of copyright by simply requiring that all WISdom Network providers of information relinquish copyright after a reasonable time, as determined by the WISdom Co-op consumers' monopoly.  Share the artifacts of culture or try to find some other venue.

Summary of Proposed Remedies

    I claim that a secure consumers cooperative   Intranet  with a  single, intelligent and trustworthy unified interface for the consumer can offer  member services that are vastly superior, from the consumer's point of view, to anything achievable,  or even allowable by any for-profit business  on the open internet Web (.com).

    Because of, and contributing to this superiority, with its attendant viral monopoly, WISdom Network Services will be owned and  operated  by  a cooperative business entity that serves its owners/members.

Economic Characteristics of WISdom Network Services: A "Public"Information Utility

    The WISdom Network as proposed would be composed of world wide (the WISdom Co-op) and local consumer cooperatives, with local zip code area franchises, metro/regional purchasing hubs and functions, and local credit unions providing complete consumer financial services, all organized as cooperative businesses; therefore, the economics of this network need to be viewed from a somewhat different angle from that used when analyzing for-profit business.  I am notan economist, and I'm not fully aware of all of these differences myself, so a full analysis should be done by a professional versed in the economics of cooperatives, and who can analyze the situation under conditions of advancing monopsony.  Meanwhile, I invite the reader to do his own macro level economic analysis if he is so inclined remembering that, at least theoretically, a consumers' natural monopoly//monopsony like the WISdom Network would be might have a depressing effect on production due to the lowering of wholesale prices.

Economic Models to be Created:

    Nation wide spreadsheet displays are needed at the zip code level (47,000 zip codes) with up to date business intelligence information about the consumer goods, services and information market from the point of view of members, franchisees or local area cooperatives (or any prospects), and the WISdom Foundation and WISdom Purchasing Co-op management.  These would be of definite interest to early WISdom Proposal evaluators and prospective members and franchisees, so some first cut version needs to be made available soon.
    These economic models will be much more believable if they are constructed by an independent authority - please help all consumers with this now!

    These nation wide economic models are essential to show the feasibility of this proposal, and if so, they will be Big News!  If not feasible as proposed, can the major features of the proposal be retained?  How much of the expected benefits must be reduced or eliminated in order to become feasible?

    The Business Intelligence Displays for PPV over Intranet prospective franchisee use  are expected to show that franchises can produce positive ROI after the first year, and that consumer demand can be sustained during WISdom Network's consumer monopoly process, beginning with a media splash of some (free) sort.

    See amateur (but certainly not "amateurish")  historical research into supermarket chainsA first rate slice of Americana!

    Please  let me know  about the economic points that I have missed, gotten wrong, or glossed over here.

    Start Me Up!  In sum, the following economic characteristics and other features of the WISdom Network mean that the proposed consumers cooperative networked service will very quickly add and retain members once it reaches "critical mass" or "breaking the bonds of gravity", which would occur sometime after full service WISdom Network has rolled out to at the very least several local (zip code) areas, one regional hub and one national area, wherever these areas may be located.  As of 7-4-03 I feel confident that critical mass will occur during the proposed high-profile well-publicized and ready WISdom Co-op Local Services prototype demo Opening in "Peoria".

Demand Side Economies - Network Effects

   The WISdom Network would have at least as many network effects as telephone service, which has been traditionally used as a prime example of a product that increases in value exponentially with each additional purchase.  A WISdom Network with fewer than many members would be virtually inconceivable, and full value would not accrue until market saturation is achieved.  Indeed, Producers and Providers would probably not even fully cooperate with the WISdom Network information posting standards until near market saturation is reached, though there will be exceptions, of course.  Network effects may be further increased by the "togetherness" of local (zip code) area consumer cooperative business owned by its members.

Demand Side Incompatibilities
Internal Incompatibilities - "Soft Lockin"

   Since much software and metacontent would be unique to the WISdom Network, there would be a system operation learning and adjustment curve, and this can be facilitated by local area cooperative members online instruction of other members.  The increasing value to the member of hisMINE as he invests his information into it, will  lockin the member with velvet handcuffs,  for life! Heh, heh ...   Many very valuable WISdom Network features would simply be impossible or impractical by simpler or for-profit business without these standards.  Free trade vs. fair trade issues are  brought to the consumer at the point of purchase.  Again, consumer cooperatives entail "soft lockin"/loyalty.

External Incompatibilities - "Hard Lockin"

Standards Setting

   A natural monopoly/monopsony consumer cooperative business like the WISdom Network that requires and supplies the unique software outlined in this proposal would be likely to acquire some defacto software standards setting powers, especially in the area of network applications software.  And mass media standards should be set by the WISdom Network.  "People rule" would be a welcomed change from rule by dominant for-profit business in the consumer sector, whether in computer software , mass media, or local retail.

   Hardware MINEs = hard lockin extrodinaire.

    Don't lose your MINE!  Amnesia would be preferable ~ at least you could still manage life with your MINE-informed WISdom Prospector.

    Of course there must be secure facilities for transfering MINE data to and from hardware and/or software MINEs, but their  use must be restricted to strictly authorized access  that does not compromise MINE security.  We can't have our MINEds wanderoing around out dere.

Supply Side Economies of Scale and Scope

   The scale is consumers world wide, and each additional member increases the value of services to all members, as well as to consumers everywhere.WISdom Network support costs after initial development are of minimal concern to a nation wide consumers cooperative, and do not increase much as membership grows.  A consumer cooperative business with a virtual private network that needs and supplies its own software needs to have many members and vast extensions to the scope of services will definitely be in order.  Some of these extensions to the scope of services are possible only for cooperative business, and the balancing of free trade vs. fair trade  is possible.

   With WI-FI satelite, the world wide scale can be rapidly populated to near-universal human inhabitant figures, serviced via mobile handheld devices with  voice and normal speech recognition and WebServices command/control of  all WISdom Co-op member services.  This is a proposal for quantum leap style growth in world wide network services via restructuring, with sustainability and responsiveness built-in by cooperative principles and values.  The political implications are enormous, as are the socioeconomic and cultural impacts.
High Barriers to Entry

   I only wish that the barriers to entry were lower!  There must be thousands of initial members, and the costs for just a modest startup network would be large.  The cooperation of a large number of central and local producers and providers that offer good value is required.  It's against cooperative principles to directly compete with other cooperatives, so a second WISdom-like network would have impossibly high barriers to entry. The economics of pure cooperatives are definitely unique.

First Mover Advantages

   All of the above economic characteristics of the WISdom Network have important implications, of course, for startup strategy as well as for member retention, and these implications are briefly explored elsewhere in this proposal.  But I would like to mention here that although the "first mover" advantages that are obtained by the WISdom Network are even greater than the above economic features would indicate, there is no rush to market that I can see except the immanence of infowar!  This is because the WISdom Network as proposed would simply not have effective competition, since it has a feature that for-profit network enterprises simply cannot beat: the not-for-profit cooperative business structure.

    Who implements a WISdom-like network is unimportant to me, just so long as it is done right.  Cooperatives in principle do not compete with each other.

    Do it before somebody else starts sewing up "free" software and support for local merchants' websites of standard format   with direct  or  Web Services-facilitated connections to local providers' data.

Tools and talent in their use are needed to build the WISdom Network
Services Oriented Architecture and Development Tools

First Mover Disadvantages will accrue to any organization that takes off on its own in Web Services standards and architecture, or to those that do much network content and software development work with tools that are not based on and optimized for those architectures and standards. Much more important is When the WISdom Network should be implemented to get the best bang for the buck.

    The tool availability situation looks good as of 11-03 (see J Builder X, for example), but relevant content architecture, standards, and engineering facilities  seem critical needs   now....

    Sun raves about $99 developer tool (11-04)

Prices and Progressive, Selective by Product Central and Local Provider Disintermediation

From Shopping and Delivery Service
To Consumer Market Dominance
Strong Legs
Mozilla goes uphill to the high ground of consumer market dominance

Never buy anything without bidding
on the WISdom Network Local Service's specific counter offer
in CybeRealisticSpaceTime.

He may give it to you below his cost if,
because he really wants to serve you!

WISdom Services guarantees the reliability of its consumer Information,
and it may even be liable for undiscovered product Information or member ratings-moderated Service defects.

    Selective by Product Disintermediation of Providers is done by the WISdom Network posting identical or similar product/provider availability with a price lower than the competition, or by dynamically cutting prices on selected products as necessary, causing the Virtual Specialties Market Analyzer function of the WISdom Prospectorto display or internally evaluate the WISdom Network Service's product offering to members first in a sequence of offerings as the best values for the individual member.  Note that all providers can and likely will compete on price for Goods and/or Services and Information of the same GSI Class or Type in this manner.
    But, competition among providers on price alone is definitely discouraged via the VSM Analyzer functions by  highlighting features of the GSI Class and/or Type that are missing or poorly-rated in the competing provider offerings.  Competition on quality and service is promoted and provided throughout the WISdom Network.  The WISdom Network should prevent destructive price wars by limiting producer and provider price changes to once daily, except for the Central and Local WISdom Network Services which can undercut anybody's price in cyberealspacetime.
    Because of the WISdom Network'sOrder Aggregation/Relay and Delivery Services, selective by product disintermediation of providers at the local level can be introduced when local or adjacent zip code areas are served by a WISdom Network Services franchisee or local area consumers cooperative and WISdom Network Producer and Provider posting standards are phased in.  Member orders for same day delivery may elicit WISdom Network counter offers for multiple day delivery, when the member savings to be realized by waiting a few days is significant.  Disintermediation of central (internet) providers will be handled by WISdom Network Metro Area/Regional and National Purchasing cooperatives, with assistance from state-of-the-art Supply Chain Management software for synchronizing the WISdom Network Metro Area/Regional hub and Local (zip code) Service Area inventories with projected/planned member demand.
    Disintermediation of local providers for consumer replenishment shopping is facilitated by product local inventory availability triggered automatic selection of the WISdom Network Services as the most economic local provider of the consumer goods, service, or information commodity at the dynamically adjusted WISdom Network CybeRealSpaceTime price.  This disintermediation of local providers for "automated replenishment shopping from menu selections through scheduled delivery" can become a major source of income for franchisees or local area consumer cooperatives.
The inventory availability of a WISdom Network Services offering that is a better buy for the member results in the disintermediation of local providers for that item, and will occur automatically as a function of the Virtual Specialties Markets Analyze during the member's "automated replenishment shopping from menu selections through scheduled delivery" support.
    Decisions about disintermediating a product locally are facilitated by the WISdom Network's detailed knowledge of product sales volumes and prices to members by individual local for-profit retailers. This may seem predatory, but consider that less well targeted (i.e., more wholesale disintermediation) would have to be done with non-WISdom open internet or mail order providers, since the WISdom Network's knowledge of these providers' operations will be less detailed.  Appliances, furniture, residences, etc. will be followed by cars, consumer financial services, etc.  But the quick or slow disintermediation of central and local providers should never be done for the sake of driving anybody out of business; when that happens it should clearlybe for the sake of improvement of WISdom Co-op member services, consistent with the interests of the community.

    By legitimately and judiciously eliminating the middlemen for selected products and other network software features, WISdom Network Services would be able to save consumers "a lot" (detailed business plans and models are not prepared yet), providing many improvements in services and giving local franchisees or consumers cooperatives control over the disintermediation process in their communities.  Cooperation with local community leaders can lead to not disintermediating certain types of small local retailers, for example.

    Facilitated disintermediation of providers and distributors and other economic features of the WISdom Network lead quickly and directly to local, regional and central monopoly of the consumer goods, services, and information market, with its attendant economic efficiencies of scale nd scope, but economic power like this must be constrained for the common good.  The legitimate self-regulation by ownership of the consumers cooperative business structure will provide this restraint and keep WISdom Network Services responsive to its members' wants and needs.

A Consumers' Natural Monopoly/Monopsony

Monopsony Forever!

Consumers need a single "buyer"
(middleware and organization)
to let the buyer be aware of his choices
their consequences for him
for his country
world wide.

Supply Chain Management for Individual Members!Java
Best Internet consumer services only possible with Open Source software
One vote per share won't do it; one vote per member does it!

The WISdom Network is Cooperative Open Source's  Web Services Killer App!

Open Source/Closed Network ~ The Users are the Owners

WISdom Co-op's goal is 100% of the Consumer Market
for a service more necessary than phones!
Who can be against US?

     I believe that the above economic and other features outlined in this proposal will make the WISdom Network a natural monopoly/monopsony in most consumer goods and services.  A patent on WISdom Network's software as "embodying business processes or methods that are unique and not obvious" will help to keep upstarts like Microsoft from Longhorning into this market...He who controls the information controls the market.

    The long term existence of more than one private network of consumers with their own producer and provider posting standards like (but not like enough to be a patent infringement) the WISdom Network seems almost inconceivable. Effective competition for universal acceptance could only exist by relaxing network content standards, and the WISdom Co-op will be the best judge of the expected and facilitated need for standards modifications as WISdom Network market acceptance proceeds at a rapid pace due to its extensive "network effects".

    Endowed with efficiencies that stem from economies of scale and scope, the characteristic of monopolies that consumers are most likely to object to is that they become unresponsive to consumer demands and wishes in many ways, and consumer choice is eroded.  Computer users especially are not unaware of the specter of monopoly.

    But when the consumers are members of the local, national and/or world wide cooperative businesses, i.e., they own the business which is a consumer's monopoly, and they all have equal voting rights in most daily business decisions, consumers are likely to be at least as satisfied as they would be when dealing with any large for-profit businesses.  Actually, WISdom Co-op consumer/members would get a much better deal all around than they could from virtually any conceivable for-profit business alternative.

The Benefits of Consumer Power

    See: The Potential of E-Democracy

    All WISdom Network operations, software and member services are subject to democratic change by the members, of course.

    This implies that monopoly results in improved services and lower prices - clearly an absurd claim in the world of for-profit enterprise!  But it certainly will happen that way for the WISdom Co-op:  The Power to Make IT Better!

    For-profit monopolies require government regulation, or at least close supervision, to protect consumer rights.  Consumer cooperatives are self-regulating, and they protect both the self-determination of business that may be monopolies, as well as the rights and freedoms of their member consumers.  Aren't you tired of paying for the governmental interference in business that for-profit monopolies require? Large cooperatives can sustain effective consumer interest lobbying activities Think efficiently big and powerful, as long as it's cooperative business , and its structure forces it to be responsive to local members!
Solid Gold !Since monopoly it will be, the  WISdom Co-op   is a MUST to sustain an improving quality of life for all people.
A Left<>Right Balancing?Approach
Worldwide East<>West Synthesis/Regeneration

So We can rightly say: turn  neither right nor left;
the best interest of all people
Straight Ahead!

Globalization under the influence of
multi-national corporations
the Cooperation of Consumers,
(the Vox Populi of the Free World)
its participating nations will
not represent
an Integrated force for
Political and Economic Democracy,
ATyranny of Capital!

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

Next, an effective UN:
Oligarchy by the UN Security Council
and the WTO dominated by
impersonal corporate-based economic powers
get us there faster,
effectively democratic influences,
 conceivable even within the majority of non-democratic regimes,
will get us there legitimately.

WISdom Co-op and its Network
Individual Consumer Choice of Responsible Consumption
of all goods and/or services.

You Are the Wealth.  Share!


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