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Christian Millennialism and the WISdom Network


Concentrations of Power:
"Powers and Principalities"
Control the World.

Terrorists, whether they be of Islamic, Daoist, Hindu, or other belief
know to beware of "Powers and Principalities" also.

AvertTerrorism and the East/West Showdown with This
Worldwide East<>West Synthesis

Reconcilliation is Required:
Be sure it's by a
Concentration of Cooperating People Power

The Antichrist is all about  ILegitimate Powerremember?
    The principal difference between Christian and Islamic/Judaic cultures is the Holy Spirit of Reconcilliation, a necessary ingredient for a just and lasting world unity and Peace.  East/west reconcilliation should begin with economic democracy and freedom of thought to accept the Holy Spirit of reconcilliation, not Jihad or taking God's revenge for perceived wrongsForgive freely: live and let live freely.

    The Usurper is rising to Power today.

   All of our quasi world government institutions are suspect, ineffective, or worse,  because of their illegitimate, non-democratic usurpation of powers in world "free" trade.  World trade will never be free, until it is fair to everybody in the world.  And the people of the world (Labor as opposed to Capital) have no effective voice in World finance, health, trade, or government.  All the signs of the times are here, and Tribulation looms.  Ae we supposed to just stand back and let God handle the situation, confident of our powerlessness over the Usurper, and eager to see how Christ does His Thing?  He's here right now.

    To be, or not to be?

Christian Premillennialism
    Christian Fundamentalists and most moderate Protestant Christians take a premillennialist position.  Tim LaHaye is a foremost proponent of biblical prophecy and premillennialism, and he is co-author of the best selling Left Behind book series, which dramatizes Rapture and Tribulation events.  LaHaye and many others believe that these events will come soon.
The Conditions and Signs of Christ's Return
    In addition to other well known conditions and signs of Christ's return, knowledge of Christ and a meaningful choice to accept Him as Lord and Savior must be made available to all people world wide.  Truth has its own legitimacy to surface!  The "inevitable" is rare, according to our knowledge of the natural world  ~ Man has Free Will and the power to influence events in God's world!  There is no just reward or punishment without Free Will.  While this may not mean that world wide political and economic democracy with freedom of religion and separation of church and state are preconditions of Christ's return, it is a fact that knowledge and meaningful choice do generally require these things.  I would probably not be a Christian if I were born and raised in an Islamic dictatorship, for example.

    Knowledge, democracy, freedom of expression and community support in all things cultural, spiritual and religious are keystones of the philosophy of the WISdom Proposal, and  The WISdom Co-op seeks to become available world wide.

Tribulation and the avoidance thereof
USA Office of Total Information Awareness
    Since Revelation prophecies that during The Great Tribulation  "The Mark of the Beast"  will be required "on the hand or forehead" (it's now possible with..,Biometric ID) to buy and sell goods, an alternative Christian cooperative Virtual Private Network for distribution of necessities and support on the internet is briefly mentioned in Apollyon, and in other books of the Left Behind series.  Version 1 of this proposal (called The Cpnp Proposal - Consumers' Private Network with Providers) was posted 6-13-1998 and got limited readership via Cross Daily.

    The WISdom Network as a world wide natural monopoly could  help counter the illicit world wide government that is prophesied to be set up by the Antichrist (or is now being set up by "the Beast as multi-national corporation"), and network infiltration needs to be guarded against at all levels.  The WISdom Network was conceived partly in preparation for Tribulation-like events, and I believe that, in addition to saving lives, it would provide for many people the opportunity and support required to make informed decisions, assert individual rights, and obtain necessities during Tribulation-like times when it may not be safe to travel even locally.

    The author believes that "Rapture" means the Holy Spirit will visit and be with you in prayer to comfort and inspire you during Tribulation, or during these Tribulation-like Times (eras).

     A fully legitimate world government, facilitated in part by the WISdom Co-op, is the only reasonable alternative to  eliminating by warfare dictatorship after dictatorship.  This can easily mean total destruction on Earth  ~ a horrible thing to contemplate, even if it is required before Christ's return to Rule as King  for The Millennium.

    Note that if this is not Tribulation coming (we won't know when),  but just the "birth pangs" of  more minor world evolution,we definitely must sieze control of the situation now.  If this is Tribulation, we really have no choice do we?

     Democracy must be both political and economic to be a basis for fully legitimate power and the exercise of responsible choice!

    Christ won't come back for anything less than to defeat the "Powers and Principalities"  that stand in the way of either Political or Economic Democracy.  Political and economic power reinforce each other, but economic power usually precedes political power.
    We are expected to handle what we can, and be assured that God will be with us.  As Chuck C says, "If we do His work, He will do our work!"

    Natural events will play a large role  during Tribulations, so we would be foolish not to avert it if possible.  The Kingdom will not appear to those who really can make a good world by their own efforts!  Get some economic power as an individual now, and assert legitimate power to influence the course of world events.  Then will be revealed the final cause of  peoples'  inability to recreate heaven on earth, and tribulations may come!

    Or have Tribulation now if you must, but you may be choosing destruction!
The New Millennium
    The New Millennium when Christ is to reign as king will have use of the many wonderful scientific and technological advances that are now being developed to help support the expected utopia.  I believe that this is as it should be, because He expects us to help ourselves with these things as we work the garden.  But of course without divine guidance, advances in physics, biology, information science, nano and other technologies will only hasten the demise of humanityWorld wide acceptance of the WISdom Network can greatly contribute to, and may even be seen as necessary for, the utopia expected during The New Millennium.
    Christian audience majority in the USA, England and most eouropean and scandanavian countries, means that Christian influence will be spread throughout the network, exponentially from the network architectural through content levels.  Protect yourself from whatever the antichrist may be by member control of network media.
  The generally Amillennialist position that the author holds is related to his non-literal, figurative and somewhat naturalistic interpretation of biblical text, especially in his view of "thousand/day" as era/increment of 1-7 (7=worldly completeness in the God/man harmony pattern, 8=harmonic octet is heavenly completeness), rather than as "eon/day".   Macro/micro relationships in creationism/structuralism based thinking was at the time of scriptural writings expressed as harmonics of numbers (e.g., Pythagorean inspired meaning assignment to cardinal numbers, especially 1,4,8,12 ... .  I believe that "true prophesy" is possible - the world will eventually become Christianized, resulting in a long period of peace with intelligently controlled ecological and biological evolution and attendant great prosperity called the millennium (for eternity, or must "The Beast" reign again for a while?).  What would be the point of the Tribulation with Jesus coming to Earth again if can fix all our problems without Him?
    Before that can happen there must be universal freedom of religion, and that generally is only available in democratic countries.  The World Wide Consumers Cooperative would spread the cooperative principles of democracy and the rights of individuals throughout the world, and facilitate legitimate member consumer control by efficient "pure democracy".
*Democractic Government Efficient?  That's an Oxymoron, isn't it?
Does Christ want the WISdom Network?
It's the Christian businessman's dream

"The Love of money is the root of all Evil."
For-profit corporations Love money
and Serve those who behave as if
they Love money
their game Plan.

Cooperation between cooperatives precludes competition between them.
They have the spirit of reconcilliation.

Concentrations of Power:
the "prince of the air",
"powers and principalities"
Control the World.
Take it back!

Are non-democratic world economic institutions (IMF, World Bank, WTO)
to become the center of power? for the multinational antichrist
that is now expected by many to be the UN?
They need the Balance of Power that the  WISdom CO-op would provide!

Structure precedes and gives rise to Function in nature and organizations.

Reconcilliation is Required for World Peace!

Is The WISdom Proposal like
"a voice crying in the wilderness"?

 But don't let the management of the WISdom Co-op fall into despotic hands!

 Free Will<>Thought<>Action for Everybody!

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