The WISdomTM 2.01 Proposal
A WeBookTM
by The WISdom Foundation
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The WISdom Co-op:  A Strong Voice  for People
in the
Capital~Controlled  World
of  "Free"  Trade

Who Rules?  Hold down Shift key and CLICK to see!
Don't Let Them!

 Transforming Consumer E-Commerce
the Ultimate Democratic Virtual Organization

Consumers:  Accept Responsibility for Your Fate
Rule Your Network!

Starrrt Me Up !

Turn on,   Tune in   and   Drop the Junk

Participate in an Open Project
 Change the World
 A Consumers' Nation>World Wide Commerce Network
 For The New Millennium

another dot com

Join the WISdom Network Development Project!
We Can Do and Take IT All!

An Open Challenge:
Make A Consumers Cooperative Network Service Model Better than This!

"The reason that throughout history the few have dominated the many
is that the few are organized,
and the many are not."
~ Ralph Nader

there is a compelling and immediate  consumer payback
 a nation<world wide consumers cooperative!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it's the only thing which ever has"
~ Margaret Mead

Virally Responsible Business via Socially Responsible Consumption
Microsoft Can't Embrace and/or Extend This!.........
World Wide Power to the Consumer!........
Consumer Web Services Killer App  Reorders the Real World
from the consumer's desktop!

Paradigm Shift!
Once you enter CybeRealSpaceTime, you may never want to leave!
"It's a World Wide Socioeconomic, Political and Cultural Reconstruction Kit:
 Dick & Jane's Magnificent Adventure!
Code Is Law - Warning: Make It Better
Homer Hype

It's about the Rights and Empowerment
of the Individual . . .
The WISdom Prospector -  Mozilla/Linux inside!  Let me take you on a Tour ?
It's All About Wealth, Power,
and How to Get it!

It's all about your MINEd!

It's the end of the phone as we know it

They say,  "Google on WI-FI seems godlike!"

Cyber Security and Privacy are WISdom Network Priorities

Quantitative Consumer Economic Analysis, anyone?

Next Step: Disintermediate the Government
Services and Institutions!

Fair Trade and You!

Green Party Logo
How Viral is Your Green?
WISdom does
Sustainable Regrowth

Vote Green Web Ring
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