Date: 7-12-03

After briefly reviewing your communication, I can only tell you that your manner of presentation does not lend itself to easy comprehension. Frankly, I gave up trying to read the document after several pages.  I would suggest a tightly edited executive summary, such as would be done for a quality business plan, as a more effective way of starting a conversation.

I would also caution you that the approach you have embarked on disregards key "lessons learned" about effective cooperative development. You are requesting funding without any of the requisite coalition/membership building actions required for genuine and legitemate economic democracy. Frankly, your approach sounds nothing like legitemate cooperative development, and more like an approach to to provide you funding for something that is in your pecuniary interest. If this is the case, I have no interest in further communication. If not the case, I would encourage ou to reconsider and redraft your business conceptual approach prior to further communication to address these perceptions.

Yours truly,
Kevin Edberg

My Reply follows:

  Dear Mr Edberg:

  Thank you for your quick reply to my email and WISdom Proposal.  The current preoccupation with nuisance spam makes it so difficult to communicate via the internet that I expected my email to you to be ignored, as so many of my emails to others have been.

  Your remarks about cooperatives needing to be developed democratically by member building have caused me to decide to establish a foundation for development of this netork, postponing startup of the world wide consumers' cooperative until after the network is ready for use.  This is because of the need for network development funding often requiring contractual agreements that may become binding on future cooperative members.  This way, prospective members will know up front about any "foreign entanglements" before becoming involved in the cooperative as a member.  Does this seem sensible to you?

   My apologies about the style of presentation being difficult to comprehend.  The nature of the material is somewhat technically complex, and I constructed the WISdom Proposal Web site in hopes of promoting the idea to normally savy internet users.  Thanks to your communication I now realize that a short, simplified overview is needed, and I'll prepare one soon.

  Yours truly,
  Richard J Auld